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  1. If each candidate for Miss Planet International will be required to propose the creation of the Sustainable Development Goal #18 for later submission to the United Nations, I recommend for Comedianne Harlene Budol the creation of mechanisms to implement globally the Gross National Happiness Index pioneered by Bhutan. Measuring a country’s progress and success should not just be on economic terms (like GNP), but on increasing personal happiness and collective well-being. If she can do this, the comedianne-turned-beauty-queen can be the runaway winner.

  2. With her authenticity and superb showmanship, I believe she will place higher in the competetion

  3. The decision to have Uganda as venue for the 2nd edition of this pageant is ill-conceived and ill-timed. For an industry where majority of the leaders, handlers, fans, and other enthusiasts belong to the LGBT community, to hold it in a country that imposes draconian sentences on people accused of homosexual acts and homosexual propaganda, is a bit off. Homosexuality is illegal in 36 out of 54 Western Saharan countries but Uganda’s legislation ratchets up the punishments, propelled by social conservatism, religious fervor, domestic politicking, and anti-West posturing.

    Uganda is not only risky for the gay managers and handlers of the country reps, it has now become risky for everyone due to the current outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus. The world is still reeling from the fallout of the Covid 19 pandemic, and this particular pageant may yet loom ahead as a super spreader of another virus, the Sudan strain of Ebola, where no vaccine has yet been developed.

    • It’s paradoxical. Pageantry, the world’s most gay-friendly business, is holding it’s main event in what is considered the most gay-hostile country?

    • Another paradox. Miss Planet International pursues the fulfillment of the 17-point United Nations Sustainable Development Goals “in order to Save our Planet and Save Humanity”. This in the backdrop of global helplessness on Ebola and Covid 19 threats that seriously challenge SDG Platform #3 Good Health and Well Being, and in the context of pageantry’s silence on country legislations antithetical to SDG Platform #5 Gender Equality.

    • The ultimate paradox. A comedian is sent by a country that is very serious about beauty contests. That is the ultimate comedy punchline. If she wins, the crowning moment may yet be the ultimate LOL moment.

  4. Tito Norman, how come there is no feature post of 1st Asian Fil-Am Miss America Texas- Averie Bishop?

      • Good afternoon, Mister Blogger!

        Pending works. Baka, po, ay kahit paano’y pautay-utay ay maanggehan kami ng balita… 🙂

        1. THIS feature on the new MA.
        2. ID of MBIP.
        3. Who won AFDQ 2022, po?
        4. Material/content on ME. After ne’to’ng tatlo’ng BB’ng kasalukuyan’g nakasabak, aside from Miss Budol (here) baka isipin ng readers magiging tahimik na ulit… Nope-y.
        5. Material/content on HA. She who has now endured a wait longer than any of her sisters to (finally) compete, ‘ba, mabilis na lang ang mga araw kung tutuusin. Lumalamig na klima!

      • ‘Ay-yay-yay… ‘Di ko, po, kinaya. LOLZ, talk about a ‘curve’ball… Kung ano pa ‘yun’g ‘di ko tinanong, at tuluyan na’ng nakalimutan, ‘yun pa ‘yun’g may update. 🙂

        And going by last year’s schedule, Ms. M should be the org’s ‘last to compete’ for 2022, ta’s 2023 na. My greetings to Ms. B, #24 in the Nationals & Best in Talent in Poland! ❤

        Unless maaga ang MW this time… If they show before January, NN no longer goes to MU…?

        (Btw, may Miss Talent Show din, po, sa Albania, no? We look forward to our bet's entry!)

  5. @scorg: kaya Pala di puede c ana sa Uganda dahil homophobic Sila hihihihihi 😊
    JawsKuh, baka ebola virus Ang maiuwi ni budol at Hindi Ang crown 👑 hihihihihi cherette cherette lungs😊

  6. because of the ebola outbreak , best to rethink if the pageant should be postponed …

  7. There is currently an outbreak of Ebola Virus in Uganda, side by side with Covid 19. I hope the pageant activities will not be disrupted.

  8. I am positive that she will surpass the achievement of Miss Planet International Philippines 2019 Krizia Nicole Apao Vargas. Miss Vargas was Fourth Runner-up at Miss Planet International 2019. I can see Miss Herlene Nicole Policarpio Budol a graduate of prestigious College of Saint John Paul II Arts and Science, will be a great spokeperson, ambassador, representative for the advocacy and mission of Miss Planet International. Mabuhay Philippines

  9. I recommend ana to be an interpreter of Nicole hihihihihi.
    Aunt N. Yung mga alingasngas Ng mga losers sa Miss USA, Anong pong masasavi nyo😊

    • Gusto ko sana maging interpreter ni Nicole, bhe. Kaya lang ayaw ko sa Uganda ang destination. I kennat! Hihi!

      That’s all.

      • @AWL, Uganda is not a safe destination for LGBT partisans due to the pervasive homophobia in the country. Also, there is an outbreak there of Ebola Virus, aside from the yet lingering Covid 19 pandemic.

      • Kaya nga, dear. Nakakatakot naman pumunta dun. Ingat sa Team Budol.

        That’s all.

    • Si Herlene na ba yan? My gosh, ang ganda na nya! Sana sumali ulit sya sa BbP. Good luck Herlene, I am sure you will have a higher placement if not the winner.

  10. Tito Norms! I wish you added the circulated advertisement coming from Nicole Budol’s camp that they are looking for an interpreter who they will be bringing to Uganda, all expenses paid and with a compensation of course, so your commenters here would have the opportunity to send their resumé and get the chance to join the team in Uganda once chosen.

    Flor Tula should try. 😘

    That’s all.

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