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  1. It is commendable that MI is transitioning from it’s hackneyed message of “world peace” to a more doable peacemaking agenda called “sustainable development”. At last it is now able to distance itself from another pageant partly bearing the same name and the same idea for a slogan (except that MI’s is a positive “peace” message while the “stop the war” bravado falls under the concept of negative peace).

    • β€œPositive peace” and β€œNegative peace” were introduced into academic literature by the Norwegian pioneer of peace research Johan Galtung, who distinguished two types of peace:

      Positive peace– defined by a more lasting peace that is built on sustainable investments in economic development and institutions as well as societal attitudes that foster peace.

      Negative peace– defined by the absence of war and violence; does not capture a society’s tendencies towards stability and harmony.

      Clearly β€œsustainable development” is positive peace and β€œstop the war” is negative peace.

  2. Sir Norman, any news on Hannah’s SDG project? For that matter, any update on MI’s plan to substantiate its trailblazing theme “Beauties for SDGs”?

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