19 comments on “Alexandra Mae Rosales of the Philippines wins Miss Supermodel Worldwide 2022

  1. What is this pageant??? hihihihi

    Congratulations but not to demean anyone but they don’t bring honor and glory to our country. Yes they represent the “country” through the sash but these wins do not make the country any better or worse. hihihihi

  2. I understand that this is a “Supermodel” pageant. Pero sana naman may konting itsura din (they look terrible – pics) except for Alexandra.

    • She should try MUP and Bb … MEP also … MWP , maybe ? for Supra , not MW

      I could not find any background on her particularly if she has joined these previously …

      • @ Miss Queen Wannabe (below) can help us answer the question on her pageant stats.

      • Miss Southeast Asia Tourism Ambassadress 2015 – First Runner-up
        Binibining Pilipinas 2021 – unplaced
        Appointed Miss Mesoamerica International Philippines 2022 – resigned
        Appointed Miss Supermodel Worldwide Philippines 2022- winner

  3. Yung inaasahan nating manalo ay naligwak😱
    Yung SI mo inaasahan na manalo ay nanalo😆
    Ibigay sabihin ba nito na mananalo din c aling Roberta 😊
    Pero Sabi ni Uncle nawat na within 5 yrs ay may mananalo Ng Philippines sa kanyang Miss Grand.
    Malay natin, baka now ba😊 cherette

  4. Ang pinagkaitan ng korona noong sumali siya Bb. Pilipinas 2021 ngayon nagwagi. Harinaway sumali pa siya sa ibang patimpalak.

  5. Dom Rep, Vietnam and RP, the winners of the three recently concluded beauty tilts had one common denominator; spontaneity with a hint of vulnerability. That x factor that wins over the judges and audiences alike. The Pinay bets in MIC and MG were too calculated and overbaked that they forgot to connect with the judges and audiences. Para silang nagti tripping onstage lost in the orgasmic throes of their performances

    • I was really hoping for a b2b with Gabbi but the gown was overdone … I was kind of turned off … what was the point behind the winter cap ? it really was pointless …

      I hope Gabi learned some lesson … next challenge is MUP !

      • What’s the fascination with Gabbi?
        I find her beauty bland. Just fair skinned. Nothing exciting.

    • One of us labeled her Prelims Swim pasarela as ‘mayabang walk’. I’m no longer saying which of the two… And who among us said it. 😦

      Is this time for our bets to stop performing as though they were still at Nationals, bearing in mind that at the Internationals nowadays, (your) “spontaneity with a hint of vulnerability” is the (new) norm?

      I feel more for Gabby, considering she already had (Friendship) International experience (prior to Albania). Chelsea, my gosh it was even her first foreign trip! Bless that child. 🙂

      Vietnam is remarkable in that while they only have the Earth crown, to date, as BIG cred, they have begun to challenge Philippines’ presence~dominance in the ‘low tier’ contest category… DID YOU KNOW RHA (!) EVEN INVITED THAILAND (this February 2023)?

      (Latina-Thai, mayroon na. But, Latina-Viet, you know anyone? Pero kasi, Vietnam by virtue of being former French territory, malay natin ‘yun ang gawin nila’ng claim to join.)

    • @Cool Brew, you hit the nail on the head– “spontaneity with a hint of vulnerability”. In other words, authenticity! Sometimes I see some of our bets no longer an authentic human being walking like a duck on stage, nervously blabbering big words on a casual question. Everything looks rehearsed that the spontaneity is lost.

      • @scorg, exactly. I was kind of expecting the outcome based on what I saw during the pre pageant activities. They should have toned down a bit and gave the organizers what they wanted. But make no mistake, they were great reps only it wasn’t their luck, timing or destiny and that spontaneity

  6. India, pala, ‘to. 🙂

    So, nangangahulugan’g bukas na, ulit, sila for international contests… Any word if Mr. ALV might get back Multinational/Environment International? And there’s a Nationals tonight with an India-based franchise…


  7. Congratulations, Alexandra! From the reaction alone of the audience and people onstage, it seems she truly deserves her victory!

    On a side note, whoever put the sash on her must have missed the age-old memo that it should be cascading from the right shoulder. Oh well…

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