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  1. what can you say about these MUd from the M.East … Miss Bahrain, Miss Iraq , Miss Lebanon … ( I am not sure if Miss Morocco will send a d again )

    I think they are pretty good among this year’s roster MU 2022

    • @jaretwrightover. They are undoubtedly gorgeous. The problem with these girls is they lack the proper training. If these girls are trained very hard, they will be crown contenders.

  2. It’s time to focus on other countries outside the “typical powerhouses”…. Imagine had MUO crowned Nadia Ferreira or the Janick Maceta? Nobody would have complained at all.

    I think Thailand or Vietnam is also ripe for the picking in terms of crowing a winner. An ASEAN winner outside the Philippines can only help as it bolsters its position in Asia in terms of pageant relevancy. Furthermore, it reduces the MGI impact, which Nawat really wants to control. This is the reason why Nawat is strategic about favoring the Latinas – he knows his audience and supporters.

    That is, if only the MUO organization is business savvy type of leaders.

    • Dyan din tayo papunta with all the surgeries our girls getting. Example Roberta was perfect na before pero she still had her nose and breast done. Nagiging robotic na. Sa top 12 nang last Binibini, majority of them got their noses done and probably three had breast aug. Nakakaloka

  3. You could have told me this was the cast of the Real Housewives of Caracas and I would’ve believed you. They all look like 40+ yr. old overcooked trophy wives. No freshness, no excitement, no standouts.


    Kahit ‘di na muna sila manalo sa MU for 2022, ‘yun’g isa ngayon puwede na! Whenever Amanda Dudamel came forward to give the ‘banda’, the comparison was all too clear. 🙂

    I like two blondes & a raven-hair… The raven-hair I would dispatch to (beep!).

    Did I hear/understand correctly that voting will BEGIN or END ‘proximo’ – on 22 Oct…?

    16 Nov ang Finale sa Caracas?

    ‘An-zo-A-teg-ui’ & ‘Bo-LIV-ar’. So, that’s how they pronounce it. Parang ‘yun’g ‘Pav-I-a’ sa Miss Iloilo.

  5. I go for the candidate from La Guaira. Among the similarly looking, beauty enhanced ladies, she stands out. She looks fresh and natural.

    • Is she the tall & dusky one? It does help to base on the video, NOT these head shots, no? 🙂

  6. Paula Ortega did not make it but the new Miss Spain 2022 for MU is … stunning ! major major competitor at MU22

      • Good morning, Mister Blogger!

        Medyo vague lang, po, ‘yun’g statement niyo. THE MUSpain 2022 understands Filipino?! She has spent time in the country? Please do a feature on her. 🙂

        (I’m a tad sad for Paula… We saw how badly she wanted it.)

      • Medyo off-topic, po. Puwede na rin, siguro, considering the link to/with MUP…

        Si Gracelle Distura pala kinatawan natin sa Supermodel International. Mr. Gaffud still hold the Philippines franchise, right? Sino po’ng male counterpart? Appointed…

        (Vietnam, may pambato na for the male.)

      • As far as I know, Jonas Gaffud no longer holds the franchise of this contest. Gracelle was sent by her manager Meg Perez.

    • You definitely didn’t follow miss Venezuela long enough. 2004, 2006 was a weak batch for MV ( time Nina Monica at Ly Jonaitis) pero natransform naman in time. Strongest MV batch to date to me is MV 1996 ((marena bencomo’s batch). Follow expedientemiss on IG.

      • ‘Yun nga ‘yun’g point niya… 🙂

        For me, the Class of 2018 was memorable. Aside from being (technically/formally) Osmel Sousa’s last batch for MVO, that year’s queens were uniquely beautiful, aside from placing at, if nor acing, their respective assignments.

        World had Veruska Llublisawljevich, Universe had Stefhany Gutierrez, & International had Mariem Velasco.

        This new organization needs to pick up from that benchmark!

        There seems to be a general agreement among us, judging from the past post on the ‘unloading’ of MU by Endeavor, that the ~1990’s was that golden age Universally. It was also our ‘dark era/decade’, when we struggled for recognition. Gosh, 30 years ago! 😦

  7. Aminin na natin, Venezuela has a beauty factory in that, through the years, they have produced numerous winning candidates in different international beauty pageants. Annually, inaabangan talaga natin ang pambato ng Venezuela sa Miss Universe.

    However, Venezuela seems to be lie lowing during the IMG era in Miss Universe. That is because they don’t send a representative that is a total package, yet. Besides, they always send an overbaked candidate, ‘yung sobrang retokada na at halos ma-perfect na ang look. Mind you, hindi rin maganda talaga ang sobrang polished beauty na candidate, nawawala ‘yung natural charm. Nagmumukha rin silang ageing candidate, kaya parang mga tita na sila once sent sa international pageants.

    Pero tbh, hanga ako sa Venezuelan pageant coaches. Talagang they make sure na ‘yung sini-send nilang candidates, hulmang hulma ang katawan. Parang they spend long hours training girls in the gym kesa sa pasarela. Hindi gaya dito sa atin, laser focused on pasarela training, tapos konti lang sa gym, kaya ang mga candidates natin, wala man lang abs o hindi well-toned, worse, mga mukhang busog kapag inirampa na sa international stage.

    To date, tanging sina Pia at Rachel Peters lang talaga ang masasabi nating may perfect figure nung lumaban sa MU since the start of IMG era. At d’yan ako humanga kay Pia. She was too determined to track a whistle bait figure dahil nung lumaban s’ya sa BbP, ‘yung katawan talaga niya ay parang nagbu-buffet bago ang coronation night. Pero nung nag-land na s’ya sa Las Vegas, paaaaak! Mukha s’yang mahaba, at grabe ang well-toned arms, legs, tummy, name it.

    Sa Venezuela naman, sobrang amazed ako sa figure ni Miss El Tocuyo beauty, Mariam Habach. ‘Yun nga lang, sobrang bitchesa ng dating n’ya at grabe na rin sa retoke ng fez. Nagmukha s’yang tita ng mga candidate.

    Dito sa atin, we are following the Venezuelan pathway. Karamihan sa mga candidates natin, retokada na rin, lalo na sa ilong, ngipin at lips. At ang hulma? Sam Bernardo look. Pare-pareho halos ang yari ng ilong at ipin. At napatingin ako bigla sa mga hitsura ng Venezuelan candidates sa itaas, in fairness magkakamukha din sila. See? ‘Yan ang nagagawa ng retoke.

    In fairness kay Celeste, medyo humahaba na ang hulma ng katawan. Sana huwag ng dagdagan ang lip filler, hane? Nagmumukha na kasi s’yang porn starlet. Tapos grabe pa ang contour sa boobs part n’ya. Luwang-luwa! Kakaloka.

    That’s all.

    • @AWL. Perhaps the other reason why Venezuela has not been so dominant as before in beauty contest is because other countries have caught up with Venezuela in terms of training and preparing their reps for the international competetions.

      • That’s another factor, Serge. Spot on!

        Outside Venezuela, the Philippines has had good training camps that prove preparation for an international pageant works wonder.

        That’s all.

  8. Is it just me or Miss Venezuelan delegates are not as pretty as they used to? Where are the doll-faced beauties?.. SOme of these girls lòok manly…

    • They are in Florida in Barcelona in Madrid majority of ” white” venezuelans if that’s what you mean. Stefania as you can recall has Spanish passport because of her father side and she’s Ukrainian in her mother’s side. Gabriela Isler holds a Swiss passport.

      • You don’t have to be “White” to look pretty and feminine.. A good combination of symetry, proportion and feminine features can produce that regardless of one’s race &/or color.

    • Well parang ganyan lang din ibig Sabihin mo 🙄. You know Patricia Velasquez? Sya yung Cleopatra na sobrang Ganda sobrang Ganda mestiza na may halong indigenous venezuelan. Some colored MV before is not that gorgeous ex. Jicztad and Carolina I. Even Osmel said Chaka daw mga black girls sa kanila nakakaloka 🙄 Buti pa daw Colombia may Vanessa Mendoza.

  9. Venezuelan representatives in MU in the past years look older than their actual age. The last Miss Venezuela I love was Keysi Sayago who competed with Rachel Peters in 2017.

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