17 comments on “Chelsea Fernandez during the Miss Bikini event of The Miss Globe 2022

  1. The question was: “what is the worst job you ever had?”. She deflected the question by saying “to be honest… I have have never done a job in my life” but continued on that she had learned a lot from her “struggles” and “challenges”. A job is a specific task or role whether one earns monetary or psychological income from it or not. She has had “struggles and challenges”. So, she must have had a job. The intro “to be honest” blew everything. If I were a judge, I would have given her a lower score. No one can honestly say she has “never done a job in my life”. That claim raises eyebrows in Europe where the norm is, as @Cool Brew pointed out, to “start working at a young age”.

    • Im Q&A, the phrase “to be honest” to communicate sincerity boomerangs on the speaker if one does not understand the question fully well. It would have been safer to start with a clarificatory “if by a “job” you mean paid task or role, then…..”. It comes to mind one person very famous for this answering style– the late Miriam Santiago.

  2. Weak Q&A. Given that her question was just like a revision of Venus’ in MU, for sure napanood nya yun, she could have come up with a more impactful answer, ni-revise nya lang din yung sagot ni Venus na wala na ngang impact in the first place.

  3. I’m not a fan of her ‘mayabang’ walk
    It triggers a negative reaction

  4. I love everything about Chelsea except that her veneers bother me a bit. Her response in the Q & A was quite honest but spoken in a continent where people are expected to bstart working at a young age, it would have elicited the wrong reaction. She could have answered that at a young age, she already worked as a model and could have shared the challenges a model faces. Just my take. Peace

  5. Question: What is the worst job you ever had?

    Chelsea Fernandez: ” Well to be honest, I have never done job in my life but I would say that I have struggles a lot and I have face a lot of challenges in my life but I am just so proud to say that everything I had experiences in my life, I’ve learned from it and for sure, I will use everything that I’ve learned from it in my next endeavor or in my next journey. ”
    I wish Miss Globe Philippines answered that question in a different way.
    Mabuhay Philippines

  6. Ang score nya ay Tatlong 4 at tatlong 5.

    Sa group nila ang pinakamataas ay Japan na isang 4 at limang 5 na kaparehas ng Venezuela ang score.
    Belarus naman ay dalawang 4 at apat na 5.

    Ang tanong sa Philippines ay kung Ano ang worst job nya. Sabi nya, hindi nya pa daw naranasang magtrabaho. Ang meron sya ay struggles sa buhay pero kahit anumang challenges yun ay Ayos lang dahil natututo naman sya dun.
    Puro general statements lang. Walang specific, walang examples.

    • Hindi ba trabaho modeling? So technically nagkaroon na sya ng madaming mga trabaho….even if it’s freelance… Sana lumipat sya sa ibang camp na mas matetrain sya sa Q&A… sayang e ..

  7. Maganda sya no doubt, pero kulang sa appeal. Hinde malakas ang dating. Unlike Maureen last year, paglabas nya pa lang ng stage sobra lakas ng dating then ganda pa ng face.

  8. Ms Fernandez is on fire! High placement ang fearless forecast ko. She’s MU ready.

  9. I was expecting a 5pts average for Chelsea pero c Japan pa Ang nakaCinco😱
    Pero may chance c Chelsea to win👍

    • Dahil siguro sa QnA nya kaya mas mataas yung Japan.
      Pang 4th sya sa overall score dyan sa group nila.
      Venezuela 4.83
      Japan 4.83
      Belarus 4.67
      Philippines 4.5

  10. Good grief! The way they handled the scoring with the number on placards right in front of the delegates is so atrocious. Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Venezuela are total stand-outs.

  11. Mutya Crisostomo, is that you? But nevertheless, fierce kung fierce ang lola nyo. For the win!

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