19 comments on “Off to Uganda, Herlene Budol is!

  1. She has a 50-people entourage
    That means her team is prob going to spend > $200k for an extremely minor pageant ????what a waste of money !

  2. I believe she will have high placement in this competetion. I wish her the best of luck.

  3. Ayaw ng mga African ng walang substance ! Unless if gusto nilang umingay at magka clout ang pageant nila.

    • How, exactly, would Herlene NOT have substance?… Please enumerate/detail, at mahirap ‘yan’g ganyan’g ang dating ay simplistic bashing… 🙂

      Since we learned in the earlier post (in a comment) about Herlene as MPPhilippines formalization that the pageant is ASEAN-based, kung mag-iingay, man, sila ay sa African market first of all. Not too bad, considering how some of us keep saying the continent is not doing too bad economically as may be popularly made out. Uganda made the Top 5 of MI recently, so that should be of some significance.

      I’m optimistic our rep will have a wonderful time. And if the org & host see that, she’ll be noticed.

      • Napanood mo ba yung send off niya? Super babaw ng mga sagot and she is not serious on her answers binakla na lang.

    • Parang chuchu lang yan Hahhaha
      I don’t know
      Sobrang trying hard
      To the point of going to Uganda
      A (very) dangerous place
      Parang wala lang
      I don’t know
      D tumatayo balahibo ko dito sa babaetang to

  4. The one thing I know of that Uganda is famous for is that it is the land that was once ruled by a monster kong named Idi Amin … Herlene Budol deserves to be a part of a much better pageant than this one. During their stay, I hope she keeps safe together with her entourage … if she does not win , it does not matter as long as they all return home safe !

    • Not a fan, maybe because low end ang expisure niya as hipon girl, kaya in my eyes cant be a beauty queen to inspire and as good influence… but i think she’s admired by the masses, but me NOPE💪🏾


    • Life imprisonment is the penalty for homosexual behavior in Uganda. The offense includes promoting homosexuality, encouraging others to identify as homosexual, or speaking positively about such issues as same-sex marriage. Harlene and her catorie of gay alalays should be extra careful about their body and verbal language. What a strange place hold an event for the world’s most gay-friendly business!

      • Homosexuality is rampant in Kampala but very discreet Gays over there are often good looking and very masculine. It’s the f****ts that are being frowned upon.

  6. It is going to be a tough fight but I believe Miss Philippines has all the incredible qualities that the organizers looking for, beautiful, good communicator, amazing communication skills, eloquent, talented and fluent in English. She will definitely be the best spokeperson for the advocacy of Miss Planet International. #budolforthewin

  7. Safe journey to the land of Ebola outbreak! And please don’t overdo your pasarela. The worst thing that could happen in that land of homophobia is mistake you for a tranny!

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