20 comments on “Paula Ortega for Reinado Internacional del Café 2023

  1. I admire Filipinos who speak Tagalog, Spanish and English.
    She is able to communicate with 100+ million Filipinos, and both to the 1.5 billion English speakers and 450 million Spanish speakers globally.

    How awesome is that?

    • There are more than 450 million native speakers of Spanish. English is just behind Spanish, with approximately 360 million native speakers. If one can reach out to these native speakers, that’s a big plus for any spokesperson.

      • Yes Scorg.
        350 million native English speakers but an additional 1 billion plus second language speakers spanning the globe.

      • ..with 67 countries having English as an official language and 20 having Spanish as an official language she’s able to travel with ease makes her trilingual attribute that much more envious..

  2. Isn’t sash switching the same game played by the Fil-Ams, Fil-Aussie, Fil-Canadians, Fil-Kiwis, etc? Why is it okay for the others and not for her? Because of over 350 years of Spanish colonization, and her forebears been in the Philippines for maybe centuries, her being a Spanish halfie should not be an issue, nor be a hindrance to attain a dream beauty pageant platform for her advocacies.

    • Though her physical beauty, intellect and Filipino core values can make her a shoo-in to higher-tier pageants, I am excited at the prospect of the world waking up to a hot cup of coffee goodness and insightful conversations– served by a beautiful caregiver, a professional nurse.

      Best of luck, Paula!

  3. I am excited that a full blooded Filipino who can speak fluent both in Spanish and Tagalog will represent at the prestigious pageant. We had high hopes with Ruffa Nava the appointed representative at the Reinado Internacional del Cafe 2022 but withdrew because she was tested positive of COVID. Buena Suerte Senora Paula!

    • I know of an individual from
      Zamboanga and is fluent in , Chavacano-Spanish, Tagalog and English in that order.

      Here in California she speaks to Americans in English, the large Latino community in Spanish and talks “about” them in Tagalog!!

      That is true power I hope one day many more Filipinos can attain.

  4. Pakiusap Paula, it’s a no for me…sa iba mo na lang ipasuot ang ang sash which says, “PHILIPPINES”! Surely magiging matagumpay ka pa din sa ibang endeavors mo like being a nurse. Good luck Paula!!!

  5. Paola, Paola, Paola my dear I think it’s time to find a new hobby….hihihihihih

    I am really sorry to sounds like a dream crusher but she has made rounds on every corner of pageantry… I hope this is her last ditch effort…

  6. Paula, a beautiful professional nurse, looks meant for a higher title than be a Queen of Coffee. Will she relish the role of spokesperson for the health and wellness benefits of coffee?

  7. Nagsusulputan na namam ang mga small pageants!
    Reina international Del Cafe
    Reina international Del Chocolate y Cacao
    Reina International Del Chaa
    Reina International Del Salabat

    • @luiskie on the other hand, I think she’s enjoying the benefits of her dual citizenship. I’m happy for her.

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