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  1. Nakuh ha daming salapi ni Cambodia bayan daming binabayarang baklita mapasama lang sa mga news lalu na yung sash factor. Talagang binibenta si girl para manalo lang. yung mga bakla naman sa Pilipinas taking advantage din imbis na suportahan yung kalahi nila basta pera ang gumana walang paki alam.

  2. I wonder why those people awarding the sashes were not shaking hands with the MRs. Kinda awkward.

    • He is fire!

      My only suggestion is that when he poses for pictures, he should make sure we only see the front of his shoes.

      When we see his shoes from the side, it’s quite obvious that he’s wearing shoes with height increasers.

      Am not really familiar with shoe anatomy but note that the back of his shoe is quite long compared to the backs of the shoes of the men next to him, including Tito Norms (the newly appointed Voltaire of Mister International Philippines–Congratulations Tito Norms!)

      I hope this will be taken as constructive nitpicking, a suggestion for improvement lang.

      • Parang gusto kong bumili ng elevator shoes. Ilang inches ba itatangkad ko doon? Di kasi ako katangkaran. 🙂

  3. Michael Comaling ..
    Why show your bare ankles all the time?
    What is that about?!?? It’s annoying!!!

      • No, it isn’t.

        That’s what tall & skinny guys (back) in the 1960’s wore – flood pants.

        Now, it’s just runway/rock star trendy.

        I have to agree with Manong C2F. And it looks dated.

        Dapat imHo, consistent. They should have all agreed to pull off a unified look. 🙂

      • Actually, the flood pants (as you call them) were revived by Thom Browne in the mid-aughts.

        Thom Browne’s aesthetic is inspired by mid-century American menswear (so, yes, he references style up to the mid-1960s, since we generally understand mid-century to run from around 1933 to 1965). If you remember, Michelle Obama wore a Thom Browne coat during President Obama’s swearing-in ceremony during his 2nd inauguration.

        What dates Comaling’s look for me is not so much the length of the trousers but rather the proportions. Skinny is no longer really considered of-the-moment, thanks to Gen Z, who are taking cues from Demnia Gvasalia, Alessandro Michele, and Virgil Abloh (RIP) who started showing loose / exaggerated / oversized proportions at Vetements, Gucci, and Off-White respectively circa 2017-2018, disrupting the too-tight pants silhouette revived by Thom Browne & favored by millenials in the mid-aughts to around 2018-2019.

        The young Pinoy lgbtq+ creatives I follow on social media have been wearing loose proportions for the last 2-3 years now.

        And think of when Billie Eilish really blew up around 2018-2019 (which is also around the time that TikTok snowballed in popularity). Eilish broke with the skinny trend favored by millenials, wearing the loose proportions that has come to define Gen Z style. For me, Eilish & TikTok really represented the arrival of Gen Z in becoming a dominant influential factor in popular culture.

        I think perhaps that Comaling’s stylist isn’t quite tuned into or hasn’t caught up with the zeitgeist.

        Just some recent (but not comprehensive, don’t come at me) menswear fashion / style history to provide context to Comaling’s skinny above-the-ankles pants.

      • Grabe ka SQ. I can imagine you talking ala Miranda Priestly giving lecture to 4M and Grand Port about the history of cerulean or rather flood pants. Lol.

        Kulang na lang sabihin mo:

        However, that flood pants represent millions of dollars of countless jobs, and it’s sort of comical how you think that you’ve made a choice that exempts you from the fashion industry, when in fact, you’re wearing a Sunjoy Ceruleab Brief that was selected for you by the people in this room… from a pile of “stuff.” Char!

        World Peace.

      • Grand Port, I am sorry I dont follow fashion much but listen, it is back in-style based on what i see in the US.
        Skinny/slim pants just above the ankle and no-sock loafers.

  4. Big congratulations, Tito Norman!

    Wish you great health and happiness in this new venture!

      • My question is how were they introduced during Miss CDO pageant? Were they introduced as all-male singing group? Or were they introduced as Misters of the Filipinas winners. The audience’s impression depends on how the group is introduced. How is it different from the performance of a GMA 7 male artist who also sang off-key in a provincial beauty contest. Despite his performance, he was given a warm applause by the audience.

      • I don’t blame these guys for that kind of singing coz they are not singers. It is the organizers responsibility… sana pinag-lipsynch na lang sila ng medyo off beat na kanta… buti na nga lang mga gwapo!

      • If I were one of the spectators and had known that they are all Misters of the Filipinas titleholders, them, mere standing on stage and smiling, would keep me excited. Actually I find them cute performing on stage. Mga gwapo kasi, he he.

  5. CONDRAGUMALATIONS on your “coming out” event Tito Norman!! Blow job, este blow out naman.

    Phone in questions po (please refer to the first photo only):

    1) Among the 13 men in the photo, ilan po ang “confeeermeed” jan at ilan ang “pepper”? At sino po si Hudas sa 13? Lol.

    2). Who is the cute / “down to earth (euphemism for pandak)” that looks like Chuckie? Not Dreyfus… but the doll? Char! Lalaki po ba sya, babae, vegetable or mineral? Lol.

    3) Bakit po may salagubang sa extreme left? Lumusong po ba sa baha si extreme right?

    4) Who is the guy in the middle wearing WHITE tie? Electrolux salesman po ba sya, or sya ba si Agent X44?

    5) Bakit po naputalan ng left hand yung white lady sa bandang kanan? Ano po kasalanan nya?

    World Peace.

  6. Congratulations Norman on your appointment. You were very hands on during the event.
    I have high hopes for Ver Comaling. Among the winners, Comaling has the highest chance of grabbing an international title.
    Grabe ang kilig ng mga bakla. Ang Lalandi. He he he

      • Mister Blogger, HBD to Hang Manita! And congratulations to yourself. 🙂

        Three (3) questions :

        1. The host is Nico Fowler, isn’t it/he? Parang hawig nu’ng nag-announce ng 100-Roster ng MUP 2021 (virtually).

        2. The co-presenter, KEMANS, na may sash kay MJO… What do they do?

        3. Miss BI Philippine, has she EVER been featured (in Norman’s Blog)? Or, will she be a totally new face to delight pageant fans? Perhaps you could clue us in. Thanks in advance!

      • 1) Yes that is one and the same person.

        2) Kemans is in skin care

        3) The girl has been featured as part of a roster, not solo

      • Good morning & happy start to the ‘ber’ months state-of-mind rime of year, Sir!

        (Aka, senior/’randers’ mindset.)

        Que seems to be the prize find of the Class. He elicits the most excitement! He has that Mickey Mouse x Charlie Brown ‘likeability’. You reckon he can give show business a go?

        Cortez surprised. Looks really good in a suit! When you did your Pick for ‘Formal Wear, Best of/in’ in a past post, nu’n ko lang siya napansin – pang-Top Model. Among the five, he has the best (body) lines. And a honed public speaker, too!

        Avendano is the archetype ‘Classical’ realist painting type of face. Though descended from Mt. Olympus!

  7. Congratulations Tito Norman for your appointment as Director for Communications. I am sure your with your knowledge and expertise, this organization will grow bigger.

    Miss Cambodia Universe 2022 looks tall inspite of her real height 5′ 5 1/2″ and I have a feeling she will be the next Miss Universe 2022.

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