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  1. Earth, Supra and World should be with BB Pilipinas which remains as prestigious as it is.
    Let all the other minor and ridiculous pageants such as MGI stay with MWP which has become a joke and a dumping ground for all the other minor ones.

  2. The widespread sigh of relief that BPCI finally dropped MGI from its multi-brand portfolio is a clear sign that the latter has been causing what is called consumer cognitive dissonance, the ambivalent and conflicting thoughts and emotions toward the brand by fans. The comments “it’s long overdue”, “at last”, “why only now?” are tell-tale signs of long-held negative sentiments about one brand that affect the other brands in the portfolio. I think this phenomena should provide BPCI the realization that its multi-brand strategy should ensure that no one brand is misaligned with fans’ value and belief systems. and what about from the franchisors’ vantage view? I think cognitive dissonance is equally a real phenomenon, as seen in the insistence by some of a stand-alone pageant in the interest of their brand integrity.

  3. Finally po! Nagising na si BBPCI sa masamang panaginip! Sa totoo lang, sinayang ni Ankol yun mga magagaling na cadidates natin sa MGI (Nicole and Sam Bernardo), at humantong sa ganitong katapusan.

  4. I wonder if Planet Hollywood will send their own delegate to Miss Planet International?

  5. The world is healing. They should’ve done this before MGI obtained a lot of clout and popularity from them 😦

  6. How unselfless you are.😂🤣. Check who’s always lutang.hahah. Maka 31M ka dyan, remember yhe 1,700 islands of the Phikippines?

    • 🤣 may nag tweet pa na magkalevel daw I.Q ng Ina nila at ang nag iisang Iron Lady of Asia (Madam M. Defensor Santiago 🤣 Juskoporodi! Nakakahawa na ba ang pagiging lutang?

      • That feeling na mapapasabi ka na lang talaga sa mga BoBoMonatic and DDShithead fanatics ng “Tell me that you are insisting to pretend to have brains while the word S-T-U-P-I-D is spelled out by the crap on your face without telling me that you are insisting to pretend to have brains while the word S-T-U-P-I-D is spelled out by the crap on your face.” 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Let’s get real here: After the removal by the MWO, MUO & Miss Supranational organizers of their franchises from BPCI, the buzz that Bb. Pilipinas had generated was mainly because of the highly controversial MGI & not because of Miss International, Intercontinental, Globe,etc. W/O the MGI, who would talk about the remaining titles? Bb. Pilipinas is now becoming more irrelevant and will just continue to serve as a training ground for girls eyeing the more prestigious titles- Miss World, Miss Supranational, Earth and specially MISS UNIVERSE. THAT IS THE REALITY, DEAL WITH IT!

      • True. Pakawala ni Evil Mama J. Threatened na maalis sa kanya ang franchise. Alam mo naman, di nadadala sa Singson money si JKN. Wala na si Shawn na kapit ni Evil Mama J sa MUO Org. Hahahahahaha.

  8. About time. MGI is a freakshow and does nothing but reduce candidates to ridiculous show ponies. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nawat allows poledancing and triple tsukaharas in the future.

    Purina dog shows give pooches more respect than Nawat gives MGI girls.

    • They made the candidates like scary mythical creatures of Thailand and characters of their red districts. Nawat-rash.

      The Philippines is one of the leaders in beauty pageants, and its withdrawal could impact that trash pageant.

      Hay naku gigil talaga ako sa pageant na un.

  9. Not surprising but totally needed to set everything straight once and for all….hihihi

    Please reclaim the Miss World Ph franchise!!!

  10. The brand integrity of Binibining Pilipinas calls for dropping a franchise that does not add value to its prestige. A usurper cannot go side by side with a prestigious MI brand in one country pageant organization. Positive peace (sustainable development) is not compatible with negative peace (stop the war).

  11. Nakuh ha ngayon lang kayo nahimasmasan. Paano na si greedty Tamondong ? Iniwan na sya ng bus nya sa kagagahan nyang tangapin ang fifth place😱

  12. Bb should try to get back Miss Supra which really should send out Bb candidate caliber and quality .. it’s time for Mutya to get a sister queen Supra !

  13. WOW! MGI is leaving from BPCI, What ‘s next? MI, MG, MIntercontinental and etc will follow to leave from BPCI. Sad but that’s life. Are we expecting Madam Stella Araneta retiring from the beauty pageant soon? She is 85 years old and I am sure she is tired of dealing with organizers. I hope whoever will take over MGI will be successful.

    • You get a F for reading comprehension . Its BPCI thats leaving MGI not MGI leaving BPCI. Dalawang magka iba na sitwasyon. Call me sourgrapibg but good riddance sa basura na pageant na ito. Love it na inunahan ng BPCI ang press release na ito.

      • How unselfless you are.😂🤣. Check who’s always lutang.hahah. Maka 31M ka dyan, remember yhe 1,700 islands of the Phikippines?

      • Maka 31M ka dyan, how unsefless mo naman.hahha. Sino kaya ang parating lutang, at 1,700 islands lang ang pinalutang. Remember?🤣😂🤣

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