11 comments on “Getting to know Anne Jakapong more

  1. Been watching her reality show “Real Anne” on JkN. 😂🙄😂
    I believe she will look for a queen which has a very similar story of struggle and triumph to hers. 💐

    • So, a return to the ‘back-story-driven’ narrative!

      (‘Advocacy’ takes the back seat. Kung sa bagay, paulit-ulit na, lang, sinasabi’ng kaya lang nagkakaroon ng involvement sa charitable causes ay simply maka-‘brownie points’ sa mga hurado… In contrast, the personal/life testimony is always authentic; you’ve either been there or you haven’t. Better, we can hear a DIVERSE range of experiences & competencies, as opposed to blanket statements like “make love, not war”. WE CAN GET SPECIFICS, it can get truly IN-DEPTH.)

      Kung similar story rin lang, Mdme. Anne need not look too far afield. Tucayo pa! Khap khun kah. ❤

  2. BWISIT na Admin! Hinaharang na naman ako. Just like when I tried watching the ME Online Interviews Preliminary… 😦

    I got just a tiny bit.

    I didn’t know Forbes Magazine was so into inclusion now. The wealthiest transgender women in the world… That speaks VOLUMES, doesn’t it? Critics may need to think some more. 🙂

  3. Great. But wag na siya umepal sa pag-korona sa new MU. Let Harnaaz do her thing. She can place the sash sa winner nothing more.

  4. Her life story is inspiring. Her life principle is simple, just like anybody else’s, “ Follow your dreams”. Authenticity, intelligence, emotional maturity, and made her successful. Afterall, success is relative

  5. I just hope that Paula Shugart and Anne Emmerich will be given the freedom to continue with the format of MU , and no changes will be inserted by the ‘headquarters’ too shocking for the taste of the loyal and avid fans of MU over the years … “guarantee the prestige and integrity of the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant”

  6. After watching the video, my respect for her increased ten fold. Now, I’ll sit back and watch how the new MUO handles its three pageants. Hopefully, she treats the pageants and it’s customs with the respect that she herself has asked for, earned and deserves. May the pageants be reflective of her growth and evolution and become more than we all could have wished for.

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