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  1. My current Top 10:

    Dominican Republic


  2. @AWL and @JustPassingBy: Just as there are numerous impact areas for climate resilience advocacies, there are numerous educational, research, and charitable institutions that ME can partner with. Since many of the strategies for increasing climate resilience come with a price tag, there are so many funding agencies that ME or its allied organizations can tap for its environment-related initiatives. Climate change funds can come from multilateral and bilateral organizations, foundations, –and yes—corporations. ME just have to have a matching business development savvy to its vaunted product development competence.

  3. More of these in the upcoming Miss Earth 2022. I hope the organization will team up with DENR in conducting this QnA type round during preliminaries in a town hall, attended by students and environmental advocates. This is impacting, especially that the issue on climate change is timely and relevant globally. You can earn more sponsors on this because a lot of companies are also supporting different kinds of environmental causes. In fact, in a company where I worked before, there was a mini-organization called Plant A Tree, where our stakeholder in New York gives a thousand dollars quarterly to support the org.

    It’s easy to do this. Kesa mag-closed door preliminaries in front of the judges. Wake up, MEO! Make your pageant well-relevant!

    That’s all.

  4. There are several segments and ideas of Miss Earth that were imitated by other beauty pageant organizations i.e. the tourism videos of MUPh which is a version of the Eco Videos.

    Now I undderstand why the Fauna introduction/outfit is being done virtually as the videos require specific environments to fully appreciate not only the costumes but also the messages they convey.

    I love Miss Earth because it is not a superficial pageant; there is relevance, substance and meaning in every segment that requires knowledge through research.

    Bonne Nuit!

  5. You can really tell that the Miss Earth 2022 candidates have brain and beauty. I can’t wait to see them in a beautiful and extravagant stage. Hoping ME org will splurge in a newly designed stage.

    • The reason why Celeste, gorgeous that she is failed miserably in the q and a in that pageant, because it is a cerebral pageant. Questions in miss earth most of the time requires in depth knowledge unlike questions from most pageants.

      • @DIana Hayden, that is why most MEP queens emerge as winners in the international edition despite the protestations of most Filipino fans who are fixated on physical beauty alone. ME brains-and-beauty stand-outs in my list are Karen Ibasco, Catherine Untalan, Angelia Ong and Jamie Herrell.

      • @scorg and most of the time me winners are smart academically, ex. untalan, imperial and ibasco. Karen I admire the most because Physics is extremely hard.

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