24 comments on “R’Bonney Gabriel of Texas wins Miss USA 2022

  1. Now that there will be two Filipina halfies in the coming MU edition, the hordes of Filipino pageant fans will be torn between two beautiful contenders. Personally, my support goes to the one whose inner beauty radiates Filipino values more, eloquently manifested in action and in words.

  2. I love this fil-am girl. Very pretty, articulate and proud of her Filipino roots – her father went to the US on a PhD scholarship.

  3. Congratulations, R’Bonney Gabriel ! Love her quiet yet confident aura onstage ❤💙💛. She has the gift of gab and her pasarela was simply stunning. She may not be that tall but her stage presence is undeniable. Way to go 👑💄💍👠🛍

  4. That was also my impression at first, but they didn’t walkout they went to the othe side as if there were instructed and the show ended, so jaretwrightlover let us not assume unless we have conclusive details, or isa kang marites…

    • well may chance po siya kung ang final Q&A is “How close are you to your mother?”.

  5. Mukhang Climate Change nga talaga ang theme this year ng MU… Celeste should expect all questions related to sustainability… It could possibly be a repeat of 2012 TOP 3:


    • Naisip ko tuloy si Thailand. She grew up not incredibly well-off & got used (pre-loved) toys…

      (No malice on the ladies of your presumptive Top 3. ‘Kow! ‘Pag nagkatotoo ‘yan…)

      Another way to address climate change is to up-cycle or re-purpose, because to manufacture (brand) new goods adds greenhouse gas to the atmosphere one way or another. So, by needing less & making good with what we already have, that’s helping out as well.

      As for ‘heavenly’, it may be worth revisiting her ‘… juice of the drainage pipes dumped straight unto the sea water (to wit)’, pertaining to the less than ideal manner in which sewage was dealt with at a popular local beach before measures were taken to clean up. Most natural places (the sea included) have ways of sequestering or immobilizing carbon so that it doesn’t immediately end up in (greenhouse) gas form. By preserving wild places (in that case, not polluting it), we take advantage of the planet’s embedded capacity to mitigate… (Next month na, ‘ata, Earth! But their 2022 thrust is animal love.).

  6. It would be quite a sight to behold in Miss Universe if the 2 candidates left standing at the end vying for the crown were 2 Filipinas — Celeste and R’Bonney.


    • Paano mahahati? Anong klaseng pagiisip yan? Boto for President ba yan. Let us support both, and let the judges do their work. At the end of the day it’s fate. Masyado ka paranoid and attachment. It is a show. a contest not an election.

  8. To be honest, it’s not the gift of gab that I’m more impressed but her quiet and humble confidence plus her sustainable fashion passion. I think that’s something MUO can sell during get reign. I can already see her given a chance to create something for the fashion weeks.

    • Agree, it is the likeability factor, during the interview, i can sense she is shining. Finally, Miss USA made it right, after a slew of black beauties finally something fresh.

    • Agree. Miss USA is pretty, articulate, confident and relatable. She has the biggest chance of winning the Miss U Crown.

  9. Miss USA just crowned a top contender for MU 2022. She fits into the template of a spokesperson who can sell the MU vision to new equity investors, corporate sponsors, institutional partners, and non-traditional pageantry markets. Her gift of gab easily connects with the world’s biggest market to-date, the Millenials and GenZ. Most importantly, her inner beauty screams Filipino!

    • Alam mo, in hindsight kung ‘di lang na-pandemya si Zozibini Tunzi, tiba-tiba rin MUO sa kanya. 🙂

      Even today, if MUPO could arrange for her to visit the country in any capacity, I’m sure marami pa rin’g sasalubong sa kanya, not the least the inaugural MUP Class (of 2020) who only got to speak with her virtually. Collaborations between ND’s & country franchisees can contribute to burnishing the universal brand, it’s curious why it’s not done a lot… Masyado ba talaga’ng cutthroat ang competition? 😦

      (And that’s why our country’s offer to help MU-Cambodia & provide her with some publicity on the side is laudable! Yeah, maybe we choose whom to associate with, but still it would be nice to see more such initiatives.)

      • @Grand Port, on collaboration between MU country franchisees and involving MU notables like Zozibini to bolster the MU brand across the universe: that’s a brilliant idea that can help shore up its ebbing financial liquidity. I hope MUO is listening. And it’s not only Zozibini. Cat, Pia, Iris and the other recent queens can be formidable online and in-person advocates and influencers to any brand-building and equity-raising program that MU can launch.

  10. Congratulations and good luck R’Bonney in Miss Universe 2022. Kudos also to Miss New Mexico for reaching top 12.

  11. Miss Texas America 2022 is also a Filipina. She’ll compete for the Miss America title on December 15th.

  12. Wow. Congratulations 🎉👏👏👏
    She’s very proud of her Filipino roots.
    Very authentic and confidently proud to share whatever help she can contribute to the whole universe 😊 cherette.

    • Exactly that’s what I loved about her, in a country of multi cultural roots she played her card very well. Infairness i saw her interview she talked about her travels her in the PHilippines and she speaks tagalog. Her dad made a good job for making sure she is well grounded and making sure that Filipino culture reign in her heart too.

  13. I was surprised by the reaction of the candidates in the background … they did not run to congratulate the winner , something’s going on there …

    So, 99.9% certain, Miss USA will be a semifinalist regardless of how many candidates there will be at MU2022 … she is going to be top guaranteed spot

    • That was also my impression at first, but they didn’t walkout they went to the othe side as if there were instructed and the show ended, so jaretwrightlover let us not assume unless we have conclusive details, or isa kang marites…again ba ang dami nating mga baklang ganyan mag isip, so affected, let us think critically naman,

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