7 comments on “Ready for the Globe, Chelsea Fernandez is

      • KF hasn’t won the Bb Pilipinas International title since 2016.

        That’s 7 years of being shut out of the International title.

        So are you implying that the judging panel at every Bb Pilipinas coronation night has been rigged to favor the other (more successful) camp since 2016?

        Maybe the problem is your camp, not the judging panel.

        1.). You cannot be defined by insecurity and hope to breakthrough to the next level. Law of Attraction lang yarn.

        2.) The Camp and Aces focus only on the alpha pageants. Maybe that’s why they excel because hindi sila overstretched, hindi nila pinapatol lahat ng minor pageants sa mundo. They are laser-focused on being the best at the highest level.

        Akala ko nag rebrand na ang KF. So why does the new KF look just like the old (sourgraping) KF?

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