15 comments on “Angelica Pantaliano is now Mutya ng Pilipinas – Miss Tourism International 2022

  1. They are two MIss Tourism World 2022 beauty pageant. Miss Tourism Philippines Org. sending Jem Videl Trivino Arias to Miss Tourism World 2022 in Sri Lanka while Miss World Philippines Org sending Justine Beatrice Dellosa Felizarta to Miss Tourism World 2022 in Vietnam. Good luck ladies !

  2. Tita Norm, are you still affiliated with Miss International? What’s your opinion/input on the Tita L’s chichi on unpaid media for the coverage of the pageant?

    • I read that. Sadly, I am not privy to any monetary-related concerns of the MI org. My involvement is primarily for MI Philippines. What I did for MI was purely out of love for the international org. 😕

      • Oh my, I didnt realize you were mainly MIP. At least you dodged this whole drama!!!!

        I think you should take over to right the ship from the Pawee na puro boylet lang ang inaatupag. at free travels. hihiihih

  3. Pageant Fatigue

    While I am happy for all the girls who will have the chance to represent the county in some international stage (no matter if there will only be five or 100 delegates), this whole pageant cottage industry that is mushrooming left and right has left me bewitched, bothered and bewildered. And if I may add, tired.

    Makes one remember with fondness the years gone by wherein you pageants were exciting and something to look forward to because they happen far and in between. When there were at least 60 delegates from different countries.

    The situation now has greatly lessened the excitement. It has reduced and cheapened pageantry in general. Nowadays, every Tom’s Dick is Hairy (lol) can stage an “international pageant”. The market is so competitive that we see the likes of MGI employing all kinds of gimmicks in order to sell.

    There is Tourism International and Tourism World. There is International and Grand International. There is Earth and there is Planet. There is Universe and there is World. There is Charm and Coffee and Cacao and Liquid Sosa (lol). Intercontinental and Intercourse (joke). I can not keep up anymore. Then you add the the other permutations of “Miss”, “Mister”, “Mrs”, “Miss Young”, :Mr. Gay”. Fans have been desensitized. And queens have become dime a dozen.

    World Peace.

    • @Thomas, I agree 101%. Sometimes it perplexes me– are the organizers making money, especially the 2nd-, 3rd-, or whatever- tier pageants ? As with the case of MU which had to sell, it must not be a profitable venture nowadays. But pageants keep on mushrooming in 3rd World countries. Seriously, I cannot make sense of this phenomenon.

      • (Informal sector? Like street peddlers? Ubiquitous, guaranteed money, & largely unregulated?)

    • Veks, believe it or nor, many of these pageants actually have been in existence for years. They are just not getting as much visibility due to probably that same reason you brought up- they are looked at as irrelevant and smaller than the bigger pageants. However, these days, every pageant with a Miss Philippines a re being brought to light with the social media pageant accounts and bloggers so they are getting some hype and marketing bandwidth from the Pinoy fans….

  4. Ayan na naman ang mga Tourism titles.

    Miss Tourism International
    Miss Tourism World
    Miss Tourism Universe
    Miss Tourism Earth
    Miss Tourism Grand International
    Miss Tourism Supranational
    Miss Tourism Globe
    Miss Tourism Intercontinental

  5. Miss Tourism International and Miss Tourism World … susunod na ang Miss Tourism Universe, Miss Tourism Globe, Miss Tourism Earth, Miss Tourism Intercontinental, Miss Tourism Supranational, Miss Tourism Grand International, Miss Tourism Planet of the Global World Universe … what else?

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