6 comments on “Photo blog: Gabrielle Basiano’s Homecoming

  1. Good morning, all!

    Intercontinental will be the first campaign for the BBP Class of 2022, right? This homecoming will be much-needed respite before Gabrielle returns to Manila to prepare for departure… Late September/early October, no?

    Since we are in Waray domain, I hope NG does her NatCos. 🙂

    I suddenly feel a little sadness that Cinderella’s reign is ending before long.

  2. Maupay nga patron ha iyo ngatanan dida!

    Happy Fiesta!

    Kamahusay la hit akon bet, Gabrielle Basiano!

  3. I just she had waited until after her international pageant
    Also she would have been great as our International rep

    • Thanks Fabian! It is because today is Borongan City’s fiesta celebrating the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I also would agree to have a homecoming after her international assignment but Gabby Basiano’s win after very long pandemic, lockdowns, supertyphoons, earthquakes, is a good story to show, a typical provinciana lass winning a Bb. Pilipinas title. It is perfect timing (habang walang bagyo at ulan).

      At least, its not Aster Amoyo or Boy Abunda (they are both from Borongan City) fortunately we know how to dress unlike Boy.

      Happy Fiesta City of the Golden Sunrise, Borongan City!

      Maupay nga Patron Bb. Pilipinas Miss Intercontinental 2022 Gabrielle Camille Celada Basiano (and my Bb. Pilipinas International 2022)!

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