10 comments on “Miss Intercontinental and Miss Globe updates

  1. My fearless prediction:
    Fernandez- Miss Globe 2022
    Tamondong: MGI 2022
    Jensen : Miss Intercontinental 2022
    Basiano- runner up

    • Nagulat ako. Akala ko, lalaban ulit si Kris Janson… Nagsabay pa sila ni Gabby.

  2. Did you see the Grand Vietnam introduction of candidates recently? I was laughing out loud but at the same time, I feel sad for the ladies that had to do it for the sake of entertainment

    • Did you see their NatCos Show? W-O-W. S-L-A-Y. ❤

      My fave was the ao dai with sleeves exaggerated to resemble wings dragged, like some dragon exhausted after days of non-stop flight. 🙂

      I look forward, now, to the anticipated stand-alone Philippines Nationals with even more excitement. Let's see how our Introductions will turn out…

  3. An mga guihuhusayi, Gabby and Chelsea, wishing and praying you all the best.🙂🙏. Not an easy peat to give a b2b victory, but for sure possible. Your discipline and attractive personality will help you both meet your goals. Faith and focus lang po.

    Mag-upay nala kamu nga duha mga mana.🙂. We’re supporting you all the way…

  4. Another unpopular post of mine, but some questions are begging to be asked:

    1) What happened to the face of Maureen Montagne ? I am sorry, the face has changed a lot, and not in a good way. Nag pa banat ba sya ng mukha (at her young age) and her eyes became oriental looking?

    2) Gabi Basiano looks like a nice girl but I have been saying this: Her face is sinister looking. Almost joker-like. Para syang may hawak na itak sa likod habang papa lapit sa yo. Lol.

    And yung katabi nya na Miss Thailand, parang bibe and fez. Sorry.

    Chelsea looks pretty. Let’s see.

    And while Roberta also looks pretty, I am not sure if that is the look the MGI is looking for. The past winners look “sassy, va-va-vooms”. Roberta’s branding is pa cool, ice queen, kulang sa landi.

    World Peace.

    • Blame Toledo medical for Maureen’s facial enhancements or care…hihihi

      As for Gabby- her face is “matapang” but I get the joker reference. I don’t blame her for that.

      Roberta needs bring her youth as her weapon in the competition. Enough of the sultry vibe. Honey, you’re only 19, so act your age hihihihih. She’s beautiful to be ignored by Nawat. Hoping for more sassy and bubbly personality in her future shoots.

      • patingin ng mukha mo kami naman ang mag cocoment… pikaw pa ang pressured sa lagay na yan ha… tingnan ko nga mother sitang

  5. I can see Miss Intercontinental Thailand 2022 have possibility to win the crown. I am excited to see what this Thai -Danish beauty will bring to the pageant. Most Asian countries are now represented by beautiful women. I think it is about time for our neighboring Asian countries to bring home the crown. Good luck ladies.

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