7 comments on “Off to Albania, Chelsea Fernandez is!

  1. very awesome make up. fresh and clean. my fearles prediction is she will make it sa Top 5.

  2. So pretty to be ignored by the organizer and judges.☺. Praying for a high placement, hoping for a b2b victory.🙏.

    Good luck and God bless Chelsea!

  3. Maybe Albanians will like her and push her to victory , very best of luck ! & wishing you big results from your best efforts to bring home that b2b crown

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  5. Oh wow.. I love it… looks minimal from afar but impactfull upclose.. Great choice of ensemble! Very Wise… Our rep is Super high caliber for this pageant… Back to Back win is possible!

  6. ‘Ay, GANDA ng details ng top. ❤

    Is it embroidered? Laser print? The most delicate beading? PLEASE provide high res fotos!

    Ang FRESH ni Chelsea. Oh, my gas. Now, we see why some consider her a unicorn. 🙂

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