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  1. OFF TOPIC: Sir Norman, any insider news on the announced co-ownership of Miss World with the Gurung family, a wealthy British business empire with Nepali origins? That business conglomerate is known for its premium long-haul airline and luxury cinemas around the world. That would complete the Asianization of global pageantry– MU, MI, ME, and MW! An interesting complement to the Asianization of the beauty industry!

  2. I am getting confused with this pageant. Who send Nicole to the pageant? BPCI or Wilbert Tolentino the National Director of Miss Planet Philippines? It is clear to me that the ND and the Manager of Nicole should be a part to blame for what happened. The greediness of the Manager sometimes the reasons of failure.

  3. I am glad that the organizers of Miss Planet International in Uganda decided to continue the scheduled pageant but I am sad that Miss Philippines decided to withdraw from the competition. Why?

  4. Duda ako Kay Ms Amin(founder). Lolo Nya c Idi Amin, Yung cannibal president Ng Uganda dati😆
    Naku, kakainin Yung fuday ni herlene Dyan. Sa halip na mangBudol c herlene Dyan eh, kakainin Pala cya Ng Buhay dyan☺️
    Ayan, naScam tuloy Ang Wilbert team🙂 hihihihihi


    There is no elegant way to put it. Na-budol talaga si Budol. And sadly, na-budol sya ni Wilbert Tolentino.

    Yes, we can still put the blame on the very disorganized, unprepared, no foresight, unknown organizers of this Ms. Planet chuva chu chu. But the large blame (and yes, we should play the blame game this time) should be on those who WILLINGLY bit the bait. The ones who ferociously pursued this pageant without doing their due diligence. And for what? Does Wilbert really think that we believe that what he/she/it is doing is out of his love for Nicole?

    This over-filtered creature has been a magnet for fiascos left and right. A clout chaser who cherishes 15 seconds of fame by launching, riding-on underdog, “unusual” types who are currently on the news : From that freak of a hag thai transgender, to Madam Inutz to Nicole Budol. The same guy who fancies himself as a good-looking, fresh mr. Gay philippines ek ek, whom Ethel Booba had a bad encounter with a year ago. The same guy who screenshots his conversations with “friends” and exposes the private conversation for all the world to see. Next to Wilbert, Nawat is a priest. Lol.

    There is always a time to be compassionate and understanding. This is not the time. Lol.

    Ms. P.I. = P.I. Indeed!

    World Peace.

    • (Spotted somewhere in cyberspace last year… List of banned fireworks for the New Year, which included ‘Goodbye Nawatt”. Please confirm for us. Much thanks in advance!)

  6. Eto na nga ang hinala ng marami na magkaka aberya yan due to issues with ebola virus.

    Ang hirap kasi sa Pinas, lahat na lang ng pageants sinasalihan. Let’s focus on major pageants na lang sana.

  7. O ayan minamadali kasi pag send ng hipongirl. Sana mag practis na lang palagi ng mag english para di nakakahiya sa ibang kandidata bago pa send sa kahit saang lupalop.

  8. Newcomer MPI tried to play one-upmanship game in global pageantry. Now it got pageantry’s comeuppance due to the absence of the most basic of all events management operation— contingency plan. Its website boasted; “Miss Planet International is the pageant with the Best Advocacy and prepares proposal the United Nations… pursues the compliance of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals accepted by the United Nations members…” Towards this end, MPI declared that in the 2022 edition: “Each candidate will be preparing a social project indicating the goals (SDGs) that are supported, and… they will be having the opportunity to propose the creation of the Sustainable Development Goal #18. The organization will gather all the proposals and will forward them to the United Nations office in order to enrich the [SDG] 2030 Agenda.” Impressive! A feat that if accomplished could easily catapult MPI to the top of global pageantry leaderboard.

    • But beyond the blabber lies the seemingly empty planning skills. The choice of the country considered by many as the world’s most homophobic country is already a mind-boggler to an industry considered to be the world’s most gay-friendly. Weeks before the crowning event, an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus occurred. The lack of contingency plan and management agility surfaced when the host hotel backed out in the last minute allegedly due to Ebola issues. The replacement hotel also had issues that forced a second round and immediate checking out to “kanya-kanyang diskarte sa pagkuha ng… matitirahan”, (in the words of the head of the Philippine Team). It was claimed that half of the delegates were refused entry into the host country due to the absence of Yellow Fever Vaccination Card, a basic immigration entry requirement in most of Africa, which could have been emphasized to all NDs beforehand. So the pageant claiming to have the best advocacy failed miserably at the starting blocks.

  9. My gosh!!!! What did I say in the previous post, I hope the organizer has contingency plan and guess what, they have NADA!!!! hihihihihi

    I wish everyone safety to be back home.

    I feel bad for BPCI. Their brand is getting dragged into this because of someone’s itch. Feeling ko eh prinessure sila due to Budol’s sponsorship wins….hihihihihi

  10. I don’t know what it is in the first two weeks of November why the heck botched pageants do surface. Last year, it was Gianna Llanes’ horrendous experience in her supposed bid in Miss Glamour International in Oaxaca, Mexico, that shocked the pageant landia. This year, it’s Nicole’s. Team Budol should have inquired first with the organizer about the logistics and what have you in their pageant in Uganda before they proceeded there, so they won’t be Budoled. We all know that Wilbert Tolentino took this chance for Nicole, so he could boost Nicole’s pageant and showbiz career, but it turned out sour. Another lesson learned.

    At the onset, the Miss Planet International candidates ramped on the grass beneath the tree during the sashing ceremony. It’s very funny. And then there is video circulating in which the girls are shown looking tired while eating junk food as their snack. It’s even more funny.

    That’s all.

  11. I think this is a slap on the face of Philippine pageantry. Philippine participation to small low-tier pageants seem like a badge of honor used by organizers to entice other countries to join too. We always send world-class candidates, no matter how insignificant the pageant is. But we don’t deserve this horrendous experience in a country with a deadly Ebola outbreak and run the very real risk of contamination while moving from hotel to hotel in search of a safe place to stay.

  12. I don’t understand why Miss Halley Amin the owner of Miss Planet International bring the pageant in a country that is not safe. Miss Amin should just held the beauty pageant in her own country Cambodia. Check everything before we send somebody to the pageant. I hope this is a lesson to BPCI.

  13. Ayan na nga ba ang sinasabi ni madame S magkaroon lang ng pageant at masalihan gora na kaagad kahit pa anung galaxy pupuntahan.Sa Una palang paglakarin ka ba naman sa grass with ur high heels.

  14. How much have they spent so far while doing this super prestigious pageant ? $500k? It’s not my money to spend but I don’t think Nicole is worth it as a beauty contestant and maybe as a person As well. She is a pit bull known to turn on the hands that feed her.

  15. i commiserate with the Philippine Team. This is what I was fearing all along. This is what I was apprehensive about in my previous comments on the wisdom of holding it in Uganda where an Ebola outbreak may endanger the lives of the participants, and the draconian homophobic laws may endanger the safety of the gays in the Philippine Team.

    This ordeal is not funny at all, even to our beautiful comedian delegate.

    • If half of the candidates were refused entry to Uganda for lack of the required Yellow Vaccine Card, I don’t know what to say anymore. Most African countries require such card, and didn’t Ugandan Embassy or Consulate emphasize such requirement when they approve the entry visas? Or didn’t the organizers remind the candidates to secure such before boarding the plane? And what about the safety protocols with regards to the deadly Ebola virus? Had there been pre-departure briefing given to the delegates by the organizers?

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