9 comments on “Gabrielle Basiano for the Miss Intercontinental Swimsuit Presentation

  1. She did well and that’s why she’s best in SS. Penetrating the top 5 is already an achievement on a back-to-back year.

  2. Her looks is an advantage in Arabic speaking country like Egypt of continental Africa. Strong but beautiful ❤️. cherette lungs.

  3. That was flawless!!! I agree with other commenters, she deserves a bigger pageant – MU!

  4. Wow the rhythm of ger movements were perfect even without music… Snappy yet sassy… I love it.
    She’s too high-caliber for this small pageant.

    • Oh, my… I’ll have to take a look at that. Was it Lala Guedes 2.0?… ❤

      You saw THAT, towards the end of the video (above)? I presume it was taken from behind the Judging Panel's table. Lower left-hand corner of the screen, a lady judge smiled after Gab's performance, as though penning down a score reflective of her sentiments.

      It seems the competition has cracked the Philippines' strategy of sending BIG-caliber reps to smaller contests. 'Buti na lang we sent the polished elite warrior from Borongan!

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