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  1. She definitely has some good credentials and BEAUTIFUL FACE!! I think she’ll be really good for the Miss Earth brand

    I can see her winning, she’s the type of girl ME has been crowning since 2018

    • @ivan, it’s an honorarium i think for the efforts. Sometimes, it’s a meal or other gratuities. Nothing is for free nowadays

    • And even then, look at the attendance! That’s practically the entire Philippines pageantry mass media community-that-truly-counts. Embarrassing if you’re not there, gayon’g supposedly may incentive na nga ta’s ‘di ka pa sumipot… ‘Others’ pa ang arrive mo.

      MARAMI pa’ng wala diyan na I’m sure would love to be, pero malay natin, hindi invited. After all, it’s entirely the discretion of the organizer; it’s their event.

  2. Oh, my… PROMEDIA is going global.

    (An international franchise in the making/works? All the best!)

    @ scorg Yeah, I got the part about the parrot, her Fauna Challenge entry. ❤

    Australian passport is strong! GOW, break a leg.

    At maka-host man lang, din, sila ng ME, no? PUWEDE… 🙂

  3. Kelan kaya tayo makakapanuod ng High Definition Miss Show. I hope naman mag upgrade ang production

  4. I wonder how it feels for Jeanne Harn, Pysche Resus and Imelda Scheighart to be the only Pinays not to place in ME? Just like the MUSA girls Barbara Peterson, Kim Pressler, Shauntay Hinton & Rima Fakih in MU?

    • The thing here is it took 25 years before USA did not place in Miss Universe for the first time, then 23 years later to not place again

      In Miss Earth it only took 7 years to miss the cut, then 3 years later to miss the second time

      In 51 years of Miss Universe for USA to miss placement 3 times while in 16 years of Miss Earth the Philippines miss the cut 3 times.

  5. Off Topic: Miss International Kylie Versoza just won Best Actress award at DIAFA in Dubai for her role in The Housemaid. Congratulations!

    Hindi naman sa binubuhat ko ang sarili kong bangko na feeling nagmamagaling ako, but I still remember na dito ko sinabi sa Norman Blog nung nagku-compete pa lang si Kylie at BbP na she has the making of an actress. I saw it in her eyes. In one of her photos, her eyes had full of emotions. Umaakting. And I wished na mabigyan s’ya ng space sa showbiz industry by giving her a good movie material.

    On Topic: I agree with Tito Norms, hawig nga ni Taylor Swift si Miss Earth Australia. So, it only means na hawig din niya si Miss Universe Canada 2018 Marta Magdalena Stepien.

    That’s all.

    • @Ana

      Sorry Miss Ana…
      I think mas nauna ako sayo..
      1st time naipost si Kylie dito sa blog na ito she was still has small boobs and studying at Ateneo… sabi ko “w/ lots of Estrogenic foods, she could become our future Miss International and an actress”… something like that.. 😁

      • C2F dear, I won’t contest that. Baka nga tayo ang susunod na Lolit Solis at Shirley Kuan ng showbiz. Ako na si Shirley Kuan. Tsuk! Hahah

        That’s all.

      • @Ana

        Wow so ako si Lolit?!🙄😅
        Anyway, kanina pa ako kalkal ng recibo.. d ko mahanap sa sobrang daming post ni Kylie dito..😅

  6. If indeed ME has 90+confirmed contestants, it just shows that most countries find the urgency of climate change action and sees pageantry as one effective platform to globally resonate such advocacy. ME should not dampen, but instead should match, the enthusiasm and fervor of these young beautiful idealists. In this period of silent one-upmanship in the beauty contest industry, ME which has the most relevant advocacy should always be a step ahead, or a level above, competition. There are many opportunities for ME to be the pacesetter and frontrunner in this global industry. The UN, governments, NGOs, foundations, universities and corporations are there to partner with– and even provide funding and lend technical expertise. With all nations are now experiencing the horrors climate change, it is urgent that ME reimagines and energizes further its global environment agenda.

    • I find personalities with credentials like Miss Australia a value-adding element to an energized ME brand. A bachelor’s degree in sustainability and politics adds dynamism to the inner beauty radiated by a beautiful physical frame. She can be the face of an energized ME that is ready to lead pageantry from the continent that is now going to be the epicenter of global pageantry.

    • @scorg, I agree with you. I also share the same idealism and hope before but now I have become cynical and jaded observer who watches the whole shebang for entertainment and news. Now if only Carousel has the fervor and genuine concern for Mother Earth since I feel that it’s more on the business interests. It seems to me that the drumbeating on its environmental advocacies is quite hallow and hasn’t resonated. Who can forget the yada yada winning answer of Laura Dunlop in MEP 2003 that went unheeded or the shallow and insincere response of Djeila Glabovic in 2002 “Start acting, stop talking?

      • @Cool Brew, I see where you’re coming from. Climate change calls for urgent action by all nations and ME seems to be ignoring tremendous opportunities for its avowed advocacy to be front and center of global action. Funding? It doesn’t even need corporate sponsorship. It can partner with UN bodies, multilateral and bilateral institutions, foundations, NGOs, civic organizations, educational and research institutions– all willing to lend their technical expertise and even financial grants. It has not done any out-of-the box thinking that outside the beauty contest modality there are huge opportunities for its platform to be useful to mother earth– and in the process take the entire pageantry industry to a whole new level and give it a new meaning.

      • The call for climate change action is exactly the message that the youth of the First World countries and the Millennials and Gen Z’s all over the world wants to hear. How can ME reimagine and reengineer its business model so that it can make pageantry platform an effective medium to resonate this urgent message? ME is best positioned to energize pageantry to that it can recapture lost markets in the First World and kindle the lackadaisical interest of Millenials and Gen Z markets.

  7. Norman, can you share more about this Promedia group? Is it a modeling agency in the Philippines? It looks like they are fielding international beauties too.

    • It is more of a group that promotes health and wellness of beauty queens with some emphasis on the products that its sister company- Empire Marketing – markets. It’s like a vitamin supplement – if I may say so – to the actual trainings provided by beauty camps.

      • Interesting. For a supplement company it is very hands on which means they have financial backing or more to it behind the scenes.

        It sounds like front row might have some competition in the future hihihi

    • Wasn’t FrontRow initially known more for glutathione skin whitening? Although may pantapat din, ‘ata, Empire Marketing (mga franchise, like fast food, Ultralife na naging ambassador noon si Roxie Baeyens… I’m doing my best to recall past posts; I apologize to the Owners if I got something wrong.)

      PROMEDIA, also if I understood correctly, is the PRODUCTION arm, & they produce Misses Fit & Bikini Philippines, na dapat nga, ‘ata, towards 3rd & 4th quarter of the year.

      Kanila, din, ‘yun’g The Belle Salon.

      TOTAL one-stop-shop sila!

    • And speaking of vitamin supplements, to be fair (I don’t know if ‘fair’ is the proper term) to FrontRow, they advertised their Vit.C product/brand back when that widely-popular game show hosted by Willie Revillame was still at channel 7. I don’t know now. Paz! 🙂

  8. ME 2022 have 90+ confirmed contestants, MGI had 68 contestants, Miss International 2022 have 68 contestant, Miss Universe 2022 have 83 contestants and Miss Planet International 2022 have 68 contestants. It shows more countries have trust and confidence to send their representative to the ME beauty pageant.

    Some people are considering ME are the best cooking show but I still believe no matter what they say ME is the best beauty pageant on earth.

    • LOL – if there is a pageant that is a “cooking show”, it is the recent conclusion of MGI

    • Exactly. I have been pointing this out in this blog.
      Miss Earth is Miss Earth and a respected pageant in other parts of the world where only the smartest, intelligent delegate wins.
      Despite the hate and dislike of many Filipinos, it remains a well-respected beauty pageant on Earth.

  9. Just found out she competed three times for Miss Earth Australia

    First in 2019 when she placed Miss Earth Australia Air

    Then in 2020 when placed runner up

  10. In the preliminary judging on intelligence, I already saw a winner in Miss Australia. She can add value to the ME brand if she wins.

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