5 comments on “Roberta Tamondong during the Bali Agung Grand Show

  1. She danced like a pro. It takes a very good muscle control to execute the Balinese dance. Impressive.

  2. Very wise… I did not expect the positive reviews from our neghbors … I love it… WIN or LOSE, She has a big future beyond MGI… Goodluck Roberta!

  3. I like this direction Mr. I has taken, showcasing the culture of the host venue.

    MGT this year took fans to Northern Thailand, where live traditions distinct from that one further south that foreigners are familiar with & has become default Thai image (which is also rich in its own right, but the excursion further afield was balm to the usual visuals).

    When MGP takes off, I wonder if the roots of Clenci’s NatCos will be explored. Mindanao, host please! 🙂

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