3 comments on “The Kings of Mister International Philippines 2022

  1. No hate po pero I reviewed Mr Tanting’s Q&A and I don’t understand why he got a placement. I’m sure many will agree na mas maraming deserving na candidates.

    • And now that we’re in the subject, Mr. Blogger said he would reveal the identity of the Miss (Beaute Filipinas) “… soon”. As per our ‘pangungulit’, she has been given a solo feature in the blog (before).

      I hope it will be (beep!)… ‘Yun dati ko na’ng bini-bring-up. 🙂

      JET got a ‘placement’… You meant, why he was appointed? Top 10 (lang), po, siya. THE Top 5 is here & intact. But it’s 5 + 1 (JET) = 6 now.

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