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  1. Roberta’s National Costume awhile ago was beautiful, but let’s admit it, there were more beautiful costumes than hers. At, in fairness sa stage ng MGI, nangkakabog. Sa lighting pa lang, nakakamangha na. How I wish, magaya din ‘yun ng mga national pageants natin. Chonas, chamsey, napanood n’yo sana. Eh, ang Miss Earth kaya? Haaaizt!

    That’s all.

    • Miss Earth is the best reference to the word “unbothered” but inspite of that, it remains as one of the most respected and well attended pageants in the world that is why the number of participants each year is staggering (with 98 and possibly over 100 delgates) second only to Miss World.
      Miss Earth is a brand on its own. Though they have proven in the past that they can stage a fabulous finals, I hope it will be so pasavogue this year.
      So let’s (Filipinos) leave Miss Earth alone and let all those over 100 countries all over the world appreciate respect its advocacy.

      • Hi, @JustPassingBy and @AWL! I hope ME’s being “unbothered” does not mean complacency, contentment with the status quo, and lack of drive to continue being relevant. Our homegrown pageant has the most relevant advocacy among all global pageants but it is being eclipsed by others with no or hazy advocacy because it is stymied by financial insufficiency. It cannot hide behind the smokescreen of the pandemic because others are able to innovatively leveraged on the technology to keep pageantry alive. I could have, in fact, turned the pandemic into an opportunity to raise more awareness on the environmental causes of the pandemic, and to rally the business community to support its mission. It should have capitalized on the growing movement towards healthy and hygienic living, organic and natural products consumption, and demand for clean air and clean water. Corporate sponsorships, its financial lifeline, are advertising in the online and in the real world, but it has so far not able to seize the golden opportunities in the market. MI is rebranding and has shifted its “peace” message to “development” advocacy by supporting UN SDGs and taglined its 2022 edition “Beauties for SGDs”. I would be happy if ME could sooner find a niche in the Paris Accord initiatives of UN members.

  2. Interesting national costume she wore… looks good… I hope the plastic pearls do not contradict her environmentalist advocacy….

  3. She is most likely the only one who will break the jinx among the winners of Bb. Pilipinas 2022. Happy Birthday Miss Grand International 2022 !

  4. I saw the gifts distributed to the panelists during the preliminary interview not as a customary “pasalubong” but as a peace offering to “stop the war” seemingly being waged covertly on Philippine pageantry. I hope my hunch is wrong.

  5. if that guy who owns MGI won’t give your birthday wish to you , screw him ! you do not need his little pageant crown … you’re destined to have a big night in the big pageants !

  6. Happy birthday gorgeous. Wishing you all the best in the remaining days of your MGI journey and future endeavors. You have a bright future ahead. 🙂

  7. 5 years more, this girl will be perfect for MUP! Pang MU ang beauty nya… ala Ariadna Gutuerrez.

    Halatang kinakabahan sa interview, natataranta sa mga words na gagamitin although the thought is there, she just needs to learn how to reconstruct the sentences properly. If she wins that would be great! Happy birthday and good luck Ms. Roan!

  8. she is working hard for the crown, but i think there are so many other girls deserving. she could have waited for 2 more years to polish herself. madami pang kulang eh. She is a diamond in the rough indeed. I think KF can hone her skills better.

    Anyway, goodluck!

  9. Happy birthday, dear Roan!
    She is pretty indeed. Perhaps it’s her young age but she still needs more practice on how to better articulate her thoughts more effectively/efficiently. The idea is there — she just needs to get the words out.
    As much as I’m of course cheering for her to get the Philippines’ first MGI crown, I think her Q&A skills are not there quite yet but she’ll be absolutely ready in her next international stint.

    • Veks, Nawat mentioned that number 1 criteria is Body then beauty then brains so brains isn’t something that will kill her chances…

    • (Cont.)

      We await excitedly your offerings in the Preliminaries show! Remember to stay TRUE.

  10. I think Roan performed well during the closed door interview. She was able to impart her advocacies and youth and still sounding humble. An MU-level interview performance!

    • Pang Miss Earth yong advocacy nya. Ayaw ni Nawat. I have a feeling she won’t win kasi galing BbP. Pag galing MGPh, mas malaki na ang chance.

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