6 comments on “Kylie Verzosa: Our Miss International 2016 is now a Best Actress winner

  1. Not surprised Kylie is doing well. She was/is a beauty that marched to her own beat. Hope her success continues.

    Curious of Bea Santiago, and hope she is doing well health wise as well.

    Miss International title holders are the rock of Philippine pageantry.

    • @Serge, are you referring to @Ana Winter-Lund, winner of Asia’s Next Talent Manager (ANTM)? Hahaha. Congrats, too, AWL!

  2. @C2F dear, here’s the receipt of my comment when I saw Kylie’s photo:

    Ana Winter
    on July 6, 2016 at 13:43 said:
    OK. I don’t want to comment more about the camp thing. After all, Aces & Queens has already been there, same goes with KF. It’s only a matter of consistency and integrity as the team goes on.

    Anyway, I just notice on Kylie’s picture above. She could easily be spotted on and cast for a television series. Can any of you see how her face, and most especially her eyes, give drama? Her eyes stare with bunch of words to say. I bet, after her MI stint, madali s’yang makuha sa mga drama series. Hindi na kelangan itong i-hone for acting, kase mata pa lang, uma-akting na!

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    Pwede na akong maging talent scout or talent manager, basta ako ang next Shirley Kuan at ikaw C2F ang next Lolit Solis. Hahah! Huwag na umarte, mas sikat si Lolit Solis kay Shirley Kuan, classy lang itong huli. Tsuk!

    That’s all.

    • @Ana

      Here is one of my many old comments about Kylie…
      But I know I have an older one mentioning that she could become an actress on the Blogger’s 1st post about her which did not have her name while the blogger was asking what are her chances( as a beauty queen). I could no longer find that post so It may have already been deleted or her name was not included in the taga.

      on November 30, 2013 at 08:46 said:
      Isa pa to… another winner.. and she’s pure Filipina!!! Ang galing talaga ni Mama Jonas pumili.. and this girl is also a blogger with her own fans and followers.. perfect!”

      Anyway, since I love you so much Miss Ana as a friend in this blog, i’ll tag you as “Classy” from now on cause you seem to be so desperate to be called that way for some unknown reason. Were you deprived of that adjective growing up? But no need to answer that… We should all tolerate you for who you are no matter what. 😁

      • “Let’s make love. No to war! No to peace!,” chanted Tracy Torres, a sexy star who protested against the war in Iraq back in 2003, wearing only a thin body paint.

        So, let’s make love na, C2F dear… as friends. Lol.

        No, I am not desperate naman to be tagged as classy here. It is something earned, not begged. In person, I exude class sa mundong aking ginagalawan. Mahirap maging unclassy, mawawalan ako ng clients!

        That’s all.

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