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  1. Nakuh nakatawa nanaman yung mga baklita as in smile na horror movie. Taking advantage dahil
    May pera si girl . Sa akin lang naman hi di pagmamahal sa sariling bayan ang magtrain ng ubang lahi. Diko lang feel parang isang pagtataksil sa bayan. Anyways business ng mga bakla ang magtrain ng mga mukang pera. Yun lang kung masaktan kayo wala akong paki 😂

  2. She has that Megan Young Vibe. If Kagandahang Flores channel Megan into her but in a more modern way, she has a good chance. I saw some of her interview she is charismatic. Sa ibang mga baklang sobrang emotional at natatakot for Celeste, Girls don’t take it seriously, give others an opportunity to shine, it is a celebration diversity and inclusion. We should be proud that Cambodia is training here, Thailand has Filipino trainers behind their back. LEt us not put down other candidates to put up our candiates, let’s grow up girls. It is a show at the end of day, a game show. Let us stop all the bashing and let us support the best person who can represent the organization.

  3. I do not see and feel the magic that signifies success in reaching the semifinals cut … sorry but , maybe she can improve …

  4. She’s pretty and looks much prettier with light makeup.
    Her disadvantage is her short height.
    But please, don’t make her wear any tacky chunky platform shoes.
    She should feel confidently beautiful without wearing the ugly shoes I mentioned.

    • Oh, thank you for bringing that up, po. I’ve had it in mind for a while but unable to find anything to prompt it until your/this comment. 🙂

      I’ve had this idea~impression that MU is the ‘jologs~bakya’ pageant. NOTHING wrong with that at all! It’s defining a clear target market, one that should easily pull in VOLUME.

      (Now, I sort of understand how the pageant fits in the Endeavor constellation of brands.)

  5. Now that I think about it, the reason for Miss Globe and MGI wanting to have a queen with strong social media presence is for them to try to monetize to add revenue…..

  6. She’s pretty even with minimal make up but she has weak sashfactor.

    MUO needs a savvy business operations executive to turn the tide and start funneling in new revenue streams for the organizations. It’s time to get donors who can support “woke” and liberal causes as embodied in a beauty queen. Also- maximizing social media presence could provide some bump in revenues as well. They need an influencers both in action and in social media.

  7. If trained hard, there is a possibility that she will place higher in MU , but not enough to surpass Celeste.

    • Top 8, ME 2018. And you treat Celeste as if she is Catriona levels? Not being a talangka here pero ang yabang sa pangmamaliit kay Manita. Several girls far more beatiful than Celeste did not even place at MU so wag maging mayabang.

      • ‘Several girls FAR MORE BEAUTIFUL than Celeste DID NOT EVEN PLACE at MU(P)…’.

        With all due respects, please share! 🙂

        (Off hand, comes to mind the Fil-Swiss lass from LLC of the Cebu contingent, the Batanes rep with the same surname as the race car driver, & the dusky~lovely Negrense. In fact, kahit ‘yun’g taga-Isabela ba, or Nueva Viscaya? Naalala ko tuloy ‘yun’g dati’ng nag-co-comment dito na ayaw sa Pinay look. Ano na kaya siya?)

      • @Throwbakla. I am looking at the overall package of the candidate and not at the physical beauty alone.

      • Truth. Hindi naman din exceptional Q&A skills ni Celeste. Hindi rin relatable at wala ring solid advocacy. Plus gawang-gawa ang buong mukha at nakaka-bother ang lip fillers. Huwag masyadong i-pedestal. She is not everything.

      • Kung overall package, mas lalo. Celeste’s waterloo is Q and A. She will be another beautiful “European” unplaced at MU without the Philippines sash. Note that I love Celeste and I am hoping for her to place high. But I will not downplay others who are strong as well. Yan ba namana mo kay Evil Mama J? Yumabang at lumaki na ang ulo?

    • Speaking of which, I wonder if it’s safe to assume that the same group/camp that won for her the MUP crown is also now mapping out her battle plan for MU… Exciting how they’ll fare! Imagine if we bag our fifth MU title, ‘first-time lucky’ nu’ng kampo’ng ‘yun. 🙂

      But back to Manita, what she means, as well, is another shot by the two(2)-letter camp at a MU crown to FINALLY add to their resume… My apologies, I can’t turn that ‘e’ into its ‘apostrophe’.

  8. Filipino pageant fans love Manita as they welcome her here in Manila with loving arms. I love the fact that Manita gets to train here with one of the country’s top beauty pageant boot camps, and I wish her a good placement come Miss Universe pageant. It’s about time for a country getting interest in pageantry to make a decent placement in the most prestigious beauty pageant in the world, err, universe. I believe Manita can do very well in Miss Universe.

    Dapat bang kabahan si Celeste? Naku, dear, hindi threatened ang candidate natin. To date, she remains the woman to beat when it comes to facial beauty. At heto nga, sa mga recent engagements ng ating reyna, binabalandra n’ya ang kanyang well-contoured boobsies. Namimintog ang mga ito at anytime ay handa ng sumabog! Sa totoo lang, napapa-laser focused ako sa boobs n’ya kesa sa face n’ya. Kaloka! Hoy, Team MUP! Ano ba ang plano ninyo kay Celeste, gawing porn star?

    Balik tayo kay Manita. Facially, may ibubuga itong Cambodian beauty na ito. Kaya lang, she has a bland personality. Kaya sana, ito ang tutukan ng camp sa kanya at hindi puro pasarela. Gawing kalibog-libog ang kanyang mukha, dapat may animalistic arrive! Baka kapag nagkaroon ng magandang placement sa MU si Manita, lalo tayong mamahalin ng Cambodia.

    Sa totoo lang, nakakatuwa na more and more countries are recognizing the Philippines as the pageant training mecca, huh! Talagang mega-fly pa nila ang rep nila dito para mag-train lang. Ginawa na ‘yan ng Ecuador, Singapore, Great Britain, Netherlands, Indonesia, atbp. Pero nakikipagwarlahan ang mga Indonesians sa mga Pinoy pageant fans lately. Itinatanggi nila na nag-train ang mga shondidates nila dito. Naku! Gigil na gigil ang mga Pinoy sa mga Indos. Ayaw kasi ng mga Pinoy na may nagpi-feeling magaling pa kesa sa mga Pinoy gaya ng mga Indos at isama n’yo na pati ang mga Thais. Hahaha!

    Welcome and best of luck, Manita!

    • @AWL, as I mentioned in a previous post, my hunch is that this year’s MU competition will focus on brainpower and ability to help MUO navigate through deep financial straits, not so much on jaw-dropping physique. The winning training formula therefore is more focused on the intellect, engaging personality and communication skills.

      • @Scorg, the MUO had already Catriona in the bag, a full package girl who could best represent the brand, but I think Catriona did not contribute much to the revenues of the org, or the other way around. Let’s face the truth–pageantry nowadays no longer gives much excitement as before. One of the factors is the mushrooming of pageants in all sizes and schemes, left and right, which caused many pageant aficionados reach a saturation point. In the case of MUO, I think they have to optimize the business by hiring the right people and not entirely depend on the capability of the crowned girl to bring fortune to them. So, they should crown the girl who, the fans and judges believe, is worthy of the MU crown. And as a pageant fan, I want to see a girl embodying outstanding beauty and who can engage enough to be proclaimed the new Miss Universe.

        You take care there in Africa, dear.

        That’s all.

      • @AWL, while you are correct in saying the burden of revenue generation should fall on the organizers, at this period of business difficulties, much will depend on the quality of the spokesperson who is chosen to engage with all stakeholders that can keep the organization financially afloat. To the fans, business community, governments, and civil society, the selected queen will be the face of MU. This time when the organization is having issues about its corporate survival, the support role of the spokesperson is crucial to (1) attract investors, sponsors, and partners, (2) effectively engage the huge Millenial and GenZ markets whose beauty paradigm may be different from MU’s concept, and (3) recapture lost markets (the First World economies that have for over a decade lost interest in beauty contests). I think that prime criterion for this year is more of a take-charge personality, and this is basically a function of intellect and core values, not so much of physique.

      • @AWL, on the case of Catriona, she would have been a good spokesperson for raising global interest on MU, and a good fund-raiser, but I think in 2018 there was yet no realization by MUO on a looming financial crunch, and of course no clue at all on a lurking pandemic that worsened all the more its shaky profitability and liquidity. But the tell-tale signs of a dimming market landscape for pageantry were already there, yet the entire pageantry industry seemed oblivious to it. When the pandemic eases off, every pageant organization seemed to scamper towards branding– a rather band-aid solution to a yet deeper malaise that may strike at the very basic definition of beauty (as seen by the markets as against the traditional concept espoused by the organizers). With MUO’s current travails, will it be more of the same in the selection of a spokesperson, or will it be different this time?

  9. Oh, she’s PRETTY. 🙂

    There’s a FD (MUP-Roxas City 2022) x GG (MUP 2019) vibe. FRESHNESS.

    Oh, my. I suddenly got a ‘Paraguay’ vibe (meaning, if she plays her cards right, baka 1st RU). A would-have-been-first-time-country win but had to settle for silver.

  10. I guess with the dire straits MUO is into now, they will look for that spokesperson who can help the organization generate revenues and mobilize resources. This may have to come from sources beyond appearance fees and speaking engagements not only to the fan base but to the business community, governments, and civil society. I hope the training will go beyond pasarela and physical beauty enhancements, but more into projecting her intellect via effective communication skills.

    • My hunch is that this time MU will look for an effective speaker, a no-nonsense leader, an inspiring fund raiser, a confident persona who can hobnob with top executives and government leaders. Jaw-dropping pasarela will have little use in an organization whose pressing issue is corporate survival.

      • They had Catriona but meh. They underutilized her. Satisfied na sa bayad ni Jollibee, BDO at Globe.

      • They had Catriona but meh. They underutilized her. Satisfied na sa bayad ni Jollibee, BDO at Globe. The problem is the people running the org. Incompetent.

      • That ‘… inspiring fund raiser, (a) confident persona who can hobnob with top executives & government leaders…’ sounds like a charity event of another major beauty pageant. 🙂

        Sir, I thought some more of your recommendations in the previous post. The competencies (if it can be called that) of Endeavor, let’s admit, don’t really register ‘high-end’. I mean, does UFC conjure a gracious~elegant~corporate lifestyle?…

        We are happy what it represents, which is an empowerment of women that lets them ‘do what boys do’. I saw something on (beep!) the other night – stunt women drivers. I tried to imagine MU behind the wheel & being a dared_ on the track. Certainly not the ‘old’ beauty standard. Ang tanong ko, if it’s so relatable & inspiring, then why isn’t Endeavor doing it? Put MU on the track, in the ring, out at sea, under the SKY. Can’t they see the opportunities/potential? Ano pa ba hinahanap nila?

        Also, is it possible Endeavor doesn’t have a lot of friends in the global business community to begin with, kaya tuloy hirap sila mailabas ng husto ang reyna nila? ‘Eh kasi kung ganu’n, change owner talaga ang sagot.

      • Of course, the pandemic…

        But, OK. Given the previous post on the ‘unloading’ worth 20M USD, I wonder if the early 2023 edition will be the last under Endeavor. Kasi, wala namn sinabi’ng deadline or timetable for the sale/transfer. Malay natin, they can turn their fortunes around, & bawiin. Paz!

      • @Grand Port, on the competencies of Endeavor “don’t register high-end”: that is if you associate it only to UFC and other sporting events business. You forgot about New York Fashion Week . Anyway, as I mentioned before, I wish MUO was compelled to benchmark the strategies of Endeavor’s more successful companies in the sports management business, and with a little dose of creativity synergize with their activities and programs. Remember, the sports events businesses engage their fans year-round, while MU is mostly a one-off event (during the annual crowning). And their fan base are mostly Millenials and GenZers! These two factors alone are rich areas for benchmarking and synergy. These two factors spell the difference in revenue streams between MUO and Endeavor’s sporting events businesses.

      • @Grand Port, on why Endeavor is “not putting MU on the track, in the ring, out at sea, under the sky”: I don’t have an answer why “they don’t see the opportunities/ potentials”, except that individual-company initiatives may be part of the Group-wide corporate culture. Other than abundant opportunities for synergy within the Group, little has been done to: (1) make revenue streams come year-round (not just during the one-off crowning event), (2) engage the massive Millenial and Gen Z markets with a different and non-traditional view of beauty, and (3) recapture the First World markets that have lost interest in beauty pageants.

      • ‘Ay, naku. Haba na ng thread natin. Sarap ka kasi kausap, ‘eh. Besides, we generate traffic for Hang Manita (here), which is ideal.

        Isa pa ‘yan’g decline in interest (is ‘in’ the correct preposition to use?) in pageantry in First World countries. WHAT TO DO TO CHANGE THIS? HOW TO RESTORE INTEREST?

        So, I said to @ jaretwrightlover in an earlier post, ano kaya kung manalo USA again after 10 years, which should be enough ‘waiting time’. Kung gayo’n, MUSAO needs to crown the best MUSA from this year’s selection!

    • MUO should get the Catriona Gray to work with them on a long-term basis. I think she can do wonders with her balanced personality and undeniable wisdom.

  11. Sana naman bigyan ng chance magshine ang mga weak sashes sa Miss Universe. Kakasawa din lagi nalang same countries nasa top. The last time a country won for the first time was in 2011 wtf.

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