8 comments on “Off she goes to Bali!

  1. Her outfits seem to show her hipbones all the time. Tacky and hideous. What gives?

  2. I hope she is the one who will break the cursed GI crown …

    I really like her face , only thing missing is a glamorous jawline

    The new Miss USA 2022 has an almost perfect 99.9% jawline , it is so attractive on her … it reminds me of the jawline of Lizbeth de Padua , MUP 1976 …

  3. Just give your best Roberta…
    I have a good feeling that your ancestors have conspired with the universe to create something amazing for you… You are destined for greatness… and not even Nawat could defy that. Just focus on giving your all while enjoying the journey.. Your fate would soon be revealed.

  4. Sayang to, sa lahat ng BBP queens pa naman sa kanya ako pinaka nalalakasan (beauty wise) dogshow pageant pa napuntahan

  5. Beautiful Filipina beauty.
    Maybe Nawat will be happy with her. But I doubt it. He takes things too personally with pagpag fans.

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