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  1. MGI was a good experience for Roberta. She got good exposure to joining a big pageant production. Marami pa siyang kakaining bigas to get into that Miss Universe mold. I noticed lately that Filipina pageant girls have a very heavy walk. The secret to pasarela is in the FOOTWORK -the abdominal core, the hips and shoulders are there to complement the walk. For example, Roan made many mistakes during the sportswear, Bali swimwear, preliminary and finals night pasarelas. If you view her walk during the intro, her feet were all over the place that she actually almost twisted her ankle during the last placement of her foot. Mabigat ang papa niya. She has to work on it if she is joining a bigger pageant like MU.

  2. First, congrats to the winners. Second, I’m proud of you Ms Tamondong. Alam ko nilaban mo pero alam nating lahat na may kinikimkim na galit si Nawat sa Philippine pageantry so pumuti man ang uwak, he will not crown Philippines. Huwag mong panghinayangan ang third tier pageant. You have the potential of a Miss Universe 3 to 4 years from now.

  3. So, Roan’s peace offering/ pasalubong during the preliminary interview did not “Stop the War” on Philippine pageantry. Time to move on… and out!

  4. Well well well pag may sumalo pa ng franchise MGI Nakuh mababatukan ko😂. Matindi ang galit ni Nawat sa Pinas THATS the fact kahit sinong ipadala pa dyan hindi nya ipapasok . Isa din napansin ko kay Tamondong ginawang bakla yung mga moves nya.EWAN bahala kayo dyan. At least alam na natin yung result kaya hindi masyadong

  5. It’s really hard to watch a pageant once Philippines is eliminated
    I hope everyone shut off their tv once top 10 was announced

      • I noticed that, too. MGI had 6.5M Instagram followers, pre-finals night. Now they’re down to 4.8M. Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam unfollowed 🙂

  6. maging happy po at nakasali sa tough 20 si roberta. tanggapin natin ang dami talagang magaganda walang tapon sa top 10.

  7. I couldn’t watch the pageant but Nawat decided to really stick it to Pagpag’s puwet…hihihihih

    Roberta did well and I’m she deserved to be in the Top 10 at least. I still do not understand why you wouldnt bring in Pagpag in the tour given the media miles she will bring.

    I think Nawat is just a plain bitter fag….hihihihi Sorry for using the F work.

    • Roberta definitely a top 5 ! My top 3 -Czech, Curacao, Venezuela
      Brazil is the other member of my top 5

      MGI is and will continue to be just a little pageant , at most second or third tier only

  8. I would have ranked the final five in reverse … Czech Rep !

    Roberta has a lot of competitions ahead of her … onward, upward

    ( Brazil and Mexico no threat at MU22 )

  9. You are not going to win presenting like you were in the middle of a sexual activity . Whoever taught her that should be hanged
    Sweet and queenly she should be

  10. the pageant should be renamed miss grand america international

    if nawat had his way last year and picked ecuador, and if dominican rep did not resign, only indonesia will be the non-america country to win this pageant

  11. The issue with Roberta’s trainors/handlees and designers is that they were totally lost in preparation. Mukhang di nila alam ang dapat gawin o kaya di nila maintindihan kung ano talaga ang gusto o qualification ni Nawat. What a circus pageant cringy na ang mga galaw ng candiates. Eeew

  12. Let us be honest to ourselves do you think Nawat will convince Putin to stop the war in Ukraine. The United Nation send a strong message to Putin but nothing happen. No one can stop the stupidity of Putin, not unless we send Nawat and bring his MGI advocacy to Russia.

    “If we could spread love as quickly as we spread hate and negativity, what an amazing world we would live in.”

    Until next time Philippines see you all in Hanoi, Vietnam for the next edition Miss Grand International.

    • Oh, my… ME will also be in Vietnam next year…

      Huwag sila magsabay, please!

  13. To vegafria, let nawat choose his candidate for MGI para Malaman natin kung ibibigay ba Nya Ang crown 👑.
    Pero kung napakaganda at napakagaling na Ng rep natin ay Wala pa rin, that’s the time na erase na c MGI😱😆 cherette lungs.

  14. MGI 2022 Final Question

    Currently there is a war between Russia and Ukraine. The President of Russia has ordered an invasion of Ukraine killing its people, destroying its architecture and creating uncertain future. If you had an opportunity to send a message to President Vladimir Putin what would you say in 1 minute?

    • I did not watch the finals– and have never watched any MGI finals at all. If that is the final question, I presume all answers were motherhood statements.

  15. MGI 2022 Brazil

    1st Runner-up Thailand
    2nd Runner-up Indonesia
    3rd Runner-up Venezuela
    4rth Runner-up Czech Republic

    5th Runner-up Cambodia
    5th Runner-up Colombia
    5th Runner-up Puerto Rico
    5th Runner-up Mauritius
    5th Runner-up Spain

  16. Top 5: Brazil, Czech Rep, Indonesia, Thailand, Venezuela

    I got 4 out 5 (predicted Puerto Rico instead of Czech Rep)

    To Roberta: You did your best, you represented the Philippines gracefully. You are destined for a bigger pageant.

  17. Ingat sa pag uwi Roan. You are so much more than this. Treasure the memories and friendships.
    This is the last time I am going to comment on this circus f*cking contest. Neither will support the country’s next delegate, I’m sorry. Let’s all love and support MISS EARTH!

    • I’m sorry but Miss Earth also has a lot to do din, sa ibang aspect nga lang. Naimprove na sila sa pagpili ng winners since 2018, pero sana naman mageffort na sa live show. Hindi naman need maging MGI levels eh, but atleast yung decent sa ganda

    • I’m for Miss Earth ! Since 2018 , they have chosen the best deserving top 4 winners !
      I am looking forward to an exciting 2022 !!

  18. OK lang, Roan, you are destined for something far greater than the MGI crown. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. ❤️

  19. Bata pa naman si Roberta kaya makakasali pa sya sa iba pang pageant like MUP o MWP.

  20. Before coronation night, may top 10 na c Nawat. Kaya before preliminary at during preliminary presentations ay itodo na dapat lahat, Hindi Yung sa final nights na Ang pasavogue na gown😱😀🎈🎂🎉
    Congratulations pa Rin Kay Roberta🎉🎊

    • deadmatics

      we saved our young candidate. nakakasuka ang MGI actually not a Philippine type of pageant. yukkk

  21. Roberta out of top 10, although she deserved to be in there. Goodbye, Grand. Warla na mga bakla. Hahaha!

    That’s all.

  22. Brazil, Curaçao, Dominican Republic, Spain, Philippines- Facially beautiful all.

    The “P Girls” are all present. Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico – only matched in numbers by the “C Girls” : Cambodia, Curaçao, Czech Republic, Colombia.

    OA na si Ms. United Kingdom

    World Peace.

  23. Class act, Roberta! She did not join the comedic pasarela. For me, she nailed this round. A real beauty queen, indeed. Also Venezuela, very classy. The two powerhouse countries give the real queen vibe.

    If they won’t advance to the next round, then the judges have a problem.

    That’s all.

      • Yeah. Maganda lang ang production pero ang cheap ng pinapagawa ng org sa mga kandidata during the pageant proper. Anyway, sana hindi na lang ituloy ni Vegafria ang pagkuha ng franchise ng pageant kasi ramdam ko na hinding-hindi ito susuportahan ng Filipino pageant fans. Ako din, from now on, hindi na ako magko-comment about that pageant. Support na lang tayo sa Miss Earth (kung talagang magiging mahusay ang pag-handle ng pageant ng org) at sa favorite nating Miss Universe.

        That’s all.

  24. Pwedeng tama at pwedeng mali din ako…pero sa pakiramdam ko talaga, love ni Nawat si Roan. Sana ibigay na kay Roan ang golden crown. ❤

  25. Pogi ng host. Crush ko s’ya in an instant. Lol. Feeling ko pasok sa final 5 si Roberta. Kunwari hindi s’ya favorite sa award-award, pero undeniably malakas ang dating n’ya kahit ang crowd seems going gaga over Braziwwww.

    That’s all.

  26. > Congratulations to Roberta! Top 20 (so far…). And she looks pretty and confident and at par with the rest of Top 20.

    > The most trying hard, cheap but highly entertaining introductions, as usual.

    > Kawawa naman si Ms. Korea…mukhang lantang gulay. Lol.

    > The female judges all look like walking plastic surgery endorsers. While the past MGI queens look like Russian pok poks in gold. Lol.

    >. Most of the male celebrities (from host, to judges, to owners, to giver of trophies) look like they lack a good amount of testosterones. Lol.

    So far, BRAZIL it is.

    World Peace.

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