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  1. I hate to say this but puerto rico , with her creole looks in creole city , has a high chance …

  2. MU 71st edition will be the countdown of the sinking of the pageant should it will push through accepting married delegates starting 72nd edition.

    • Tapos, ni-retain ‘yun’g age ceiling na 28… An’labo lang, kasi I imagine na you’re a mother whose kids aren’t infants anymore for you to be able to devote time to your obligations as MU… That means medyo, siguro, may edad ka na. Unless you married young, pero ang alam ko nga sa mga bata ngayon, medyo late na nagpapakasal.

      OF ALL THINGS TO NOT CHANGE, ‘yun pa’ng age ceiling. 😦

      Mdme. Shugart, increase the age ceiling & TRULY shall your brand be ‘all-in’. 🙂

      (You like 33, guys? Ang Global nga ‘ata, 35. Could someone confirm with Shane?)

      • @Grand Port and @Lireo: Marriage is culturally and often legally recognized union between people, and its definition varies between cultures and religion, and over time. That said, I consider today’s popular culture phenomena of live-in arrangement and same-sex union a de facto marriage. Insofar as the union establishes the rights and obligations between the espouses, and between them and their children (if any), what I find unclear in the MU ruling is the provision that will mitigate the negative impact of such a contractual obligation on the performance of a titlist’s duty.

      • I read an article on parenting by the wife of a Senator, in a major broad sheet long ago. The couple have several kids, ‘ata… She said the separation is easier habang sanggol pa, kasi hindi na mapapansin at maaalala nu’ng bata na wala ka. It’s when the child is older, mulat na, that the mother HAS to be present. ‘Yun ‘yun’g time na critical kasi nga, kids are aware already…

        So, I imagine MU will instruct its ND’s to limit applications of married women & mothers to those whose children are still infants.

        Unless Dad & the kids are cool cats who think Mom is on top of the… universe. 🙂

  3. The choice of a US city as host of this year’s MU makes sense in the light of the fact that the US dollar is currently the world’s strongest currency, and most likely remain so in the near-term, thanks or no thanks to the US monetary policy to drive down inflation by raising interest rates. What does this mean to other rumored country contenders for hosting venue? More expensive knee-jerking hosting rights relative to their devalued currencies! Among the US cities, which can be most receptive to a potential revenue-generation pitch by an events management business like a beauty pageant? New Orleans! But wait—it’s got to be January, the month of the Mardi Gras, the Battle of New Orleans Anniversary, block parties, parades, museums, culinary adventures, night life, etcetera—when the weather is generally mild.

    By the looks of it, it’s a win-win decision by MUO and New Orleans City government.

    • That’s all very nice, indeed. BUT, kasi, nga, ten (10) days lang… Is that enough time to fully savor at least the surface level of the historic city? Baka magkulong lang sila sa hotel. After all, part of what made the pageant an industry standard were the ‘… memories… the candidates take home…’ & us viewers tagged along as they explored.


      • @Grand Port, the economics of beauty pageant seem to point at 10 days as the break-even point for both the country/city host and the organizer. Any added day maybe pure gain or pure loss on any one side, unless any one side will perceptually consider opportunity gain or opportunity loss.

  4. who’s another delegate that will stand out in New Orleans, Louisiana ? I have my bet on Bhutan… Ukraine & Bhutan will do very well , & those spanish speaking communities in new orleans will of course get behind the very strong spanish speaking delegates

    New Orleans is the most , if not the most , one of the most mixed race cities in US. The phrase melting pot , it was probably first applied to new orleans… There are not just 50-50 halfies in the city but a fusion of all races and ethnicities and nationalities …

    • New Orleans is far being the proverbial melting pot of races and ethnicities. As a former French colony’s main port, New Orleans is predominantly black, with very limited number of Hispanic and Asian communities. In fact, some of those in the black communities continue to speak a very distinct mixture of Cajun English and Creole.

      The most racially diverse place in the US is New York City, bar none.

      • Creoles are a mix of French English and African … they are dominant population of new orleans … in the US , because they have African blood, they are considered African American but in reality , they are not black

  5. Is Celeste, Rabiya 2.0 in the making? Bahala na kayo magdecide. Have a lovely Saturday everyone!!! ❤

  6. By the way guys? Nag pa boob job ba si Celeste? Parang nakikita ko si Rabiya sa kanya
    I am afraid at saka parang pagod ang hitsura nya
    Para syang aging high class escort girl. Sorry to say that.

    • Agree. Celeste Cortesi is too manufactured. She doesn’t look classy and queenly. They need to package her as a classy woman and not as an escort.

    • sis, hindi man nila aminin pero palubog na ang MU…the ship is sinking, sino ang sasagip?

  7. my chip is now on Ukraine for the win ! she is a gorgeous contestant not being noticed

    For Russia,.I am concerned about Russia flying to USA , will she be allowed ? how much security will MU give her if she is able to participate …

    • @jaretwrightlover. There is no problem with Russian delegate entering the US. The problem is when she will be asked political question like “ What is her opinion on Russian invasion of Ukraine ”. Russia will be placed in the awkward situation, if that happens

      • I am sure she will be asked that question everywhere she goes if, it is a big IF , she is allowed to fly to the US to compete in MU despite the sanctions on Russian nationals …

      • there are so many risks for this Russian delegate … it is probably not worth it to join …

        I was really hoping that the host city would be somewhere in Europe or Asia … Paris , Busan … or San Jose and Dubai would have been great too …

  8. It seems some of us can’t wait for the formal announcement of MUO. It doesn’t matter where is the venue. The political climate and the struggling economy in the US, might be the factors why they can’t decide where is the best venue.

  9. just expressing my opinion … now I wish Michelle Dee was the Pinas delegate at New Orleans … she will have a presence to standout among the delegates and against the Louisiana locale … and can win it all …. the MU crown

    Again , just expressing mu opinion

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