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  1. She looks gorgeous but so as miss Chile in 2020 and more girls who clapped. I hope she’ll improve her communication skills and stop the crying this is not America’s got talent.

  2. If you were to award 3rd ru and 4th ru in the last few MU editions , who should get them?

    MU2015 3rd ru -France 4th ru -Australia
    MU2016 3rd ru -Philippines 4th ru -Thailand ( Kenya -sixth position)
    MU2017 3rd ru -Venezuela 4th ru -Thailand
    MU2018 3rd ru -Vietnam 4th ru -Puerto Rico
    MU2019 3rd ru -Colombia 4th ru -Thailand
    MU2020 (awarded)
    MU2021 3rd ru -Philippines 4th ru -Colombia

    • 2015 – As is
      2016 – ‘Ay, kahirap naman… I adore both 4M & Chaling, but I wonder what would ‘happen’ if Mary Agnes Were & Colombia (2nd RU, right?) were switched… Am cool with the Last 2 Standing of Haiti & France.
      2017 – Switch. Sayago was THE BOD, Poonertlarp was THE FACE.
      2018 – As is.
      2019 – Sino, nga, pala’ng ‘Colombia’ niya’ng batch ni Gazini? Parang kahit ipalit ko si France (also semifinalist at MW, right?) or si Fred Cull. OK na’ng 4th RU si Paweensuda, eniwey natalo naman siya ni Poonlertlarp sa MUT (logic being, to maintain their 2017 hierarchy).


      2021 – As is.

      This was FUN. Thanks for the mental workout! 🙂

  3. “Celeste Cortesi’s Best Bits”? The video clip presenting Paula Shugart’s Zoom interview portrays a nervous and emotional answer to a very casual question on cyberbullying– definitely an unflattering imagery for a rep of a traditional frontrunner country at MU. MUP has to work doubly hard on training her, or else she may hardly pass the initial interview where MU shortlists its semi-finalists.

    • @scorg. I think Celeste was not nervous. There is just something wrong with her voice. I think something is wrong with her vocal cords or muscles which help produce sound, or maybe nerve that supplies those muscles. EENT specialist could help her.

      • Noted, Dr. Serge! But seriously, it’s not so much the choking voice but her entire interview countenance– the eyes, the pouty smile (no thanks to the lip-fillers). And the content– more emotion-filled than intellectual insights which Indonesia injected every now and then.

  4. Celeste has such a very pretty face. If that’s the only criterion for a girl to clinch the MU crown, then Celeste can laughingly walk away with the crown on her head. But then, the QnA is such a round one can’t hardly pass. So, it’s up to Celeste how to outdo R’bonney on the QnA round.

    Hair style wise, Celeste looks good on Venezuelan curls in the top photo. However, Celeste’s beautiful face needs to be highlighted on the evening gown. Thus, hair up suits her best. She will definitely stand out on that, like Megan Young did whose pretty face came out on up-do hair.

    That’s all.

    • @AWL, I agree with you on your observation in the first paragraph. Big improvement has to be done on Celeste’s communication skills. If the posted interview clip with PS, Celeste looks nervous and emotional to light casual questions about common experiences on cyberbullying. Miss Indonesia, in contrast, projected confidence and intelligence. I’ve see the interviews with Miss Cambodia and she is a far better conversationalist that could give R’bonney a run for her money.

  5. Celeste is very pretty. I believe reaching the semifinals is just a walk in the park for her. Runner up is the most realistic placement for her, but then again, lady luck plays a significant role in choosing the winner, hence, Celeste could win it all.

  6. Hair up ? or hair down ? … I thought before that she definitely looks lovelier with hair down … I am now undecided !

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