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  1. who is Miss Universe New Zealand 2022 ? … survey says , V V V

    can we have V V V as New Zealand delegate for MU22 ? New Zealand has not joined MU for awhile now …

    • Wow! VVV won over RussellF & MackeyD?! 🙂

      Kung sa bagay, may credential, having placed strongly at a MU Nationals… Gow!

  2. Congratulations for winning the family feud.
    Sayang Yung jackpot round Aunt N 😊
    Sana binisobiso nyo c DD sablay higpit Ng yakap. Di na makaarte Yun. Hihihihi😆

  3. JawsKuh mga vacklah,
    Thai na daw Ang may-ari Ng Miss universe pageant. Tatlo Ang chismax na puedeng may-ari. 1. Isang Lola na CEO Ng Thai insurance company. 2. Isang former ND Ng MUThailand na owner Ng TV company. 3. Yung transgender na jowa ni former jowa ni Meowww(Sila fa vah😊).
    Nakuh, Lolo CS. Sabi ko nman sa yo na bilhin mo na Ang MU at Kunin mong partner Ang Telemundo as marketing partner sa North and South America para Bongga at di ka malulugi.

    Kung Thai Ang maging may-ari, waley na Ang mga vacklang mababaho sa blog ni Aunt N😜
    Kahit Anong sigaw nila to support Filifins candidate ay waley. Parang kakampinks lang na sa inidoro Ang punta hihihihi.
    Cherette lungs😆

    • Magkano daw hinihingi ng Endeavor? 20M USD, no? That’s (just) ~1.2B Php at the current exchange rate… 1.2B Php is PEANUTS for our mega-business folk! Parang annual budget lang ‘yan ng isa’ng Department/Ministry or HUCC. Or a grant for an infrastructure program/project. I’m surprised na parang wala’ng kakagat na Pino/ay. Kung ‘yun lang, we should be able to afford…

      I think the Thais do trump us on TECHNICAL PROWESS & FACILITIES. My gas, internet quality na lang… If, indeed, talks with our neighbor are making progress, it may simply be that they are physically much better-equipped & can pull it off more profitably. And that’s not their fault.

      In any case, ang pinakamahalaga ay maitawid ang MU at what is being made to look, at least on social media, as a ‘rough patch’ of its existence. Let’s wish for positive developments! This ‘chapter’ (if it can be called that) does NOT have to be the end. 🙂

  4. Based on the previous post about Family Feud, I had a wild guess that the bloggers’ team would win the head to head round, forward to the jackpot round but would fail to pocket the additional prize. Still congratulations to your team. You seemed to enjoy the whole experience!

  5. Congratulations to the pageant bloggers especially to you Norman, being the team captain, for winning the game. I enjoyed watching the game show.

  6. I hope one of the survey questions is “who do you think will win MU2022 ?”

    Survey says …. it is very hard to predict winner for 2022 … even Miss Kyrgyzstan looks very promising and kind of good with her pasarela … it’s rumble in the orleans jungle !

    • Pero ang survey, ‘ata, nila ay sa mga Pinoy (lang). And perhaps, the ‘(wo)man-on-the-street’ usually. Now it would be DELIGHTFUL, INDEED, if pageantry were so pervasive in the national consciousness that regular folks would not hesitate choosing ‘not-the-usual’ sashes. I imagine standard replies would be ‘Philippines’, ‘USA’,… (—)…?… You see? 🙂

      I recall when Fedorova Oksana won, people made much of the fact she was a cop. Maybe MU needs that back – the ‘girl-doing-a-guy’s-job’ type. But that’s JUST for Filipinos, I imagine. Of course, our fellow readers who are widely traveled & of experience more diverse would think it’s not such a huge deal, especially now.

      A much more meaningful question might be, ‘sino ang paborito mo’ng Miss Philippines (?)’. I think we can agree only 1 in 100 will pick a non-MU/MUP lady. THAT’s how deeply ingrained ‘MU’ is in us. Some of us are even puzzled what the other big brands are for!

      (That being said, those other ‘brands’ should take it as a challenge to be more known. Because that’s part of taking the National franchise. It’s your task to promote/market it.)

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