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  1. I think Miss India’s win is anti-climactic. Her looks and glamour did not make a spark on the pageant. But I think India to have Miss Universe in their country would be interesting.

  2. I just hope that instead of selling off MU, Endeavor Group Holdings revitalizes and even reinvents the business to make it solidly relevant and engaging to the huge Millenial and GenZ markets, in general, and to the First World markets, in particular. In the Group are better performing sporting events businesses— MUO can certainly be compelled to benchmark its sister companies’ winning strategies, let alone synergize with some of their activities. MUO can also be compelled to find ways how to increase frequency and size of revenue streams, not just a crowning event inflow. This means it should be a 365-day beehive of advocacy and resource mobilization activities. But these invariably require a changed business definition coming from a sharper definition of target markets. The resulting change in its business processes (spokesperson selection criteria, advocacy focus, sponsorship policy, crowning event format, etc), may even alter its brand essence. Hard business choices indeed.

  3. Switzerland is back in MU !!!
    She looks very pretty and a model

    Switzerland should have already scored a win at MU …. It should have been between Switzerland and Japan for the crown back in MU2006 , and not that awful Zul , if not for her standout gown … the people at Shrine auditorium were not happy after the results

  4. This will be a dark history in the pageant in case there will be no MU pageant this year or the following years.

    In contrast with the financial stability of MWO tho a boring pageant, I wonder what went wrong with MUO.

    Worst case scenario, nobody wants to buy MUO as money is very, very difficult since pandemic started.

    • @Lireo, what went wrong with MUO? Simply put: the parent company Endeavor Group Holdings decided to prune off from its portfolio of businesses that which performs the lowest market growth and lowest relative market share. The string of losses of MUO, especially during the pandemic, led to such business decision. Pageantry’s sources of revenue– TV rights, sponsorships, venue hosting fees, ticket sales and merchandising– have dwindled due to the over-a-decade general low interest on beauty contests in the First World countries, and the paradigm shift on beauty by the massive Millenial and GenZ markets. This bleak market landscape of global pageantry scares away corporate sponsors and discourages country hosts from investing in an event with an unsure ROI. This sad turn of events at MUO portends of things to come for global pageant industry if there is no industry-wide effort to face head-on the challenges of an evolving concept of beauty and technology-driven market trends.

      • Good morning!

        So, three (3) things. Kasi, we just go around in circles discussing the same points.

        1. It would appear pageantry is effectively gone in the First World. If that’s the case, then that new chapter is inevitable – transplantation of an originally all-American brand to foreign shores where it can survive in another form. AN’DAMI NA’NG GANYA’NG CONSUMER GOODS COMPANIES NA NAGSIMULA SA ‘TATE, then the American owners opt out & the foreign partners are entrusted with the legacy. ‘Yun lang isa pa’ng major pageant… Now Japan-based.

        2. To reassure sponsors & country hosts on their ROI, ‘eh dapat pala SILA ANG JUDGES. No? Let them choose who they want. But isn’t this obvious, when you think about it? Presumably, THEY would know the pulse of the GenZ & Millennial customers.

        3. So, EMBRACE THE TECHNOLOGY. Angkol did. Good for him. And MUO could probably hire MORE KIDS!

        But, yes. We need first that fresh infusion of ‘blood’. Puhon, the wait won’t be long. 🙂

  5. The best and most logical buyer would be FOX … they should do it and they better do it soon …

  6. Sorry, di Pala kaya ni Lenlen and company Kasi Donation is life Ang peg😊
    C Lolo CS pa Rin Ang bagsak kung makakakuha Ng bonggang kahit marketing partner c Lolo sa Amerika like Telemundo/Comcast at iba.
    Naku, Top 10 pinakabang puesto Ng Filifins kung sakali🙄😆hihihi

  7. It’s sad na the current mup is dealing with a not so glamorous organization anymore. It turns out na bpci had the franchise in its heyday at ngayon wala na. Ang kinang bawas na.

  8. So it is safe to say that bpci had miss universe during its heyday (80s probably mid 90s) and that the current mup is dealing with a not so Wonderful version of muo anymore, too bad for them . Bawiin nalang sa local pageants and make the mup crown more palatable kesa sa mu mismo na tatamvay lang din naman sa NY. Miss France too mas inaasam2 kesa sa international crown. Some even chose to not compete sa international since winning the crown in France is enough for them.

    • Kasi nga, one guiding principle behind Nationals like MFrance, MRussia, & MSA is that the country contest is prestigious enough on its own so that representing abroad AT ANY INTERNATIONAL PAGEANT FOR THAT MATTER is simply a bonus.

      For one thing, just look at the prize package at MSA. ‘Chideng’ ang wheels! Ako nga, I’ve NEVER been inside even just to check out the dashboard of one. I’m always on the outside, looking at/in. 😦

      Just as you said, MUP MUST GROW to unparalleled heights, irrespective of what becomes of MU in the years to come. At the end of the day, we all look to the organization for direction & vision, the ‘harbinger’ as they audaciously proclaimed when they started.

      • Asa pa tayo. They lack values and integrity. Numero uno mga bekle. BPCI has the last laugh in the end. Haha.

    • @Yna, @Diana Hayden and @Grand Port, yes BPCI had the franchise on MU’s “heyday”. But it should be qualified that MUP acquired it at that point the market landscape is dimming, and everybody seemed oblivious to it. The market was slowly being dominated by the tech-savvy Millennials and GenZs who view beauty as about freedom of expression, individuality and diversity. The perfect storm of technology, economics and a generation of consumers with sharpened aesthetic literacy was the catalyst for the changed understanding of beauty. Pageantry did not seem to realize it that traditional ideology on beauty espoused by the Boomers has gone passe and the concept has come into the hands of the people, mostly the “beYOUtiful” Millenials and GenZ. Now local pageantry is slowly trying to be relevant to this huge market base by rebranding, but it may be too little too late an action.

    • @Yna, @Diana Hyden, and @Grand Port: if I may add, I think the shortcoming of MUO is that it failed to (1) benchmark the marketing strategies and initiatives of, or even synergize with, successful sporting events management companies in the Endeavor Group Holdings, and (2) learn fresh ideas from MUP, MSA and MUT who managed to make pageantry pulsate with life when everyone cowered in fear during the dark days of the pandemic.

      • ‘Eto, tuloy. Naalala ko ‘yun’g interview dati kay PS. Na-comment ko na rin ‘to dati, but with this development & your comment here, it might be worth revisiting…

        Parang shin-are ni Ms. PS ‘yun’g background ng transition ng MUO towards Endeavor, nga. At some point, sabi niya, “… Endeavor said to me, ‘well, you have a great brand going here. What are you going to do about it'”?

        I might be wrong in interpreting that. Pero, doesn’t it sound as if binigyan na lang siya/sila (MUO) ng pondo, ta’s pinabayaan na lang, probably thinking Ms. PS et al would make it work. My question : ganu’n ba talaga ang business style ng Americans? The big bosses just let you do your thing without any sort of guidance? Kasi, when you say they ‘failed ro… synergize with… Endeavor Group Holdings’ (and below, your comment detailing their activities/engagements), I get the impression poor MUO was seen as the ‘odd kid in their playground’ left to play by itself… 😦

        Anyway, you’re accurate that the franchisees have done marvelously to prop the brand up as a whole. Naalala ko ‘yun’g standard prize package nu’ng Top 5 ng MUT 2022, sina Anna & Nicolene (Runners-up). It really felt like family, & you understand now why Amelinckx has kept her loyalty to MUP. They’re very lucky to have such a great bunch of girls! And the ladies themselves are clearly grateful.

      • @Grand Port, the “shortcoming” of MUO, if one can call it as such, is that the market landscape especially in the USA has drastically dimmed for pageantry, yet the response by the organization is giving its brand a little tweak here and there. TV viewership for pageants has collapsed in the First World that makes buying TV rights by major networks a risky investment. TV shows are seriously being challenged by internet streaming. The huge Millennial and GenZ markets have taken a different concept of beauty. Yet, MUO has not backpedalled on its business definition that is based on the traditional concept of beauty. As the global industry leader I would have expected it to set the pace, beyond the inspiring tagline “confidently beautiful”! Is it any wonder why no big global beauty brand has been a major sponsor of MU (and for that matter any global beauty contest)?

  9. It is not too difficult to see why a global sports and entertainment company like Endeavor Group Holdings will sell Miss Universe. The Group’s business portfolio includes (1) Owned Sports Properties, (2) Events, Experiences & Rights and (3) Representation. Owned Sports Properties segment is comprised of a unique portfolio of sports properties (including Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), professional bull riders (PBR) and Euroleague). Events, Experiences & Rights segment owns and operates events (like the Miss Universe, Miami Open, HSBC Champions, Frieze Art Fair, New York Fashion Week, and Hyde Park Winter Wonderland). Representation segment provides brand strategy, marketing, advertising, public relations, analytics, digital, activation, and experiential services (like Hollywood’s biggest talent agency operation William Morris Endeavor). Which among these businesses is the least competitive? Endeavor’s action seems to point to MU as having the lowest market growth and lowest relative market share.

    • Now, whoever is the buyer faces the reality of a bearish market landscape for global pageantry. Its financial resources should be matched by a great dose of business savvy, innovativeness and agility to use its internal strengths to capitalize on market opportunities and avoid external threats, and minimize its internal weaknesses. Do we have that kind of an investor in the Philippines, the emergent epicenter of global pageantry development?

      • Dito na ako mag-re-reply du’n sa above thread natin. Salamat muli!

        I had in mind, maybe Ms. PS really doesn’t want to start anything anymore. Perhaps, some sort of wisdom makes it ideal to leave the necessary~required changes to her replacement. I guess she knows that landscape much better than any of us here.

        In any case, we hope this kid can regain traction so it can enjoy everything the NEW PLAYGROUND has to offer! 🙂

      • Hahahahahaha. Makainsulto sila sa donation na voluntarily given and properly accounted for. Pero sa ninakaw na money, elected President. LOL. Highly glorified pa si Singson when we know where there money comes from. Mga KADIRI! KASUKA-SUKA! No wonder they support MUP.

  10. Parang magkatotoo yata ang wish ni Anne Cole na magiging number one in the world ang peygent nya😂😂😂

  11. nagsisimula ng magkatotoo ang mga haka haka…pakisabi don sa suma cumlaude “commenter” ng blog na to na pakisalba ang MUO sa pamamagitan ng kanyang mga flowery words…charizzz

    • at don sa mga nagtthumbs down sa akin, mas unahin nyo yung mga birth charts nyo this year kesa sa akin…dahil pag hindi nakatakda lahit gawan ng paraan at ipilit…malabo yan kahit pa marami kang pera…reflect reflect…
      haha …yun lang…charizzz

  12. I heard from the horse’s mouth that a strong financial supporter and a Filipino politician from the North are interested to buy the MU org. I am sure Americans are interested to buy MU org. because of ailing economy in the US. If no one will rescue the organization, maybe this year is the last time we will see Miss Universe beauty pageant.

  13. Traditional revenue sources of pageant organizations are TV rights, sponsorships and hosting rights, merchandising and ticket sales. The sales of TV rights are now curtailed by the meteoric rise of internet TV streaming. The in-person, fan-centric revenue items like ticket and merchandise sales have been badly dampened by the pandemic and its consequent economic, social and psychological fallout on the consumers. For an industry that has lost its luster in the First World for over a decade, it only finds its market now in the economically struggling Third World countries. For an industry that is yet learning to understand and adapt to the millennial and GenZ markets’ new beauty paradigm, is it still a surprise that they can hardly get corporate sponsors? Is it still a surprise that host countries are hard to come by– when only the after-the-show potential tourism revenues can be the ROI source? This development on MUO portends of things to befall on an industry that has failed to reimagine itself in a fast-changing digital world.

    • Naalala ko ‘yun’g paragraph writing lessons namin noon.

      Underline the topic sentence… (Scans…)… It’s that very last one. 🙂

      At ang nag-adapt pa pala, kung ganu’n, are the franchisees (like MUP). Good for them! Efforts to reach out to that ‘Gen7’ viewer (like that partnership with the SG-based NFT firm*, bringing KUMU unto the pageantry virtual stage, etc.) are just as you prescribed.

      (* – This was either 2020 or 2021…)

      I have this idea that if the Boss/Employer is struggling, perhaps the most financially successful employee should take over. Were it possible for one of the ND’s to come to the rescue. What I mean is, at least pamilya rin lang din ang tutulong at ‘di outsider. Paz!

      • @Grand Port, in a global business like pageantry, only the innovative and agile survives. That’s why I was encouraged by sensing these business competencies with MUP, MSA and MUT– at a very challenging time of a pandemic! Any business has to grapple with its own market landscape. Pageantry business, in particular, has to tale a hard look and respond proactively at the paradigm shift on beauty that the huge Millennials and GezZers are taking global markets into. Lately, there are some actions towards branding and rebranding by local and international pageant organizations but I hope they are not too little too late.

  14. The most exciting MU editions for me were during the late 90’s and they should revive the format of these editions with some tweaks. Top 15 to do casual interview, top 10 to answer questions from the judges, and top 5 to be placed inside the sound-proof booth and will get to answer the same question. Semifinalists shall be serenaded by the little sisters during the evening gown competetion. The host should have the hosting qualities similar to that of Bob Goen or Bob Barker. This would make the Miss Universe show more exciting. They should also do away with all-female judges. This does not make sense.

    • Candidate’s advocacy should be tackled during the casual interview to make it more natural and authentic. Free speech segment about advocacy should be taken out because it sounds contrived.

    • That will help a lot! An incredibly charismatic figurehead-of-sorts, a Bob Goen/Barker-type, that can captivate fans~audiences & so sustain growth~interest, hence sponsors.

      That person must be found. ‘Di kailangan’g exclusively hosting function lang ang role niya sa organization. Puhon, it won’t be long. Malay natin, isa pala siya sa mga ka-baro natin dito sa selda. 🙂

  15. Sad. Parang bagsak-presyo at bina- bargain ang MUO. That explains a lot why MUO is scampering to employ all gimmicks it can do lately.


    So, let’s do some math:

    > In order to offload the asset, it will be lowered — but not much. Hmmm.. $19M? – check.

    > They are scouting buyers from Asia or South America – check.

    > Catriona proclaimed, I stand here not as one but as 104,000,000 Filipinos (who love Miss Universe). – check.

    > Exchange rate is 1$ = P55. – check.

    > If each Filipino will contribute P10, that will be P1.04B or $19M. Let’s buy it!

    Of course why burden all the Filipinos when Chavit can easily eke out that amount, or perhaps the Imeldific who originally brought the franchise to the country way back in 1974.


    > Always top three placement for the Philippines every year. With our country winning every three years in the pageant! (Lol)

    > Gloating rights among our SEA neighbors.

    > Horrible Bragais shoes should be worn ad nauseum by all the candidates.

    > The Katrina Velarde look alike creature (RJ Francisco) will always be included in the all-women panel of judges.

    > Assured training income from all the candidates’ distributed among A&Q, KF, and all other camps.

    > The top MUO queens will do indie movies with Viva Max for free for one year.

    > Paula S and staff will be part of the deal. Paula will be fully utilized as the alalay of either Shamcey, Madame Stella, Lorraine Shuck, Arnold V. Or as a stand-in for Small Laude.

    > For cost cutting measure, Steve Harvey will be replaced by Ogie Diaz.

    > Lou Shera will be tapped to substitute for Pwitney Tyson, Wilma Doesn’t and Jinky Oda in comedy bars, when the three ladies are absent.

    And finally, Tito Norman, Tita Lavinia and Adam Genato as side hosts during the pageant.

    World Peace.

    • I think the Aranetas know the financial situation of muo for the longest time being partner with them for almost 60 years. And this is not the first “bankruptcy” of muo since remember that trump bought the pageant in 1996 when the previous owner is in a very bad financial situation.

  16. Since nobody is interested to buy the MU pageant at 20 M dollars, why not lower the price. The most practical goal this time is not to gain profit but to break even.

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