4 comments on “Hannah Arnold’s Sustainable Development Goal #1

  1. I appreciate Hannah’s SDG initiative. As the saying goes “ Give man the fish, he will eat once; Teach him how to fish, he will eat forever”

  2. Hannah’s SDG Project is under SDG #1 “End Poverty”. While homemade dishwashing liquid production may be an income generating enterprise, I think the project will have more traction at MI if it focused on 100% organic ingredients. Sustainable development is an approach to the economic development of a country without compromising the quality of the environment for future generations. In its own little way, the project may help alleviate poverty, but the price of environmental damage is paid in the form of chemicals that go into drainage and water systems that contribute to water pollution and land degradation. I hope Hannah has more time to pivot on Organic Dishwashing Liquid. Good luck, anyway!

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