6 comments on “Miss Global 2022 Shane Tormes lands on the cover of Glamour Bulgaria

  1. exotic looks … Im not from Bulgaria but I still find her pics above exotic , I think because she does not smile .. I am sure the Bulgarians find her very exotic

    MU Trivia Quiz : How many countries do you know that won the MU crown for the very first time that they sent a delegate to MU ?

    there areTHREE : the first country is the obvious and trivial , FINLAND , because she is the very first MU and Finland sent their very first delegate to MU that year ’52(obviously)

    The second country is somewhat , sorta , kinda obvious but definitely memorable (because of our Miriam Q) . The country is BOTSWANA , MU’99 held in Trinidad Tobago

    The third and last country is the most unexpected one … drum roll … it’s THAILAND ! when Thailand sent their very first delegate to MU in 1965 , their delegate Apasra , won over more than 50 universal queens around the universe, her runners up , all blondes…

  2. Mabuti pa si Shane kahit papaano may mga pasabog pa siya hindi gaya ng ibang nanalo ng 2021 at 2022 mukhang naglaho na sila at hindi na natin alam kung anong ganap na sa kanila pagkatapos ng kanilang pagkapanalo.

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