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    • In addition, because we saw it, as well, with Rowee Lucero (& she was not very tall, as a personality of the organization herself declared)… PASSPORT CREDENTIAL. In particular, it seems they prefer someone well-traveled & presumably to ‘good countries’ (that Balenciaga job is a hint). At the time (2020), when the org turned to a pageant camp after BPCI opted to not send anyone over for Tirana’s Centennial, the Binibini was said to be the one good to go for that reason. If I’m not mistaken, she’s also multilingual, which can only be an asset! 🙂

      A model is usually that. Taking assignments at design/fashion capitals.

      This was Chelsea’s first overseas trip.

      Ngayon pumapasok ‘yun’g lagi natin’g binabanggit na ‘strong passport’ man lang… Imagine, for example, if Lakrini were sent, kasi I imagine she at least has German credits.

      But that’s all water under the bridge. Surely, this will only be the start of more/new voyages & adventures for ‘BBP-Tacloban (City)’!

  2. time to put away Miss Intercont 2022 and Miss Globe 2022 into the dustbin of history …

    So who among these beauties might be one of Finale judges at MU2022 ?
    All of them have not yet been seated as a judge , the last one was Iris last year at MU21

    2017 MU Demi
    2018 MU Cat
    2019 MU Zozi
    2020 MU Andrea

    • Weird that Catriona has not sat as a judge yet. Undeniably, the BEST MU to date.

      • May three thumbs down. Ikaw ba yan Mama Chonas? Pipilit mo si Pia para credited sa iyo? Hahahahaha.

    • Pia MU2015 was a judge at MU2017 and Paulina MU2014 was a judge at MU2019

      • MU2012 Olivia judged MU2015 and MU2011 Leila judged several MU editions

        Gabriela MU2013 has not judge any MU yet … Ximena MU2010 judged MU2012

  3. The Miss Globe production has improved. To be honest, Chelsea was well-prepared, it was just not the time to pull a back-to-back.

    The only problem usually is when candidates do communicate that they will achieve a back-to-back, it does look condescending to both fellow candidates and even the organizers. There should also be training on how not to be boastful and discreetly manifesting your winning aura, its like a no-makeup makeup, its there but it shoud not be too obvious. In the case of Chelsea, she stated that there will be a sure back-to-back this year during the head-to-head challenge, should not be mentioned in the first place, mukha na tayong mayabang.

    Hence napapansin ngayon ang ibang candidates like Vietnam and Thailand. Don’t even start telling me they don’t communicate well in English, mind you this is again The Miss Globe, this is from Albania and its not Miss Universe.

    The winner looks like the Miss Globe winner from India and Mexico from past editions, they look like Cleopatra even the hair.

    • @River Robles: Valuable pageantry lesson from this experience: learn how to unlearn, or “unlearn to learn” (as @Jonalyn Hernandez cleverly put it). Training puts too much emphasis on the external beauty that the internal beauty is overlooked or glossed over. You are correct– a training on how to manifest a winning aura without being boastful in verbal and non-verbal language now appears to be very important for a pageant powerhouse like the Philippines. Pageantry is supposed to be a friendly competition. The “friendly” part of the competition is where the internal beauty of the candidate– the social and emotional intelligence and core values– come into play.

  4. I’d like to think that some unfavorable comments in this blog are not meant to pull our reps down but to raise pageantry up. The girls obviously did their best. But the process of doing one’s utmost best can sometimes be overbearing, worse, intimidating. This is a wake up call to local pageant organizations, beauty camps and handlers: less is more, or as what @Thomas prescribed “learn to balance”.

  5. So nararanasan na ni Philippines ang nararanasan ni Venezuela…unlearn to learn…too much of anything would lead to disaster…I am not a pageant expert pero pag nakakaumay…nakakaumay talaga…anyway, still good luck to Team Philippines for 2022!!!

  6. I just noticed with the comments that after the pageant there are so many negative comments when a girl losses!! They raise her up on a pedestal and try to bring her down when she does not bring home the crown. So many assessments on why she did not win. Don’t even feel bad of what you’re saying and how it hurts when she reads about it. The girl did her best and it’s not meant to be. A back to back is very hard to achieve but I am happy with the performance of both girls.

    • Totoo, di lang manalo ng korona ang girlie, di na nila binibigyan ng respeto. Masyado nang gahaman sa korona mga bakmogs jusko. Kung ano-ano pang panglalait sasabihin sa girlie ng mga yan, kahit kadalasan naman out of control nya yung nangyari

      Ganun lang naman kasi talaga eh, hindi every year tayo nasa top pero di ibig sabihin di na powerhouse juiceko

      • Agree with you. I think, this is the best time for the pageant fans to “learn to unlearn”. Masyado na madaming kuda at alam, samantala noong mga circa 2000 and earlier, maka semi-finalist lang ang Pinay representative masaya na ang mga ateng. Remember that period? Samantala ngayon, nakakalimutan na natin silang pasalamatan just because hindi nag-uwi ng korona. Instead, nasosobrahan tayo ng analysis to the point na nakakasakit na tayo ng kanilang kalooban, kesyo hindi na authentic, walang spontaniety, hindi akma sa pageant, and so many more.🤣😂🤣. Let us check ourselves also as pageant fanatics, kung ano pagkukulang natin at baka NASOSOBRAHAN na tayo sa expectation from them.

  7. Daming kuda ang mga accla after the pageant. Kesyo ganito kesyo ganiri pero walang tapang na sabihin lahat yan before the pageant or in their predictions. Hahahahaha. Mga depota.

  8. Didn’t she say that she wanted Ms International after Bb Pilipinas coronation night in an interview?
    It’s similar to applying for a job and telling the HR manager that his/her company wasn’t your first choice 🤦🏻‍♂️
    If I was the HR manager, I’ll throw the applicant’s resume into the trash can.
    Pageant girls kasi should learn to be careful of what they say.
    There are sentiments that they should keep to themselves.
    Anyway, congrats making into the top 15.

  9. Okay i saw the performance ni Chelsea. Wag kayong magagalit pero over naman kasi yung datingan eh mayabang tignan , nakakainis na pabidabida yung peg. Kung na tone down lang performance nya siguradong pasok sya plus yung make up ni girl nakakairita din alam na nga nya na may horsey mouth nag thick red pa😂


    I 100% agree with most of the comments here. We have been recently sending candidates that look “too rehearsed, polished and over prepared” to the detriment of endearing qualities such as charm, youth, guile, naturalness.

    Look at Gabrielle to Chelsea, they look so full of affectations. When to smile, when to pout, when to put their hand pretending to fix their imaginary bangs etc. Not endearing at all, but rather gives off a superior, condescending aura. The same template Roberta Tamondong is doing (which I hope is what Nawat is looking for). But for me looks so fake (most especially, the pointing of an index finger to an imaginary audience while walking. Cringy).

    Camps and Queens, learn to balance. Do not lose that certain sine qua non we pageant lovers notice.

    And it is so ironic that our candidate to Ms. Supermodel Worldwide won (congratulations Annabel Mae Rosales) appeared so natural and youthful and unassuming considering the contest is “modeling” where projection, precision and polished qualities are expected (the same qualities Gabriel and Chelsea miserably employed , to no avail).

    Lessons learned.

    World Peace.

  11. Two down.

    Tbh, I am still processing the unfavorable placements of two of our strongest bets in the Tier 2 International pageants–Intercon and Globe.

    We knew how prepared and polished Gabi and Chelsea were as soon as they departed for their respective pageant assignments abroad. For us, they are damned killers, but, nah, they were doomed.

    What went wrong? Here’s what I see:

    i. Too polished. What do we expect from these bellas, especially that hey have joined several pageants already, such that they have mastered the art of pasarela, QnA, make up look, and everything? I reckon that because of such polishness, they don’t look exciting to the eyes of the judges anymore. Their natural charm is gone.

    ii. They both don’t look like a Filipina. If we set our eyes and minds like a foreigner, perhaps we wouldn’t notice Chelsea and Gabi as Filipinas. Gabi looks like an Israelite hanging around Egypt, while Chelsea looks like a Eurasian girl lost in Tirana. Is it because they got too much knives on their look?

    Let’s see what’s in store for Roberta on the 25th. I have gut-feel that she’s gonna win. I just hope that she won’t be jinxed.

    Anyway, congratulations to the new Miss Globe, Anabel Payano.

    That’s all.

    • @AWL, in other words, too rehearsed that the all-important authenticity and spontaneity are lost, and too Caucasian-looking in a continent where heads turn over tanned skin and black hair .

      • Hindi pa ba authentic ang gown ni Gabby. Sa lakad nya, wala palang spontaneity.🤣😂. And how do you relate that to Maureen? Come on.hahah. Pati pa natural complexion ni Gab naging unfavorable na. Hindi kaya ikaw ang nasobrahan ng obserbasyon te.🤣😂🤣.

      • Yeah dear @scorg, authenticity matters. Well, I would understand that Gabi and Chelsea got undeniable amount of pressure considering the sash factor on their shoulder, hence, they had to work their butts off to master everything lest they forget to become authentic. That’s a moral lesson every pageant girls should not forget.

        That’s all.

    • Ana ,Gabbi’s mom is half american and as for Chelsea she is adopted but she knows her bio dad is fr arab descent. They did not go into knife perhaps some needle twerks that will subside (botox). I was told by an Egyptian that its better to send an oriental looking lady in intercontinental than someone who looks like the arab ethnicity. He finds Gabbi arab looking and not their type. I think Yana Aduana looks will do. Gabbi might be even done well in mgi ph. Angkol fave during 2021
      Its a wrong designation of crown. maybe Nicole B will be a hit in intercon since oriental looking

      • Thanks for the additional info on Gabi, and I agree that the girls (Gabi and Chelsea) got wrong pageant destinations. With their placements, perhaps, they are afraid to join yet another national pageant.

        That’s all.

  12. I guess the height and being fresh and young, have advantage of winning the crown this year.

    Miss Intercontinental 2022 Le Nguyen Bao Ngoc of Vietnam 6′ 1″ 21 years old.
    Miss Globe 2022 Anabel Payano 6′ 0″ 19 years old
    Miss Grand International 2022 is ———————.

  13. Her over confidence bordering on arrogance did her in. She was too rehearsed. Near perfection can work against your favor. No sparks, np connection and seemingly a spoiled child who never ever had worked her entire life

    • @Cool Brew, if I may add, a big no-no on pageants has been committed, as I saw in one video clip of preliminaries. Even if deep inside you the goal is for a B2B, you don’t verbalize that on stage. It’s a turn-off to the other contestants and to the judges.

  14. If you are from Asia, send an Asian-looking, not a Caucasian-looking rep. I noticed this from recent editions of Miss Supranational and Miss Globe. It’s understandable: in a continent of white-skinned blondes, a tanned dark-haired beauty is a head-turner.

    Miss Dominican Republic’s styling is very unCaucasian. The strategy seemingly worked to her favor.

    • I don’t think Chelsea meant to give off that kind of impression
      But yes , her walk and facial expressions were very off-putting

    • Tiba-tiba Indonesia sa Supra this year. Biruin mo, naunahan pa tayo’ng makapag-place ng BOTH Miss & Mister (nila) in the SAME year. Peru, Poland (host), & Venezuela have, too.

      Praeww… (Thailand). ❤

      Dominican Republic's Eonna Constanza (to whom friendly Pinoy supporters lent Sam B's Patrick Isorena BBP 2020 NatCos)… ❤

      And, of course, the BEAUTY THAT IS MUTYA DATUL, her Minsk win now approaching the 10-year mark (2013).

  15. Anung nangyari? Well ganun talaga may nanalo at natatalo. Sa palagay ko lang kasi over over yung confidence nya kaya alam mo na nakakainis yung yabang factor. Isa pang nag painit ng ulo
    Yung mga toxic na fans na mga eskwater yung ugali sa social media. Oo ikaw na nagbabasa na na apektuhan 😜

  16. Philippines’ strong Visayan features were very evident tonight
    So I am not surprised she did not make it past top 15

    Dapat talaga yung May cute face ang ipapadala . Someone who looks really good kapag nakapusod

  17. Dominican Republic stood out . She’s very cute
    However , Thailand gave the best answer and should have won . …. Though she is not very pretty .

  18. ang pangit ng make up ni the Philippines, manash ang mukha at ang tigas ng buhok, walang wow factor… kung yung make up nya katulad kay vietnam, at dom rep.. my opinion..

  19. maka sabi naman na joke joke itong mga pageant na to ang iba jan grabe naman porke hinde nanalo ang Philippines, pero last year nung panalo ang Pilipinas puring puri nyo mga pageants

    kung joke sainyo ang mga pageant na to sana from the start hinde nyo na sinubaybayan. yan kayo eh pag hinde faborable sa pinas ang result kung ano ano itatawag nyo sa pageant. marami pong nangyayari sa pageant na hinde natin alam yung mga nilalabas na pics ng mga kandidata natin syempre edited yan, no doubt maganda sila pero di lang yun an jina-judge

    for sure next year susundan nyo pa rin ang pageant na to and kung panalo Pinas wala kayo ma say kung hinde panalo ayun kung ano ano sasabihin kesyo joke kesyo cooking show.

    • Because Pinoys are toxic. Very toxic as a matter of fact. Very limited in thoughts.
      When someone wins, they’re all praising hallelujah. Proud to be this, proud to be that.
      “Proud to be Pinoy!” somehow is sickening and self-serving.
      You never hear “proud to be Mexican”, “proud to be Dominican”, “proud to be Vietnamese” when their candidate wins.

  20. The winner looks like a brown beauty in pictures. She can be mistaken as a Filipina. If that is any consolation…

  21. another joke joke joke pageant … two seconds after Dom Rep interview, the final results are already in … Mis UAE was robbed !

    somethin’ going on with these little pageants … two in a row ..

    • Only & simply means the organization already had someone in mind… It’s entirely their discretion, in the end. After all, it’s their pageant. Congratulations to winners!

      (Sometimes, these Finale rounds may just be formality.)

      I have to agree with a comment above. Our bet’s hair & make-up looked ‘not optimized’. I am not alone in this view… I got a ‘pummeled Nicole Cordovez’ vibe. The freshness, sans. Y?

      • I did not expect a b2b with Chelsea but I was sure she is going to be a semifinalist ,,, I just wonder if Maureen was in the know about the final interview just being a formality … if you look at Maureen’s face, it kind of says she knew what was going to happen after she asked Dom Rep the final question …

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