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      • Good Friday, Mr. Blogger!

        Tama, po, ba? Bukas, na, Finale nu’ng hino-host natin?… ‘Di ko na lang sasabihin kung ano ‘yun at magagalit na, naman, sa ‘kin si Admin. Baka i-block ulit ako du’n sa kabila…

        Wala po ba kayo’ng Final Pick? 🙂

        (Hindi na po kayo natuloy ng Albania on that invite to judge… Oh, well. You can always go there for a holiday.)

  1. After Intercont , I am sure she will have all the confidence to compete in MUP later …

    At this point, there are 80 delegates to MU2022 , but I hope it rises to 85

    MU2019 90 delegates (prior to pandemic)
    MU2020 75 delegates
    MU2021 80 delegates

    By the time of MU23 , I hope it goes up to the 90+ ladies , even to 100 for the first time

    • So far , MU 2017 and MU2018 with 92 and 94 girls respectively have the highest …

      • To get to 85 , I am waiting for Argentina , Sweden , Czech , Ireland , and believe it or not France … no official French delegate as of yet

  2. B2B is definitely a hard peat but I believe she can do it. It’ll be an achievement to a a B2B record on a pageant not based in PH

    • Vague… Which, exactly, did you mean?

      1. Patraporn Wang. Then, crossed over to MUT. Or,

      2. You actually meant India – Lara Dutta. Kung ganu’n, hindi Thailand. 🙂

  3. Oh, bakit naging partisan na naman ang reactions ng iba? I didn’t even specify a president or regime because all the recent regimes naman up to BBM ay pareparehong external-resources driven ang economic approach.

    Come to think of it something is seriously wrong with the Filipinos. It’s impossible to have a decent, non-partisan, well-meant conversation. Di ba pwedeng nag-usap just as ordinary well-intent critical citizens without bringing political biases on the table? Who do we really love and care for: our country or our political idols?

    • Obviously for political idols, like kay nanay syempre.🤣. Otherwise, nobody would be ranting political issues here in this pageant blog.

      Let’s support Gabby! Who knows, she has everything for the historical back-to-back.

      • @ AJ your putting words into my mouth. I DID NOT say that. It appears na ikaw ang walang respeto sa pageant updates, see almost everyone is taking and supporting for Gabby in this page, ikaw nasa ibang planeta pinagsasasabi mo. Can’t you just have some decency to appreciate the blogger’s effort at pag-usapan natin dito ang mga dapat pag-usapan.hahah. wait until Philippine or World economy updates is posted here. Come on, you know what I mean, huwag ka lang magpalusot.😅🤣.

      • * you’re putting…
        ** talking and supporting…

        Vaka pati yan fansinin ng socio-political genius while we’re excited about Gabby’s fight forda b2b victory.😁.

        Aja Mana Gabby. Kaya mo ito hin duro nga mapirdi im mga katugbang. Kamahusay mo la hin duro!😁🎉

    • Sabihin mo Yan sa paEpal, manlilinlang na luz Valdez sa nakaraang presidential election. Tigilan na Nya Ang paninira dahil walang magandang maidudulot sa kanyang ambisyon na maging pulpol na politiko😆lol
      Sabi nga sa bayoti pageant, fake people has no chances to win. Be authentic, confident with a good heart♥️ ganern. Cherette lungs 🫁😊

  4. Off Topic: Miss Universe Bahrain Khalifa Evlin has just arrived here in the Philippines to undergo pageant training. Ang ganda n’ya, sobra! Kahit hindi pageant powerhouse o walang sash factor ang Bahrain, kung isasapuso n’ya ang training, makakapasok s’ya sa semis at possible Top 5 ang highest placement n’ya.

    That’s all.

    • The political economy of beauty pageants points to having a winner from relatively liberal progressive economies of the world, especially the non-traditional pageantry markets in the oil-rich financial centers in the mid East. A winner from Bahrain or UAE would be an investment marketing coup in terms of finding new equity for the rumoured economically-strapped MUO. But for this to happen, I think MU has to temper down its beauty ideology and pageantry practices to retrofit the beauty concept of relatively conservative cultures.

      • Ang MMA, ba, malakas sa “… oil-rich financial centers in the (Middle) East”? If so, Endeavor should have no problem; an opportunity is staring in the face!

        (Unless, the previously-mentioned/discussed ownership of the company by folks who trace origins to Israel… If it ever gets THAT “… conservative”. But now that @AnaWL has made the case, I’ve begun to somehow warm to the idea of making such a win an opportunity to present a modern~vibrant~dynamic image of the Middle East over the old-fashioned notions. It should be possible to work something out! Because if you advocate for inclusion – marital status, height, even gender-flexibility if such a term can be considered – then you must be open-minded enough, too, to accommodate cultural practices. ‘Kosher’, ‘hal-al’, I hope i offend no one by rattling off like this. Mapag-uusapan!)

      • @GrandPort, I think for pageantry to survive in today’s global economy, its concept of beauty has to evolve. Physical beauty is culture-based, so no one can rightfully claim one rep is more beautiful than the other. While core values are universal, the outward manifestations of this inner beauty are pretty much culturally-defined, too. It appears that intellect is the only universal dimension that the global pageant community can agree on. Seemingly, branding and rebranding attempts by pageant organizations do not interest globally renowned sponsors, nor excite the First World markets. So quo vadis pageantry? What development path will it tread to attract equity investors that will assure its financial survival?

      • I think that sounds a little fair to consider, @Scorg. It looks advantageous for MUO to have candidates from relatively open middle-eastern nations in their pageantry. It could be a jumpstart to get their interest in pageantry, which, in the long run, might convert to a potential revenue that would salvage its downtrend stakes. However, it would be absurd for MUO to overhaul its long practice only to blend in with the right-wingers. That’s a kiss of death, dahlin’.

        That’s all.

      • @AWL, you’re absolutely correct. In any business, a radical change in practices or processes is, as you say, “a kiss of death”. That’s why I used the operative word “evolve”. Pageantry can gradually introduce changes leading to a desired new vision or beauty paradigm. For instance, the scrapping of SS segment and introduction of Head-to-Head challenge by MW was an obvious move to sharpen their “beauty with a purpose” message to donors and sponsors, charity beneficiaries, as well as to their global followings of diverse cultures. For MU, what could it do to get the relatively conservative markets interested in its advocacy through beauty? Sadly, the business trade-off appears to be corporate survival vs more inclusiveness with respect to non-Western cultural practices and norms.

    • Obviously may link Ang Miss Bahrain sa Philippines because the ND is Filipino na naunsyami Ang Plano nila ni Maggie Wilson consunji(Bongga at may consunji syang last name 😊).
      Congratulations din Kay Amato couture dahil may additional income cya😀
      Miss Bahrain is beautiful, educated, confident with a good heart. Hanggang SF lang sya or Thank you girl unless maipakita Nya from start to finish Ng MU2022 events na karapatdapat talagang cya Ang MU2022.
      It’s not all about the pasarela and gown. Dapat maipakita Nya na very inspiring cya and a woman with substance 🙂
      Cherette cherette lungs 🫁

      • Sir, ang cute, lungs, niya’ng ‘lung’ emoji niyo. ❤

        Ako, 'yan. Hanggan'g papuso-puso lang ang kaya ng akin'g payak na keyboard. 😦

        Yeah, I wanted to ask, bakit nga ba naudlot 'yun'g MU-UAE? So now the same group is confined to Bahrain…?…

    • not a fan of bahrain. parisian hilton, or amalian clooney, take your pick,

  5. Egypt has been hosting this beauty pageant for a number of years now and yet they stopped sending delegates to MU … I hope they return to MU2022

    I cannot wait to see a Cinderella crown a Beauty Belle ( without a beast ) … short for Gabriela !

  6. My guts tell me she will place high if back to back is not destined. Hope she joins MUP next year.

  7. Buti pa ang pageant sector ng pinas may pag value sa agriculture. Ang gobyerno puro lip service. Ang laging pinopromote ng gobyerno ang pag eexport ng manpower ng bansa. Ang role na ng gobyerno ngayon parang pimp.

    I hope time will come na ang presidente natin nanghihikayat sa ibang bansa na bilhin ang mga produkto natin, instead na ipalipin ang mga kababayan natin. Yung time na masaya ang mga pinoy magtrabaho sa bansa natin at kung magtrabaho man sa ibang bansa ay dahil gusto at hindi napipilitan, at wala nang mga nanay, ate, tiya o lola na kasambahay ng mga dayuhan lalo na sa middle east. Yang presidente na ganyan ang perspective, yan ang irerespeto ko, yan ang tunay na makapilipino.

    • One of the most sensible comments I spotted here. To think that this is a pageant section, yet AJ was able to transition smoothly to a very timely and relevant piece of social issues nowadays. Agriculture is the most vulnerable sector in our society and they need more support because they put food on our table. Instead of resorting to importation of agri products, we should create ways to help our farmers to produce and earn more. If farmers have had enough to provide for their families, their wives or children won’t go abroad to serve as household helpers, etc. Most of the OFWs usually have family issues back home–their partners have turned promiscuous, their children are raped or resort to drugs, and a lot more. This country will go downhill because the family is no longer built with strong foundation.

      That’s all.

      • ‘Ay, sige. Patulan ko kayo ni @aj & anyway mukha naman ‘ata’ng AGRICULTURE ang advocacy ni Gabrielle going into MIntercon… Bless you, Missy! 🙂 ❤

        It may help to keep in mind that the country has a few NATURAL factors unfavorable towards achieving a MEGA-AGRICULTURE. It has always been this way & really only a MASSIVE human intervention can mitigate~offset… It won't matter which Administration, or who sits in the Palace. In the end, we lost out to neighboring countries who could produce the same crops/food commodities much more efficiently & cheaply. Sad (for us), but true.

        For one, the recent hurricane is proof. Almost annually, the weather takes a toll on us! 😦

        Second, our arable land is paltry compared to, for example, the extensive river basins of Indochina or India.

        Third, our archipelago setting undoubtedly makes transport a challenge. Our neighbor down south is the same, but they compensate by sheer VOLUME. 'Yan, they produce even more coffee than those countries where the bean (plant) originated! That being said, they, too, have problems when it comes to bringing the produce to the (urban) grocers, on the same issues that plague us.

        (Along the way, perhaps our leaders realized that LABOR was one thing we could STILL be competitive at… And so the circle of life.)

      • Thank you Ana. Oh, bakit naging partisan na naman ang reactions ng iba? I didn’t even specify a president or regime because all the recent regimes naman up to BBM ay pareparehong external-resources driven ang economic approach.

        Come to think of it something is seriously wrong with the Filipinos. It’s impossible to have a decent, non-partisan, well-meant conversation.

        Di ba pwedeng nag-usap just as ordinary well-intent critical citizens without bringing political biases on the table? Who do we really love and care for: our country or our political idols?

      • @WillYam, do you think the Filipinos are still worth dying or fighting for? They have become cruel and very political. They care more for their political leaning than their country.


      • @WillYam- Dudong, ikaw ba yan? Ano pa kayang mga pseudo names ang gamit mo at ng iba? I wonder…charizzz

  8. Her team is ballsy! Love the artistic direction and execution they are taking. She of course has no issues wearing anything.

  9. The best Intercotinental rep from the Philippines ever !
    Win or lose , she should join MUP . Would be nice to have someone like her as our MU rep

    • Sir, ‘yun po’ng isa’ng nag-Rate down, either a Gallman or Obenita fan… ‘Yun lang. 🙂

      (Kasi, baka isipin niyo, “who on earth would rate me down… My comment was perfectly fine”. ‘Di po ako, ‘ah! Bati tayo.)

      • Admin, UPDATE por favor… Nakalapag na naman, siguro, sa Egypt si Gabby… 🙂

        Ta’s, ‘di ba one day apart lang ang Finale ng Intercon at Globe, 15 & 16 Oct respectively?

        Any movement on the part of Chelsea? Be quick! We are impatient. Tia. ❤

      • Good mornin’, Admin.

        May paramdam, na, sa kabila’ng lote. ‘…. Bolivia’, daw.

        We all know what THAT means. 🙂

        May advise na! Time to imbibe Latin groove…

  10. I love the idea behind this ensemble…
    The fashion choices would surely be an uphill climb from here… Goodluck!

  11. Fashion po yan with a touch of magsasaka outfit. Kung todo magsasaka ang gusto mo dapat balot na balot, mahaba yung skirt and naka bakya lang at siguro may dalang bayong, etc.

  12. Appreciate the tribute to our farmers pero sana di na lang labas ang cleavage kasi di naman ganyan ang mga magsasaka natin.

    Anyway good luck!

    • Ikaw talaga Baby Nica, napansin mo pa yung cleavage eh alam mo naman na pageant attire yan. Sana idinamay mo na rin yung mga magsasaka natin ay di rin naka-heels tapos walang rin sash at Phil. flag! 🤣🤣🤣 Peace!

      • At idinagdag mo na rin sana ang hindi paggamit ng mamahaling kwintas at nakalambitin na hikaw…. at pag nakasuot ng ganyan, sa sakahan ang punta, hindi airport….😅😅😅
        Natuwa lang akong dugtungan….✌️✌️✌️

    • Mema kasi yang si Nica para lang maging relevant sa blog na to…pagpalain ka Nica. charizzz

    • Same lang yan sa pag gamit mo ng “Baby” sa name mo. Siguradong hindi ka naman na baby. Gets? 🤣


  14. I sooo love the outfit. It’s a tad minimalist yet fashionable. Gabby makes every pageant enthusiast commit to watch her journey to the back-to-back triumph of getting the Miss Intercontinental crown. You go, girl!

    That’s all.

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