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  1. Everyone in the universe deserves at least one exciting period during the year every year … and for us pageants fans, specifically MU avid fans , we deserve two weeks of MU events every year , our one true clean addiction ,.. no MU in 2022 is just a devastating development ,… I am still hoping maybe by some miracle , there will be MU2022 in December …

  2. Nakakalungkot man isipin na mukhang totoo na ang balita na naghihirap na talaga ang pangasiwaan ng MU. Harinaway sa 2023 may pag-asa pa na papayat na si Miss Universe 2022 bago maidaos ang patimpalak. Sa hitsura niya ngayon mukha na siyang nanganak ng limang kambal.

    • Vaks, kapag limang kambal ang inanak n’ya, sampung bata na ‘yun. Kakaloka. Lol.

      Pero ‘yun nga, grabe naman ang paglobo ng katawan ni Miss Universe 2021. Sa katawan n’yang ‘yun, mahihirapan na s’yang magsuot ng sandhu, kaya patuloy ang ating harnaaz sa katawan n’ya. We are not body shaming her. Constructive criticism lang ang atin, hane?

      That’s all.

      • I agree with you Miss AWL. Minsan ung mga hypersensitive na tao kahit na constructive yung criticism eh minamasama…paki draw the line nga jan ng mga inteligente kuno kung saan ang limitasyon ng “inclusivity” ng pageant na to.

      • I’m suddenly curious again.

        How did you feel back then when Alicia Machado gained weight & Donald trump said things?…

  3. New York Post reports that Miss Universe is for sale at $20 Million. If this is validated, then rumors circling around the pageant landia have basis. For years, Miss Universe Organization has been challenged to stage a pageant with a number of sponsors. As much as the MUO prefers to hold the pageant outside the US, we know how hard for them to secure a host country. And if the pageant is held in the US, it means cost cutting is considered.

    Accordingly, Miss Universe has been underperforming in ratings and revenues, albeit the support of pageant fans from the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other Southeast Asian countries of the Miss Universe. So, what really counts is the support of the fans in mainland America.

    TBH, as an avid Miss Universe fan, I feel so disheartened reading such report. Anyways, let’s pray for the best. For now, we’ll take the news as an advantage to our Celeste Cortesi. That means she has more time to work on her communication skills and body. Sana i-achieve ni Celeste ang mala-Lala Guedes na body. Unless, her team aims for another Rabiya’s unflattering body.

    That’s all.

  4. Paula, we have a problem.
    There are just too many moving parts happening lately with MUO that make fans wonder and baffled. Observers can not be blamed to think that all is not well in that organization.

    > The sudden desire to be all-inclusive (transgendered? Married? Mothers?) is too messy and looks contrived.
    > The dilly-dallying on dates and venue shows lack interest to host by other countries (not viable?).
    > The all-female judges is too gimmicky for me. Where is inclusivity in this?
    > Delaying the pageant until next year indicates challenges in their logistical resources. > The pandemic can not be a reason anymore. Other countries with pandemic (Thailand, Vietnam) were able to hold decent, even spectacular national MU pageants. What is happening Paula?

    I kinda miss the old beauty pageants when it was all about beauty, body, and world-peace-wit – – things that are considered “shallow” nowadays. The desire to be relevant is fine and okay. But there is also something to be said about the vava-voom, dazzle and glitter editions that are slowly fading away.

    MU remains to be the most popular among the big pageants. But it is losing steam

    World Peace.

    • Normally, kailan ba na-re-resolve ‘yan’g mga logistical resource issues? Is that akin to accrual? Meaning, mga hindi nakabayad by year-end, so first thing the following year na. Sounds like _ax.

      And how does Groundhog Day sound as some sort of target date? Early Feb, you like?

  5. I miss those years when MU pageants were held annually and not 2 editions in the same calendar year.

  6. What is happening to Miss Universe Organization? Usually they announced the next host country during the pageant night. They should have a lot of time to find a host country. You see a Miss Universe 2022 to be crowned in 2023? Then there is this transgenders, married and pregnant women being able to join. What a mess!

    • That’s what you call “self destruction” which the MUO is unaware of it. They’re gradually losing fan base through the years.

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