37 comments on “Le Nguyen Bao Ngoc of Vietnam wins Miss Intercontinental 2022

  1. Oh ayan na tsugi ang dalawa. I dont know because they hate the fans or they hate Philippines😂 they should just be humble and no social media over exposure char. Anyhow at least hindi bokya
    May nanalo sa Miss Supermodel Worldwide .

  2. Y’all need to realize that people outside Asia do have a fascination with Asian beauty so whether you liked Vietnam or not does not change the result

    Gabby did well. I don’t like the top 20 to 5 (per continent format). I’d rather have then pick a top 5 based on overall scores and have them assigned as continental queens but if there’s a continent missing in the top 5 then assign the highest girl that title. I think thats a fairer way to do it.

    • fascination with East and Southeast Asians lang po…di po covered buong Asia, and I thank you!!!

      • @4M- hiyang hiya naman kami lahat sayo beks sa pagiging righteous, mahinhin, at Maria Clarang approach mo dito sa blogsite na to. Boom!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Sana sa paglipas ng panahon eh baguhin ng MIC ang konsepto na isa lang dapat sa bawat continent ang kukuhanin sa top 5/6. Kung ganon kasi, eh di sana nagkaroon na lang separate pageant sa bawat continent. Hindi naman lahat ng candidates ay totoong kalaban ni Gab. Yung mga taga-Asia lang talaga ang kalaban niya. Kasi pag hindi siya nakapasok sa top5/6 from Asia eh di nga nga din. Kaya nga binago na yang format na yan ng MUO kasi nga hindi mo masasala mabuti kung sino talaga ang magagaling at naghanda kung per continent naman pala ang pilian.

  4. Ito yung tinotoken stan nung mga Celeste-antis just to spite on Celeste, right? hihi. Ano na kayo ngayon

  5. Dapat gandang Cindy Obeñita ang pinadala dito para back to back.
    Gabby is supposed to be Miss International.

    Well yan ang pangit sa Continental concept ng pageant na ito, dapat ikaw ang number 1 sa continent na yun, so kahit di magaling yung taga Europe, ipapasok pa rin nila sa Top 6.

    • But, here’s the thing.

      Had Gabby been given the Japan assignment, she would endure a full year before she can (finally) strut her stuff… Hinog na, kasi, siya RIGHT NOW. Baka mainip or maglaho ang momentum kung pahihintayin pa siya ng isa pa’ng taon.

      But, yeah! I can SO imagine those moves on the MI stage. 🙂

      Dapat, siguro, ‘to’ng Intercon, mag-continental Qualifiers! Each continent mounts its own, then the ‘best/top 5’ moves on to the ‘Inter-continental’ finale. 5 x 6 continents ba sila? = 30, which is tama lang… Pero, in that Finale, every-girl-for-herself na.

      • Who are we to say na mawawala ang momentum ni Gabby kung siya ang MIP2022 at need maghintay ng 1 year bago umawra sa contest?

      • Good morning.

        Bear in mind Gabby was part, also, of the Class of 2020~21 that endured the pandemic. That, alone, was one gigantic test of patience & ‘core strength’… Enough waiting. Mahirap ‘yun’g ganu’n na nakatengga resources mo/niyo. Now, at least, she can map out her next move.

      • Gabby should transition into becoming an international supermodel!!! ❤

  6. I just hope that when Miss Earth 2022 happens, they will separate themselves from all these other joke pageant productions and be high caliber, with exciting pace and excellent hosting, where the winners are all deserving like during the ME 2019 … no controversies

    • miss intercon production and stage was not good – one former queen even slipped and had to helped get up. miss earth was mocked for having an outdoor venue but intercon also did it and we could see the plantbox in the middle, at least miss earth at the cove it has an outdoor feel but it is an indoor venue

  7. Why???
    Dahil ba sa Nasabi nyang maraming chismosa sa Intercon during their Convo with Chelsea sa FB live. Minus talaga Yun sa opinion ko lng ha. Cherette lungs 😊
    Ingat ingat Kasi dahil minsan negative sa paningin Ng iba kahit Akala mo ay ok lang🙄😆😊

  8. Talaga ganyan ang buhay sa patimpalak mayluhaan at halakhak at may panalo at talo mahirap naman kung lahat ng kalahok ay gustong mag-uwi ng korona. Magpasalamat na lamang tayo kahit papaano napansin ng mga timang na hurado ang kagandahan ng ating pambato. Good luck Gabrielle Camille Celada Basiano on your next destination. Mabuhay Philippines!

  9. Well, interestingly enough, five years ago Vietnam edged us (Nelda Ibe) out, then our ASEAN neighbor was supposed to be host the next edition (which WE did, & won handily with Karen Gallman as our inaugural queen, with practically no complaints of a home town rigging)… Will they host now/this time/next year? 🙂

    Congrats to the winners.

    Gabby was SMOKING onstage. We are all lucky to have witnessed! ❤

    • Ups! Peke… 😦

      My apologies. I interchanged the two pageants.

      That being said, Vietnam now has a crown apiece of Intercontinental, Grand, & (The)Globe.

      (Mr. I, beke nemen gusto niyo po’ng… ‘Ay, nahihiya ako. Parang timang lang, lolz.)

    • (Musings continued…)

      ‘Kow! Ingat kayo, diyan, sa mga ‘INTERCHANGE’ na yan. Uhm! Isn’t that what was alleged to have happened at (BEEP!) dahil unfamiliar, daw, ‘yun’g nag-abot ng results envelope?…

      (‘Yun’g dalawa’ng pageant na may ‘Inter~’, napagpalit…. Hhhmmm….)

      Basta guys, ‘pag ‘interchange’, ang isipin niyo na lang, freeway…. 🙂

      KAILAN LABAN NI ‘UNICORN’? Mamaya’ng madali’ng araw? Or, Mon madali’ng araw?

  10. BPCI should involve itself more – like in the olden days – with their candidate’s pageant preparation. Don’t leave everything in the hands of their pageant camps and styling teams. This is a very classic example of styling gone wrong, left, right and in all other directions 🤦🏼‍♀️🥺 💐 At least, take charge of their social media, promoting their live pageant activities and rallying for votes.

  11. Gabrielle tried her best and that’s all she can do.

    BTW, only one country has ever won back-to-back Miss Intercontinental titles: Germany in 1992 and 1993.

      • Pa rin, ba? ‘Di ba, matagal na rin ‘to’ng Intercon? I heard it started as a teen pageant.

        Pero, sa ‘tin pa, rin, ang distinction of having sent the same bet to the pageant twice. 🙂

  12. Indeed she deserves to be in the top 6…. I believe they did not include her for she might win the final rounds. Obviously the organization is not ready yet for B2B win.
    Congrats 👏 👏 👏 Gabrielle for a job well done. Still proud of you.

  13. I watched the finals on the MIC YouTube account these wee hours. I saw how Gabi fought for the country. I thought she deserved to be in the Top 6, were it not for the per continent selection.

    After Gabi failed to make it in the final cut, I saw how the number of views dropped from 90k+ to 49k+. I also decided to stop watching the pageant, then slept.

    While I am happy that our neighboring country won the pageant, I am bleeding for Gabi because she really stood amongst her peers in Asia & Oceania. Perhaps, the org did not want a back-to-back victory and wanted to give the opportunity to others.

    Kunsabagay, hindi naman araw-araw Pasko sa ‘Pinas. We have to accept na lang and move on from there. We have to reserve our energy for Globe and Grand. I am feeling a victory of our rep in either pageant.

    Congratulations are still in order for Gabi for reaching that far. Thank you for making our country proud.

    That’s all.

  14. We should be thankful in victory and gracious in defeat. We can’t win all battles! That’s all – peace✌️

  15. Congratulations Gabby. We are so proud of you.
    We’ve seen how you did your best.

    • does the voice of Vietnam sound a bit man-ish ? … and so aggressive with the host who did such a lousy boring job … they forgot Brazil , So America continental queen , then interchanged photogenic and popularity … maybe it is not his fault but these pageants organizers are a joke !

      • The same reason why MIc has never achieved the status of being a major pageant.
        Sayang lang kasi 50 years old na pala tong pageant na to which is German owned.

  16. The national costume nakasira talaga sa trajectory…. Alam mo yun.. laban every day tapos yung last event before the finals which is the national costume nakaka underwhelm… She was being bashed right before the finals because of it… You were suppose to rally the Filipinos for support prior to the finals but instead you got the opposite… Mukhang tanga yung national costume… Tinipid… BIG MISTAKE!

  17. Grabe naman sila kay Gabby. She deserved that back-to-back win pa naman. Oh well. I guess ayaw nila talagang gumawa ng history ang Pilipinas.

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