35 comments on “Isabella Menin of Brazil wins Miss Grand International 2022

  1. Anung circus nanaman si Nawat appointed ang put ha na fifth runner up ano ito lokohan. Baka naman tangagapin ni Tomondong ang tittle mababatukan ko sila. Just be like the miss world first runber up na hindi tinanggap yung title.

  2. Best for MGI to share the score sheets to determine who will move up to Miss Mauritius’ top10 place.

  3. I have to give credit to Miss Brazil — now Miss Grand International 2022 — for opting to maintain a classy and queenly demeanor all throughout this campiest and tackiest of decidedly manipulated second tier pageants. Her evening gown alone is uniquely elegant and creative without being revealing compared to the cookie cutter pageant patty gowns of her 4 runners-up.

  4. Kung based lang sa physical and facial features, I don’t have any complaints Brazil won MGI 2022. But for others, debatable yun Q&A niya to secure the crown.
    Hirap pa rin akong mag move-on especially with past MGI editions na sina Nicole Cordoves at Samantha Bernardo ay ginawang first runners-up lang. Both their performances are much better than the declared winners (IMHO). Feeling you are so close and yet so far from clinching the title. Pero at the end of the day, yun owner pa rin ang may final say kung sino gustong nila bigyan ng Corona

  5. So, nagwagi Pala c Vacklang Anne VS sa dalawa pang Thai na nagkainteres sa MUO.
    Naintriga lang ako Kay Anne(trans) of JKN company na jowa ni Clint. May dalawang anak na half German but US citizen Kasi sa US Sila pinanganak(?).
    Masyadong secretive Ang vacklah. Sino Dito Ang very close friend ni papa Clint para mareveal kung Kay Clint ba Yung 2 Bata Kasi half German. Pero half German na c Clint, kaya 1/4 German na Lang Yung mga Bata.
    Mga vacklang maritess, paki splok nman Dito Yung totoo except Yung fake newsmaker Dito(yes, Ikaw Yun vacklah, hihihihihi).
    Cherette lungs 😊

    • Rumor has it that Anne bought Clint’s sperm for invitro… no one mentioned whom the eggs are from but regardless, if rumors are indeed true then her 2 kids are a quarter Fililipino(Igorot).

      • JawzKuh. Ang yaman na ni Clint. Lahat na Lang may bayad. I hope he’s happy right now. Samantalahin while in love pa c Vacklang Anne😊 Their relationship is a blockbuster kung maisapelikula mismo ni Anne (another income of Clint divahhh).
        If I were Clint, he should open more business that he love and manage by a smart and loyal staff habang Meron pang financier🙂

      • I’m not sure… but rumor could indeed be true.. based on her Instagram, she calls Clint’s brother “Uncle Kirk”….

  6. If it’s true that MU has been bought by a Thai investor, well it’s a business decision well within his/her rights. It is just sad that Filipino investor found the industry worth the financial risk. The Philippines has a rich pageantry tradition dating back to pre-colonial times, and a proud beauty contest institution dating back to 1908 (the first annual search for Carnival Queen). This would have made the Philippines the ideal center of global pageantry industry.

  7. OMG… Binili na ng JKN of Thailand ang Miss Universe… I wonder what will happen to us from here on… Oh no..

    • I am nervous … but Amy Emmerich, Chief Executive Officer, and Paula Shugart, President will both still be leading the annual pageant , so there is hope

    • Manong, saan niyo, po, nakuha ‘to’ng munti’ng balita’ng ‘to?…

      What will happen to us… Is save money on participating at MU, assuming at least one edition under that alleged new owner will be in their country. Una’ng-una, mas malapit so mas mababa air fare… Ta’s, as a co-ASEAN member country, our rep won’t have to worry about obtaining a visa. TAYO RIN. Mas madali’ng magpadala ng ‘cheering squad’.

      The proximity will make it easier for us to ferry ‘supplies’ over as the pageant progresses. Like Cat’s NatCos that was shipped over just in time, becoming a socmed sensation in its own right. 🙂

      (Unless we want a repeat of Rabiya’s NatCos fiasco that made it necessary for her ND to fly halfway around the world to bring over a head piece that turned out to be ill-fitting… ‘Ay, never mind hangga’ng dito na lang… Basta isipin natin, CLOSER therefore EASIER.)

      • (Cont.)

        Imagine kung ‘yun’g tipo’ng NatCos ni Tiques(2x) (the Bulacan flower festival as a hut riding on her!) or the Angono (Rizal) ‘Higantes’ of Cartasano & Budol ang maipapadala natin sa IMPACT(O), ❤

      • (Cont.1)

        Admin, dito ko na lang ilalagay, kahit OT… Anyway, ang trajectory naman, ‘ata, nire’ng bata’y mag-MUP eventually, so given a reasonable timetable of the early mid-term, kahit papaano’y mababangga din siya nito’ng development kahit paano.

        (And you didn’t want me to ask that perfectly sensible question….)

        The new ownership takes effect AFTER the January 2023 edition! Cool lang, po. Celeste will not be covered by this… 🙂

        The new ownership will coincide with the new inclusions – married women & single unwed mothers. I just wonder how/what they feel~think of these… ‘Yown! Marami’ng salamat.

    • I am not so worried about what will happen to us from now on : if we keep on sending quality candidates (Catriona, Fuschia, etc.), I am confident we will continue to place well. I don’t think the new MU owners will risk their credibility (at least in the first few years. Lol) by singling out one country NOT to win or place.

      What I am MORE worried about is underserving Thai candidates placing high from now on. Lol.

      The beauty pageant industry has really shifted towards Asia (the only remaining rabid fan base aside from South America). MU and MGI is Thailand. ME is Philippines. MI is Japan. MW, while London based often ties up with China and biased towards South Asian candidates.

      If anything, expect a fierce competition between Nawat and Jakkaphong (eto ba yung former lover ng former BF ni Catriona?). Awayan ng bading at ng trans. Papunta pa lang tayo sa exciting part. Lol.

      World Peace.

      • Ano kaya kung magsabunutan sina Angkol Nawat at Jakkaphong dahil ayaw magpatalo sila sa isa’t-isa? Sino kaya ang itatanghal ang legit na beauty pageant of the 21st century po?

    • This is an unconfirmed report, although the source is the owner of JKN herself, Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip aka Miss Anne. If indeed this is true, we would rather see a news article on legitimate news or sources, but none so far is flashed online. Endeavor or MUO would definitely come out with a press release or call a press conference to confirm the done deal because this is a matter of global interest. It’s very unethical for the buyer to disclose the agreement on social media. Hence, it is unbelievable.

      That’s all.

      • AWL Dear,

        MUO already did come out with an interview with no less than lola Paula announcing and welcoming the new owners. It’s on ABS CBN and CNN Philippines new already.

        Three words “Trending on Twitter”.

        World Peace.

      • Oh, yeah. I can see the news from legit sources online now. What then are Celeste’s chances to get the MU crown? For so many years, the MU crown has been elusive to Thailand, so JKN’s acquisition thereof would now pave the way for Thailand’s easier shot to the crown. Lol.

        That’s all.

      • I know, right? Lol.

        As mentioned, I am not worried that the new owner will INTENTIONALLY snub a deserving candidate from say, The Philippines, South Africa, Colombia, Venezuela, etc. As long as these countries will send quality girls, they will continue to place.

        I am more concerned that Thailand will now CONSISTENTLY place (or even win a crown or three in the next decade) year after year after year to the disadvantage of more deserving girls. It is as natural as Ms. Philippines always placing high in Ms. Earth.

        When the MU organization announced a few years ago that they are now open to accepting trans women, they did not only mean as candidates, but also as owners. Lol.

        I just hope that the Thai aesthetics of running and staging beauty pageants as demonstrated by Nawat in MGI and Ms. International Queen is not a portent of things to come for MU. Lol.

        World Peace.

  8. Whereas other pageants are seeking the most authentic ambassadors of their brand, this one can be called ‘Miss Grand Be-Fake Pageant International’ … and their mission is “Stop the War” …. it’s your joke joke joke pageant , lucky you !

  9. Well deserved win for Ms. Brazil.

    I thought that from Top 20, Roberta will at least make it to Top 10. She was as pretty as the rest of the Top girls (well except for you know what countries [Thailand, Indonesia, cambodia…sorry and no offense to maids, pero mukha silang mga kampong beauties.. lalo na si inDionesia. Lol.). At gigil ako sa pa Victoria secret logo (silence gesture) ni Thailand while pasarela-ing. Lol. Ano yung pa secret secret gesture nya ? May lutuan ba? Lol.

    Thank you Roberta for representing well the country and for not falling into the CHEAP gimmickry most of the girls employed.of The well modulated but loud-enough voice during your introduction was a sign that you were cut above the rest. Your sudden turned-around showing your beautiful face during the sports wear competition made me really think you’ll make it to Top 10.

    MGI should be watched from a purely entertainment perspective. It was comedy, it was horror, and most of all, it was science fiction : All the female judges and past MGI winners looked like they belong to the “botoxed, fillered till you die” school of beauty aesthetics. The male celebrities looked like female celebrities. Lol.

    This is not at all sour-graping because it is not my cup of tea. I just say it as it is. If Nawat wants comedy-horror-science fiction, next time, let us send K Brosas, Cacai Velasquez, Melai Canteveros or better yet, Turing and Brigidingdingding next year!

    World Peace.

  10. I am tired of MGI. I am tired of Nawat. Yun lang. Nakakasawa din ang mga minor pageants. I just watch MU, ME and International yun lang.

    • Ako MU and ME. MI is boring. MW is a cooking show. Bongga ang advocacy but the END will never justify the means. Yung MU, tingnan natin ang new direction.

    • Me too po.
      Since knowing the reputation of Ankol and his pageant, di na ako nag aksaya ng oras panuurin sa YouTube channel yun final show nila (just saying).

    • Madalas, po’ng, ganyan. The most articulate is made a Runner-up.

      I guess it’s a reminder that it’s still a ‘not-exclusively-a-college-debate’… OTHER things, too.

      • (Cont.)

        But which could also mean Czech Republic is MOST welcome to cross over to Earth! ❤

        Aren't Czech women among the most beautiful of all time?! Klara Vavruskova is proof.

        And Philippines pageantry puts premium on the Question Round. What has she to lose? 🙂

  11. The gown complements the crown! Congrats Brazil.

    Roberta is not for MGI, she is for a bigger pageant. 4 to 5 years more she can be our next MUP then MU.

  12. You made us proud Roberta. Carry on that Binibini tradition of bringing Filipina beauty, intelligence & grace onto the world stage.
    We bear no ill feelings. We know that we have done our part in promoting the pageant by sending our best Binibinis over the years.
    Your next journey awaits you Binibini#40. 💐

  13. MGI 2022 Top 5 Final Question
    Currently there is a war between Russia and Ukraine. The President of Russia has ordered an invasion of Ukraine killing its people, destroying its architecture and creating uncertain future. If you had an opportunity to send a message to President Vladimir Putin what would you say in 1 minute?

    Brazil : I will tell Putin that he shared history for Ukraine for long and longer years and also they share the most important thing the same fate as human. War just bring pain. We need to start thinking, what can you do even it is small action to work towards diplomacy and understanding because together conflicts and pain can rise but we can arise above violence and brutality. Thank you so much!

    Honestly the answer of Miss Brazil it doesn’t make sense at all. I guess only Nawat can understand the answer. I truly believe that if Nawat wants to spread peace, he should let Miss Ukraine speak or recognize her participation. Good job Miss Philippines!

    It’s time to move on folks.

  14. Mga vecks, now ko lang pinanood Yung QandA ni Nawat. May Mali sa ranking. Savahgay, pakialam natin sa Nawat bayoti fajent😆 hihihihihi


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