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  1. Grabe din talaga ang MGI, pinagbubuti nila ang pageant nila by giving a thunderous and glossy production. Grabe ang introduction sound, pangrampa talaga, nakakataas ng energy. At seryoso, kala ko talaga fake ‘yung hiyawan ng tao, until pinakita ang audience. Puno ang venue! Miss Earth, kaya ba?

    Oh, ‘yan, lotlot si Roberta sa National Costume.

    That’s all.

  2. nilagay si roberta sa harap for their intro prod number. could that be a sign. a concession is to come?

    • Pwedeng tama at pwedeng mali din ako…pero sa pakiramdam ko talaga, love ni Nawat si Roan. Sana ibigay na kay Roan ang golden crown. ❤

  3. MGI is a Great Pageant. It currently has 1.2 million viewers watching live on YouTube. It’s high on entertainment, stage lighting, sound, production. True to its name, it’s GRAND. But don’t expect the deserving winner. As openly said by Mr. Nawat, winner is only his Personal Choice. Whom he wants to work with for 1 year. Irrespective of Stage performance, beauty, or anything, it’s about IMPRESSING MR Nawat. So fans should watch the show for entertainment and production. The organisation or owner has a choice whom he gives 4 Million dollars prize money and gives chance to travel and stay in Thailand. His money, his organisation, His Choice ( Just Like Miss World ). If Philippines wants to win Mgi, we need to send a Dramatic but a girl who can be a minion, Like Samantha Bernardo was a perfect choice ( didn’t win coz she is RU in BB. Pilipines ).

    • Except Peru in 2017, and the first Winner, Janelee Chapparo, all MGI winners are trash. Who will clap in any other pageant with that face and personality and communication. But what they did right is impress the owner Nawat by being Drama queens ( Clara Sosa, Aben – Miss Grand 2020), subservient ( Lees Garcia, Tieng ).

  4. The Philippines is just intrigued by the elusiveness of the crown ONLY. But the pageant itself is not appealing to Filipinos. I know many kababayans’ brows are raised with the way the ladies are presenting themselves in a graceless way – vulgar and comical.

    Roan, just make it a learning experience. You deserve to be in a real pageant. I know you are confused by MGI’s forcing the ladies to be robotically brash.


  5. A stylist got irked during a live vlog when viewers reacted to the gown. He suddenly ranted in some unidentifiable twang that pageant followers shouldn’t pretend to be experts and that they should work first in a pageant before commenting. So one commented we didn’t say the gown was ugly, we just said it didn’t suit her. Still he continued looking down on pageant fans during his live vlog as his noisy gay pals twattled behind the scene.

  6. So, Arnold Vegafria is currently in Indonesia for the MGI. Accordingly, the MG franchise will be given to him. If that is so, I can see popularity breakdown of Nawat’s pageant in this country. Even if, say, Nawat’s wish is to have a stand-alone MGP pageant in the country, it would not sustain the glamour BPCI gave to the franchise.

    That’s all.

    • Question is: What did ALV let go from his roster of pageants to make way for MGI? I am 100% sure Vegafria had to let go of a franchise to accomodate MGI


      • (Let go… To accommodate… Sounds as though MEI & MTU have beef on MGI. I mean, if MGP will be a stand-alone sibling pageant to MWP, then the line-up at MWP should, in theory, have no bearing… It just sounds suspicious.)

        (Mr. Blogger, wasn’t MTU where the ‘doctora’ MUP 1994 look-alike was supposed to go?)

        (Or, was it 4M’s Pinay-Aussie cousin who was supposed to go?… ‘Yun’g nag-Miss Bohol & had that BWAP project on breast milk donation? I saw a tarp on that.)

        (Which ALSO suggests BOTH franchises, now no longer in Mr. ALV’s hands, are up for grabs! Puhon, you can, in time, clue us in on the anticipated new country franchisees, ty.)

    • That’s how we know we will never get this crown anymore. Arnold doesn’t know how to pick a good winner. Not a lot high caliber girls also joins his pageant

  7. May chika mga veckz. Di raw bet ni nawat Yung gown Ng candidate from a country of crazy beauty pageant fans😆
    Kaya chill lng Tayo. Ihanda Ang defense mechanism of a loser😆😱lol
    Pansin ko lang Yung you try hard to enjoy the pageant pero may bigat Ang Mukha na pressured and not enjoying at all. Unlike the frontrunners na tawa lng Ng tawa and smiling at all times😊
    Not an aura of a winner 😀

    • May photo si Roan na nasa Indonesia na sabi ko kita sa mga mata niya ang kaba at takot sa competition…siguro dahil na rin sa mga nakaraang experiences ng ibang ipinadala natin sa MGI. Nevertheless, enjoy mo lang ung pageant Roan…hindi lahat nakakapagsuot ng sash which says, “PHILIPPINES”! ❤

  8. Anung kababalaghan yung make up nya? Parang pang baklush sa barangay na nag sa gawa sa Gilid lang ng estero. Eto ang dapat gawin ng Pinas wag magpadala ng candidate next year tignan ko lang kung wala ang Pinas.

      • Yan yung net na ginagamit sa garden para di masyadong mainitan ang mga halaman tulad ng orchid.

        Personally I don’t like the gown as well. Sana nga this will work on her para mapansin as she carried it well naman. Pero wala na bang ibang gown?

    • Hindi ba pwede sabihan mga directors dito na wag na saluhin yang pageant na yan? Kitang kita naman kung dinidogshow every year mga candidates natin. Dapat talaga matigil na pagpapadala ng Pilipinas sa circus na yan

  9. As what MJ Lastimosa shared in her related post, Angkol remarked to her (and to paraphrase) “the problem with Roberta is she is young.” I guess the comment is irrelevant in the light of the age range allowed to join MGI. Anyway, my only wish is for Roan to just enjoy and make the most out of her MGI journey and gain insightful experiences that will serve her well in her quest for much better pageant glory in the future. There is definitely more life (for this young lady) after MGI.

    • But the winner from Venezuela – Valentina Figuera was only 19 when she won… So its not the age..

      • Well, for that matter, wasn’t Stefhany Gutierrez also 19 when she won at MV?… (And went on to IMPACT for MU)

        Maybe Mr. I had something in mind. I think we all know what that is.

        But we are all mistaken! Roan turned 20 recently, if the previous birthday post was that.

  10. Ligwak n nman daw Ang Philippines. Marami lng kasing magagaling Ngayon kaya suerte na kung makapasok sa top 20. Hindi nman daw kasing kabogera ni Sam Yung performance Nya.
    Kaya huwag masyadong mag expect mga vacklah baka mastroke lng kayo.
    Nawat is giving the Philippines to win within 5 coming yrs Kasi separate na Ang Miss Grand Philippines sa BPCI.
    Kaya, chil chill lng sa Oct 25, Ok 😊

  11. In the 2nd video (gown presentation) very weird yung awrahan ng mga kahilerang 4 ni Roberta. Yung una, patagi-tagilid, yung 1 nagkalkal ng buhok at yung 1 nagpahid ng pawis. Parang di na female beauty contest ang pinapanood.

    • True. Parang mga whore ang mga contestants ngayon with those fake smiles, calculated struts, flirtatious moves and all the unncessary gimmickry, unlike before na may finesse, class at regal bearing ang mga candidates kahit mahinhin just like what a real beauty queen should be.

  12. You know you are watching a joke joke joke pageant when Miss Hongkong performs the most ridiculous and awkward move on live stage just to be different from the rest … away with trash !

    Roberta will win , not by stunts , but by pure classic pageant merits … !

  13. Roberta did well to Crack the semifinals.

    However let’s be real, the pageant is in Indonesia and Thailand is sending a popular candidate. You also base some kabogeras in Myanmar and Vietnam. The presence of Ivan G is almost a guaranteed top 10 or top 5 finish.

    She also has to compete with the black girls from Ghana who are like Abeena- kabogerang bakla..

    Finally the Latinas like Brazil, Vene, Colombia which will be in the mix although let’s be real I think this is a pretty weak Latina batch.

    The only thing that Roberta has that could help sway the decision in her favor to Crack the top 10 and top 5 would be the announcement of the MGI Philippines under a new franchise. Lots of rumors it might be revealed today. If that happens, Nawat will be forced to play his cards right to appease a fan base that has turned sour in social media and voting despite the continued support for our candidate. A miscalculated snob of Roberta can make it challenging for this franchise to turn a new corner in building a solid relationship with the fans. I’m not saying she should advance only in this merit. I’m just saying that she might need additional external influence AKA luck to push her to the top.

  14. Based on her prelims, mahirapan yata siya manalo.
    I wish her nothing but the best come finals, kababayan pa rin natin yan eh.
    I hope she’s making the most out of her stay in Indonesia and is having fun.

  15. Pansin ko ang type ni Angkol e yung mga kagaya ni Mirijin…Yung tipong bobola-bolahin sya… Like nung tinanong ni Angkol si Berta kung paano nya ipromote MGI, dapat ang sagot nya e.. “If you give me the crown, the Filipinos would surely worship and Adore you therefore they would be more than greatful to promote your pageant to the whole World”.. ganun dapat ang mga linyahan..

    • Natawa naman ako dito… I think that will only work during 1 on 1 and not with the other judges since they will say she’s not serious enough.

      • Other judges?! They are all Nawat’s minions.. They will agree with anything he decides…

  16. Akala ko c Vacklang Queen Angkol na talunan sa Q and A of it’s showtime Ang rumampa. C Queen Angkol talaga Ang idol Ng nagmake-up Kay Roberta. Hihihihihi 😊
    Di ba puedeng Yung fresh na Roberta Ang irampa sa MGI. Mukha syang pornstar sa styling Nya divahhh mga vacklang pokpok😊 hihihihihi


  18. Ms Phillipines looks like a Ms Cambodia or Ms Laos in past editions of other beauty pageants.

  19. I am confident that Roberta can seamlessly make it in the first cut, considering her prelims performance and her closed door interview. We just don’t know how the judges would be receptive of her evening gown (no swimsuit coz it’s not allowed on Indo TVs) performance for her to advance on another round.

    Here’s my honest take: Angkol’s greatest heartbreak on pageantry is not having Catriona on his pageant. Foremost, when he witnessed Catriona’s impeccable slo-mo turn and lava walk, he is dying to see another stunning Filipina rep who would give a remarkable one on his pageant. Thus, he won’t crown a Filipina lest he sees a Catriona personified.

    Nevertheless, I can feel that Nawat would give Roberta a decent placement, if not the crown itself, otherwise his dream of having a stand-alone Miss Grand Philippines next year would be in limbo, as the Filipino fans pull their backs from supporting it. Ngayon pa nga lang, warla na ang mga badet sa MGI kahit panay ang nood nila ng pageant ni Angkol.

    If Roberta maintains or upscales her energy and performance on the finals, then she can be the very first Miss Grand International. And if she really deserves the crown and Nawat won’t give it to her, then expect more war with the Filipino pageant fans.

    That’s all.

  20. I hope Nawat really likes her because that’s the only way she’ll get in to top 10

    • I recall you asked in a MGI-related post if it’s true Mr. I gave the Philippines national license to BPCI FOC all this time. No one replied (to you)… In fact, I don’t remember any Rate up’s or down’s… It was the SILENCE THAT SPOKE VOLUMES.

      That could explain a LOT of things… Why he can be so vocal when it comes to us.

      In any case, in your last ‘running selection’ you had either Spain or Indonesia in mind. I replied (to you) with “(first name of the Thai bet)”. This is a probably the best time for him to finally make good on his ‘timetable’ of crowning a ‘paisana’!

      Kasi, if they could manage a 2nd RU finish just 3 years ago amid a strong Latina contingent & on Latin American soil (the Venezuela hosting), this year’s candidate, a clear league better on looks & demeanor, should easily justify a higher placement, which is either a notch-higher or the crown itself. And it seems this year’s host country likes her.

      She is one Thai MGI queen I see endearing herself to Pino(a)y fans!

  21. She did her best. She represented the Philippines very well. Good luck to her.

    But my top 5 prediction: Brazil, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Thailand and Indonesia

  22. Sure tough 5 si Roan . Thailand person close to n told me bet na bet ni N yan until the present. Syempre dun ako mag rely si N lang Naman ang real judge

  23. My first thought : Isnt Jinkee Pacquiao too old and too rich to join a second tier pageant? Lol.

    No expectations at all for Roberta. She simply got drowned in a sea of tall, curvaceous, facially stunning girls with much more memorable gowns and National costume.

    Walang korte pala katawan nya. And the too much fake gesturing, pointing of finger to an imaginary admiring audience, flipping of the hair was really so contrived.

    I really hope she would place well.

    World Peace.

  24. Same (gown) designer as the piece/ensemble/look at the (beach side) Sashing, I reckon.

    I approve! I don’t think we’ve sent a rep to Grand THIS curvy. So, may as well. 🙂

    Guys, sabi tayo ng sabi noon, maganda, siguro, kung ‘yun’g mala-HVI* na creations. This contest may just be the place to show that! I doubt we’d do so at the BIG(ger) contests. Besides, Mr. I wants us all to just enjoy the SHOW & have FUN.

    (* – Initials na lang. Baka may copyright or proprietary clauses on mentioning.)

    • (Cont.)

      Prelims na nga, pala, ‘to! So, Roan has done what she could. It’s in Mr. I’s hands now. This contest, too, is finished; just like that, the BBP Class of 2022 is 75% done. The remaining 25% (the Cebuana), next year na.

      After this, it’s Fil-Aussie’s turn! Laktawan lang November, pagpatak ng December, <3.

      (I hope Mr. Blogger can keep us occupied as we await… A month sans pageant is hard.)

    • (Cont.1)

      Mr. ALV, sustain, daw, the glamor of MGI in the Philippines. You’re being challenged (in a comment above).

      Or exceed what the previous franchise holder accomplished. GAME! 🙂

      What I like about this contest is its sense of unbridled freedom. Everywhere else, the lady is told~advised to pull back. Not MGI. Here, all she learned she can finally unleash 101%, unrestrained, unmindful of haters, in a joyous free-style. Nothing like it! ❤

  25. she can win without moving like a coquette on stage … prove them all wrong Roberta , you have substance !

    • Ms Phillipines looks like a Ms Cambodia or Ms Laos in past editions of other beauty pageants.

  26. Interesting gown. It it’s too revealing. The cut off on the sides are not necessary. It cheapens the overall look.

    • Almost all gowns in MGI are too revealing.

      Slim silhouettes, shiny blings, and high sexy slits .

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