5 comments on “Roberta Tamondong during the Swimsuit Competition of MGI2022

  1. Initially, I thought her pony looked off but then this is MGI- means that whatever galawan works for you and captures Nawat’s attention works. He loves entertainment and fun. She did well but I think the Peru did the the same “I see you” move turn. Good move on her to step on that hollow box platform but there was one candidate in front of her but she managed to do her poses.

    I am beginning to warm up to these outdoor swimsuit events as long as there’s a runway with no distracting guests. I think it showcased the beauty of the location and in a way promotes it to people watching. It makes me want to visit that resort.

    MGI is doing well from that standpoint. As long as Nawat profits from MGI then it is here to stay.

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