8 comments on “Miss Earth 2022: My Favorite National Costumes

  1. Dominican Republic – for using recycled materials
    Philippines – how I wish our reps in Miss U would have NC like this
    Belgium – if the theme was floral this would win best in NC

    the rest:


  2. Wala’ng duda. Philippines gets the gold in this selection. A FRESH eye on the ‘carabao’ cart theme! It’s like the circus came to town courtesy of an oxcart. 🙂

    Kahit marami’ng elements~components harmonious, not messy~busy. Halata’ng bihasa sa costume-making ang gumawa. Hu, po?

    Indonesia, silver & Bolivia, bronze.

    • (Cont.)

      Since we are in the subject of (national) costumes, garments typical of day-to-day life (supposedly), it may be worth considering this as a future theme of ME.

      We always hear of shortages in housing, food/sustenance, petrol, water, power, but never CLOTHING. This might be interesting. Not that there is (a shortage), but like any other commodity, this industry has global environmental implication~effects.

      I wonder, are there parts of the world where people are in REALLY dire need of clothes? I mean, maliban na lang sa mga hubad by choice~convention~custom, mass media doesn’t really touch~dwell~investigate this matter.

      Yeah, the Swim is always a way to save on fabric, lolz. ❤

      • I’m not sure why may side comment ka pa. Let us be entitled sa choice namin, if iba yung sa iyo. It’s not for “nationalism” but it’s his/her freedom of choice.

      • ‘Censya na. ‘Di ko na pinanood ‘yun’g video. Nag-base na lang ako sa 7-Pick (here) ni Mr. Blogger. 🙂

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