17 comments on “Roberta Tamondong during the Sportswear Competition of MGI2022

  1. i guess roberta failed to execute the MGI rampa vibe which is generally playful and bordering on a theatrical performance. hers was fit for a Victoria’s Secret runway, upscale and with some attitude.

  2. I can’t wait to see Miss Philippines to wear the crown. I sincerely believe if Miss Philippines will win, all the war and conflict in every corner of the world will soon stop. Get the crown girl.

  3. using palantir the crystal ball to look into the future >

    MUP2024 to MU2024 Gabriela Basiano
    MUP2025 to MU2025 Roberta Tamondong

    Bb2024Int to MI2024 Ma. Katrina Llegado
    Bb2025Int to MI2025 Annabelle McDonnell

      • ‘Ay, salamat! You brought it up. 🙂

        BAKIT WALA’NG POST on Intercon, Admin? Apat na araw na lang. Isn’t there’s the 15th?

        Allow me to attempt an explanation for that fascination – a little something in her pageant past involving a camp, aka THE BACKSTORY. And if I’m on course, may have something to do with the seeming news black out on her.

      • the unknown or unclear right now is who will be dominating the MUP 2023 contest ?

        I am very excited to see who the frontrunners will be … If I have power , I will push for …. my personal choice

  4. I like the venue, very unique. Bukirin including the nipa hut reception which is very pinoy in the remote provinces. Napaka-refreshing to the eyes.
    Roberta did a strong performance! Keep it up girl.

    • Chelsea and Roberta , I’m not a fan of their overly confident walk . There is way to express your confidence without appearing cocky .. like how Liz Clency Sam B and Catriona dit it

      • ‘Ay, si Clenci na NAGLARO lang. Her bouncy Swim poolside pasarela was JOY & FUN. ❤
        You know what might be driving the two currently competing? YOUTHFUL EXUBERANCE. Bata pa 'to'ng dalawa'ng 'to. 'Di pa nila gamay preno nila. It's like when you learn to bike, off you go & in a fit of ecstasy you forget the brakes exist… 🙂

        In contrast, seasoned players like Sam B, Shane Tormes, & yes CG know when to rally & when to pull back. Another polished veteran is now in Egypt, the one you want to cross over to (beep!). See for yourself how she racks up against these two 'young 'uns'.

  5. In fairness, I loved Roberta’s performance. Yung quick head turn n’ya na mala-Catriona, for sure, namangha na naman ang Toytoy at Indogs n’yan. Sasabihin na naman nila, may paandar na naman sa pasarela ang mga Pinay. Then, gagayahin na naman nila. Lol.

    Anyways, I liked how MGI is going. Una, mahaba ang pageant duration nila. Pangalawa, madaming ganap na activities. Pagdating sa dalawang aspect na yan, nakakabog nila ang MU. Medyo sablay lang talaga ang coronation night nila dahil sa gimik ng org, like ‘yung triple tie during the time of Sam Bernardo.

    I also commend MGI dun sa rampahan nila sa rice field. I dunno why, but I found it refreshing, may kakaibang vibe na dala. Panalo talaga ‘yun.

    The Pinoy pageant fans may have manifested withdrawal of support from the pageant, but deep inside they are rallying behind Roberta. You go go, girl!

    That’s all.

  6. She did well. She should continue doing the work and having fun and I am sure she will bring us back at least in the semifinals.

    • ‘Yan, naman, ‘ata ang hinahanap ni Angkol & he has said as much – “… someone willing to (put in the necessary) work”. Well, guess who recently ALSO mentioned that they are after someone who has an awareness of the work involved with being a titlist…? 🙂

      Also, but I imagine all pageant organizations share the sentiment, someone who enjoys everything they’ve prepared for the ladies. Tulad na lang nito’ng Indonesian team that put together this 10th edition hosting, they surely worked their buttocks off to ensure no stone was literally & figuratively left unchecked.

      This was in Bali, right? The Sportswear runway challenge in the rice paddies is no surprise. After all, its rice terraces are as internationally iconic as (beep!). Congrats to them, bravo!

  7. The ladies (upper/first photo) point (up) to… kuyamis (the golden-yellow sport of coconut)!

    We know what Mr. I is telling us. 🙂

    A former (meaning, tapos na kontrata with organization of concern) MisOr queen MUST take a shot for the inaugural MGP crown. Admin, take a poll for possible candidates. Next year na ‘yun, harinawa. Dapat ngayon pa lang, the pertinent negotiations with the respective handlers/managers are undertaken.

    (I haven’t used ‘harinawa’ in ages! Iba, talaga, kamandag ni Tiyo ko’ng iniirog.)

  8. beauty of face , it’s a winner ! beauty of figure , it’s a winner !

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