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  1. After a 2-year hiatus, MI’s return to global pageantry is coming with a major branding shift under the theme “Beauties for SGDs”. Its official statement in May read: “Prior to the arrival of all the delegates, we will make sure that each one has been taking part in various activities that promote the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)…. [Beauties for SDGs] is Miss International’s humble way to utilize our national titleholders’ influence in spreading awareness, as well as actively taking part in SDGs initiatives in their own country or region.” I hope Hannah has been preparing rigorously for this.

    MI’s traditional theme of “world peace” is transitioning into a more action-oriented theme of “development”. Will the rebranded MI signal a paradigm shift on its concept of beauty? Will there be a shift on the MI template for a queen from the conservative soft-spoken mold to an outspoken development advocate? I hope Hannah’s handlers are now busy probing the impact of this rebranding on the requisites for its spokesperson and image model. I think a doll-like imagery does not particularly fit a serious UN development advocate.

  2. Oh mga baklush wag nang magkalat baka manjinx pa natin yung chance nya. Dapat low key lang sya hi di katulad ng dalawang merlat na nagaing over sa ka overan kaya ligwak ganern😂 dapat yung galawan dito yung hindi maka basag ng plato parating ipit ang gulay wag ibuka. Yung feeling may gatas pa ang mga labi ganern.

  3. I can totally see her wearing something like this at MI competition. But maybe less heavy like Ahtisa’s.

    Her face screams winner.

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