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  1. This pakulo is just one of the many reasons why I will always love Miss Earth.
    At saka parang bawal ang bobo sa Miss Earth talagang dapat may laman ang utak ng isang delegate para manalo.

    • @JustPassingBy, I agree. The novel segments indicate that ME has a superior product development competence. I just wish this innovative spirit extends all the way to business development.

  2. SIR NORMAN, are ME organizers reading the comments in this blog? Ever since, there had been a lot of constructive inputs coming from many well-meaning commenters who sincerely want to make our home-grown pageant to be the world’s No. 1. ME has the most relevant advocacy among the world’s pageants. This differential advantage seemingly is not being used to attract big-name corporate sponsors and highly respected institutional partners– and propel the brand to unprecedented heights. Commenters in this blog has long since been raising these issues. ME can no longer afford to ignore its followers’ wishes in the light of the game of one-upmanship silently taking place in global pageant industry.

      • @AWL, I hope you also don’t tire out expressing the same constructive critiques over and over. Like other commenters, I know you do this because you like our home-grown pageant to succeed. But in the face of the intensifying copycat phenomenon, and the creeping game of one-upmanship among the major pageant organizers, we like to see indications that it flexes its business development muscles. Opportunities to energize its brand, and strengthen its attractiveness to corporate sponsors, are staring at it in the face. Fans have been seeing it. But it seems only the fans see it.

      • Miss Earth was not appealing to me from the get-go, hence, I did not even watch a complete episode of the pageant once in my life. I had glimpsed a portion of the coronation night during Angelia Ong’s time, but for no apparent reason, I was not rejoicing over her victory. Maybe, I found the procedure boring, less energetic, and I had a little trust issue on how the org handles the pageant, foremost when a few of candidates released a statement about harassment, exploitation and what have yous.

        But since Miss Grand International has its own flaws and yet many of us followed the pageant, why then do I not give Miss Earth a chance, ‘no?

        Now that many Filipinos manifest to give support to our homegrown pageant, I hope the MEO will prove to us that they deserve Pinoy patrons. I will watch, critique and/or commend.

        That’s all.

    • @scorg, I’m sending the link to Lorraine and Peachy. There are so many well- meaning suggestions that would up the ante for ME

  3. Malaki Ang respeto ko sa Miss Earth. Kasi kung mamanage lang to and market their Visions and Missions of the organization professionally, maging number 1 beauty pageant ito sa Earth 😆
    Yung nagtatrabaho Ang mga Queens(Top 4)sa DENR, DAR, DOE, DSWD, PAG-ASA, etc. The Queens ay Hindi binubugaw(?) or nakatihaya lang Hanggang matapos Ang reign. MEO should coordinate with the government organizations👍
    The Queens are the ambassadors of the government organizations, kumbaga nakakontrata na. They should learn how each department works para alam din nila Ang ginagawa nila. Maraming matutunan Ang mga Queens. Hindi puro kuda or memorized lang but they do it personally.
    Maaaring maencourage din nila Ang country nila to help preserve the earth, a paradise to live in 😊 cherette lungs.

  4. My winner for this competition is Thailand!
    Hope she will be crowned Miss Earth 2022 as well.

  5. Miss Earth is the only hope among the newcomers … and its mission is dead on …. a beauty queen must always advocate for Mother Earth

    I hope they do an excellent job later this month … thrill us with suspense and unpredictable winning countries at the end of the grand Finale night …

    • ‘Spot’ on… ❤

      Belize's win was a SENSATION. Yeah, you're spot on. If the other BIG's are reluctant to crown 'weak sash' countries, here is an opportunity for ME to distinguish itself. Pero, maganda rin, naman, kasi siya to begin with… An early front-runner, she was!

      Another ME TRIUMPH was doing their Finale IN THE (local) DAYTIME. Tipid sa kuryente! Better, it meant they could more comfortably be enjoyed by fans~viewers in the West, where we keep saying interest in pageantry has waned & where that interest should be revived. I mean, kung time zone difficulties, nga, hindi ma-overcome, how much more…? But MEO was wise enough.

      Despite all manner of criticism, they, imHo, have the most potential for the long-term.

  6. Miss Earth has by far the most relevant advocacy in global pageantry. It has to realize, however, that there is a silent game of one-upmanship going on in pageantry world. Miss International has recently launched a paradigm shift from trite “peace” advocacy to a more doable peacemaking message of “development” via this year’s theme of “Beauties for Sustainable Development Goals”. A yet obscure clone, Miss Planet, is adopting the same SDGs theme but tries to ante the one-upmanship game with the required submission by each candidate of a recommended program to substantiate the SDG #17 “Partnership for the Goals”. A pretender to the 4-major-pageant throne has a quixotic expressed-in-the-negative-sense variant of MI’s “peace” theme in a cringey “Stop the War” bravado. The other 2nd and 3rd tier pageants are riding on the crest of faddish environment themes with nothing much to show in terms of concrete projects and action.

    • Given all these, I sincerely hope our home-grown pageant will do something to level up in this one-upmanship game. The Paris Accord is a definite prize catch for Miss Earth. If only it can develop projects that are linked with Paris Accord Initiatives, Miss Earth will certainly be on its way to being pageantry’s brand to beat!

    • Miss Earth’s innovative segments reflect a topnotch pageantry product development competence. A link-up with Paris Accord will be a clincher to this superiority. Hopefully, this will boost ME’s rather anemic market development thrust, as big-name corporate sponsors and advertisers will come knocking at its doors.

      • I confess ignorance on this Paris Accord. But from the way it sounds, it’s much like The Hague Arbitration Court’s ruling on Philippines’ case with (BEEP!) on the latter’s bully behavior in the WPS/SCS – (simply) an opinion but there being no real police body to enforce boundaries, lacks teeth like a shark shedding…

        … But our MKoreaE, here, will drive it away, luckily! 🙂

        Is this that meeting where nations gave self-declared targets on greenhouse gas reduction by a certain date/year? Hopefully, all are complying.

        Dapat, siguro, MEO BE THE TEETH. Ban a country from participating subject to sige-bahala-sila-kung-ano’ng-terms. So, any sash absent from the Roster is suspect of poor environmental performance. IT CAN START FROM THERE, then snowball… Wat u tink?

      • (Cont.)

        Ta’s, meron pa ‘yun’g Kyoto Protocol, precedent. Ano, naman, ‘yun? Of course, one is an accord, the other is a protocol.

        You know what’s happening THIS month (in Indonesia)? The G20. How apt ME’s timing! 🙂

        In any case, we can agree to give MEO FULL credit for doing the NatCos (or similar, as here) showcase virtually as a pre-Arrival custom! Yes, it was born out of necessity owing to their determination to proceed despite a pandemic but it made PERFECT SENSE as the creations gained an additional dimension shown in their ‘proper context/natural habitat’ on top of economy (no more lugging by the candidates to the host country). It can mean the end of the traditional ‘parade of nations’, but that’s easily replaced by giving the local fashion designers a chance to dress up the participants & highlight the host culture, whether as intricate as deftly-crafted ‘terno’ (if we host) or simply~barely as ‘muay’ warriors (whenever Thailand hosts a male contest).

      • @Edible Flora, Paris Accord is an international treaty on climate change that covers climate change mitigation, adaptation, and finance. Negotiated by 196 nations at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, its long-term temperature goal is to keep the rise in mean global temperature to well below 2 °C (3.6 °F) above pre-industrial levels, and preferably limit the increase to 1.5 °C (2.7 °F). It aims to help countries adapt to climate change effects, and mobilise enough finance. Under the Agreement, each country must determine, plan, and regularly report on its contributions.

      • @Edible Flower, you are right, it has “no teeth” as no mechanism forces a country to set specific emissions targets, but each target should go beyond previous targets. An this is where ME can find its niche role and be change driver worth the respect by the global community. It can help in monitoring, or helping in promotional campaigns. But ME can start with less challenging roles by simply fielding its queens as ushers or PR staff to various Regional Climate Change Conferences being held across the world.

      • I remembered Catherine Untalan in her ME 2006 final Q and A. Kyoto Protocol kemerut.

      • @Edible Flor and @Throwbakla: The Kyoto Protocol is a treaty adopted in 1997 that commits state parties to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, based on the scientific consensus. The Paris Agreement is an agreement adopted in 2015 within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change dealing with greenhouse-gas-emissions mitigation. The Kyoto Protocol primarily targeted industrialised nations as they were considered the primary emitters of greenhouse gases, exempting developing nations. The objective of the Kyoto Protocol was to reduce greenhouse gases to 5.2%, below pre-1990 levels. The objective of the Paris Agreement was to prevent the average global temperature from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. The first phase of the Kyoto Protocol lasted until 2012. The goals of the Paris Agreement are set to be achieved between 2025 and 2030.

    • I almost forgot to include the very possible inclusion sooner of MU in this one-upmanship game. Typical of any new business acquisition, MU is expected to rev up its product development efforts to accelerate its upward revenue trajectory. Changes in search criteria, contest segments, and advocacy focus may be in the offing.

      • Well now that you mentioned MU & we are in the ME post, Ms. PS DID say they would include climate change among the discussion points, I’m just not sure if this was last year or this year…

        Going back to the Paris Agreement (above, your comment), my gosh 2025?!!… 😦

        MALAPIT NA.

        Pero, it’s a staggered~gradual fulfillment ‘ata, no? May countries na mauuna, ‘yun’g mga on track or kaya’ng mag-commit ng extra-rush… Then, probably ‘yun’g mga pinakamahihirapan maabot ang targets (for whatever reason), later na. ‘Pinas, come stai?

        (I recently saw a video on YouTube about INDIA saying it was confident meeting its targets in this regard.)

        Also maybe nice to mention/add, environmental groups said during the height of the pandemic how the slowing down of Homo sapiens’ economic activity gave Earth a chance to catch its breath, but that once lock downs are lifted for certain we would all go back to our ‘wild ways’.

        The most eloquent image was the spotting of dolphins in the docks of Venice! ❤

        "We should continue our best practices…", they concluded.

        (Kudos, muli, to MKoreaE for the idea.)

  7. My top 10 Fauna Costumes (in no particular order):


  8. This segment is another novel idea from ME, but I wish they confined the competition to endangered animals. This will provide sharper focus on the need for preservation of the species’ natural habitat.

  9. My perspective on Miss Earth is that the girls joining really are genuinely passionate about the environment thus, the quality of body of work in many of the entries.

    if Miss Earth can only stage a glossy finals without sacrificing its core values then it could be a formidable and relevant pageant for a long time.

    It’s time for them to try to make the brand more globakl

  10. I love that Miss Earth is making the noise by arriving at this relevant “pakulo”. Misses South Sudan and Thailand for the win.

    Sana maganda ang staging ng Miss Earth, ‘yung tipong kakabugin ang circus pageant sa production, para panoorin ko ito from start to finish for the first time.

    That’s all.

  11. Effort ni Thailand ha… and She’s an English Major…
    Seems like its perfect timing that Thailand should win the Miss Earth crown.

    • Basta mahigitan ang performance ni Punika, GOW.

      (That’s a TALL order. But we will see…

      … Mr. Blogger, ano, po’ng, schedule/timetable nare’ng ME. Since virtual pa ‘to’ng Fauna Challenge, presumably parating pa lang sila. ‘Di po ba ay November?…)

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