5 comments on “Reina Ingrid Santamaria

  1. Ingrid is the total package.. She’s taĺl, classy and facialy, she would surely standout… I have a good feeling she’ll at least make the TOP 5…

    • Ang hulma niya, Manong, ‘yun’g Runner-up ng Colombia sa MI 2019 na Runner-up, din, sa RH nu’ng year ni Vera. A SOFT~DELICATE~MESMERIZING beauty na kahit buo’ng maghapon mo’ng titigan hindi ka mauumay. ❤

  2. When I first saw Ingrid Santamaria’s photo via Tito Norm’s blog, as she intended to join MUP then, I thought her innocent look could be molded into a fine beauty queen coz she is effortlessly pretty.

    I was happy that she came back after her first venture, with a sad ending, in pageantry. I can still vividly recall her rookie performance during MUP 2021. Her pasarela was weak and she acted too conscious at how she projects in front of the camera.

    Fast forward MWP 2022. Her performance was forgettable. Good thing, it was the weakest MWP batch ever, such that if you had got good looks albeit a little preparation, you’d win. And there she was, Sam got the Hispanoamericana under her belt, the pageant made for Latinas. So, basing on her photos above? I doubt she will get it to Top 10. First, I don’t feel the confidence. Second, her body isn’t Hispanoamericana-ish. She must have at least a little Winwyn to win.

    That’s all.

    • Naalala ko tuloy ‘yun’g ka-batch niya sa MUP (2021). Si MUP-‘M’-city (NCR), na marunong mag-Spanish kasi she worked as an English instructor to kids in Spain. 🙂

      Let’s see what Ingrid has in store. The BLISTERING pace set by the likes of Llegado, Marquez, & Vera can be numbing after a while. At some point, it may be refreshing to savor some quietness.

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