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  1. Baklang bakla Ang peg ni Roberta sa Preliminary presentations. Sabagay, divah vaklaan daw sa MGI😱😆
    Parang Nakita ko na Yung Mukha ni Roberta sa XXX videos or dahil lng sa make up Niya. Hihihihi 😆

  2. On the subject of Unang Reyna in Philippine Pageantry: I wish a documentary can be produced on the iconic beauty queens the Philippines has produced. Some of them:

    1. Pura Villanueva, our first Carnival Queen in 1908 showed the world the template of what a beauty queen should be— beautiful, intelligent and stands up for rights and denounces unfairness in society. Half a century before MW and MU hatched the idea of pageantry and a century before global pageantry incorporated advocacy in its concept of beauty, the Philippines already have iconic brains-beauty-brawn queens who metaphorically also have balls.

  3. I watched the MGI Prelims a while ago. I would say that the org is doing its best to level up in pageantry and be at par with MU. In fairness naman talaga sa stage production nila, ang ganda. World class! ‘Yung owner lang talaga ang hindi. Lol. Ang ganda ng lighting and the camera worked well. Konting linis na lang, at perfect na. May nakita kasi akong tumatakbo na tao at pasilip-silip na hosts sa background.

    As for Roberta’s performance, it was good. Ang galing ng pasarela n’ya, especially sa evening gown. Pero I hope na palitan n’ya ang evening gown n’ya sa finals, medyo unflattering kasi sa kanya, nagmukha s’yang bitin. Hindi rin bagay ang hair and make up style n’ya. Parang binusalan ang nguso, dzaaaai!

    Sa evening gown, sina Mexico, Venezuela and Brazil ang mga nakalaban n’ya. Indonesia’s gown was okay, pero she did not look regal. Thai’s gown was a so-so. She’s indeed overhyped.

    Good luck, Roberta! I have high hope that you can bring home the crown, if not the bacon. Lol.

    That’s all.

  4. Remember, ayaw ni angkol na Ang Reyna Nya Ay sasali uli sa ibang big pageant which is possible Kay Roberta. Unless, exceptional talaga sa kanya c Roberta 🙂
    Roberta represent well our country the Philippines 😊
    Good luck 🤞

    • Kung mahal talaga ni Nawat si Roan kaya niya ito pinanalo ng first ever MGI from the Philippines, sa palagay ko mapapalagpas ito ni Nawat kung sakali mang sasali ulit si Roan sa ibang pageants..

  5. Pwedeng tama ako pero di ako sure pero base sa mga activities at prelims, pakiramdam ko love ni Nawat si Roan. Pwedeng mali din naman ko…we will see on Tuesday night. Galingan mo Roan!!! ❤️

  6. Mahiya ang mga modern beauty queens kay Pura. Parang si Pia lang nakikita ko na active pa rin sa advocacy niya na HIV awareness. Yung iba after ng pageant, waley na. Pura was one of the earliest champions of women’s rights sa Pinas.

    • @Miss Pluto, that is correct. Long before advocacies became associated with global pageantry, Pura Villanueva has already shown to the world what a real beauty queen should be– confidently beautiful inside and out, consistently aspirational and inspirational to all even after her reign.

      Pura’s contribution to Philippine pageantry cannot be simply expressed in a national costume tribute to the Philippines’ first beauty queen. Other than glitters and the gemstones, the attempt to communicate Pura’s luster did not come through in the costume’s messaging. But Roan did a tremendous job of carrying it well.

    • If I may add, I wish Philippine pageantry’s tribute to our first beauty queen will not be confined to just a national costume medium. At MUP’s inaugural edition, the opportunity to make her front and center of the Q&A narrative was missed when Rabiya Mateo forgot her famous feisty beauty queen kababayan and mentioned instead another Ilongga as her role model. I wish Philippine pageantry will one day give Pura the credit she deserves.

      • I hope GMA will also create a series set in the 1900s similar to Maria Clara at Ibarra. This time, the heroine should be a mix of Pura Kalaw-Villanueva, Maria Orosa and Fe del Mundo. Pwedeng from a rich family, naghirap ang family, naging kusinera later on naging beauty queen, doctor at women’s rights advocate. It can be our own version of Jang-geum.

      • Reply for MissP…

        JitP was a FUN ‘teleserie’! The ‘gansa’ng pinakain ng asupre’ remains with me (to this day). Poor bird, though. 😦

        Dr. FdM had that ‘speak-soft-but-carry-a-big-stick’ aura. It was UNNERVING in a good way. 🙂

        Imagine an episode where the pediatrician works the New Year’s shift, attending to young patients who unwittingly ingested some firecracker stuff. She administers raw egg whites as antidote… I wonder how the the scene unfolds. ❤

  7. LATEST : Miss USA at Miss Universe will be caught in an imbroglio in the next few weeks… Miss USA org is suspended by MU org

  8. Wag nang maglokohan
    Her eyes ere not set on the prize
    I wish we had sent someone who is more mature . Dimaculangan for me would have been great at this task

    • We get your point – how many times do you have to respond with THE SAME negative comments???? #Buteteka

  9. It seems every pageant Filipinos are always find a ways to complain. Why don’t we just support the Philippine representative in MGI. She is doing her best to win the crown. Let us put our energy in giving her encouragement instead of discouragement.

    • @Miss Queen W, while your observation is correct, I can spot a few feedbacks that are constructive and meant not to put down a candidate but to lift up pageantry. Somebody here noted sometime ago that the Filipino fans are known in the global pageant community as “very toxic”. I cannot blame him/ her because the few reasonable voices are inundated by hysterics, shrieks, and theatrics of overzealous fans wanting to throw in their few cents worth of comments.

  10. A national costume should provide clues about the history, geography and heritage of a nation. I can’t see anything in the costume that expresses the Filipino identity, and distinctly tells about, or represents, the Filipino people. It’s simply a dazzling piece of festival attire.

  11. This costume was very bland on stage
    And she did not perform at all
    One of the worst
    Won’t be surprised if she fails to make top 20

  12. Maganda sana kung hindi labu labu ang concept. Ewan bahala kayo dyan . Kahit anung gawing maganda ng rep natin talagang hindi makakapasok sa top 10 yan.

  13. maganda ang costume. maganda sa picture pero confused presentation. what is she driving at?

    Sino nagturo sa kanya ng ganyan. at ano ba ang costume na yan?

  14. Beautiful work of art. Definitely better than some of the recent Nat Co fiascos (yes, Gabbie Basiano’s. Lol). Congratulations!


    It is jaw dropping to see so many equally beautiful, and even BETTER costumes from other countries, last night. I wouldn’t feel bad if Roberta’s Nat Co would just manage to be at the Top 10. I agree that the gown kinda wore her down and there was a moment when I thought she would trip. Have you seen Spain’s (?) shoes? And Ms. Spain carried it gracefully.

    MGI is really aiming to to be the bombastic, maximalist, glittery, shiny, va-voom pageant of all. And there is nothing bad about it.

    Many deserving girls to get the crown. From the screams and claps last night, Brazil will be it.

    World Peace.

  15. I think the problem with Roberta at MGI , even though she has the gorgeous look to her , is that she is not standing out. The simple and obvious reason is that there are so many delegates at MGI this year who could easily be Roberta’s twin sister … she needs to experiment with her look to become somewhat unique and yet elegant … and she must ace the Q&A !

  16. If she wins, it’s because Nawat loves Philippines. There are so many outstanding girls . Would just be happy with a top 10 finish
    Dimaculangan or Gabby would have been great at Grand

  17. Parang nakuba si baby sa bigat. It’s pretty up close, but if you squint it looks like a big glitter ball. Good luck na lang.

  18. Pwersado nman yung connection sa first Filipina beauty queen. Anyway, good luck Roberta!

  19. Gorgeous! .. She definitely understood the assignment… ang daming paandar… I suggest:. Learn Balinese and Thai.. and incorporate them all in one random speech Tiktok video… And may I request for you to do the classiest most unexpected twerk challenge. That way you’d be more famous than all the past winners, Angkol would be force to give you the crown… More paandar, more chances of winning.. again you are eoing a great job! Goodluck!

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