15 comments on “Celeste Cortesi for the Vogue Gala

  1. Celeste has to stretch her body para magmukhang flat ang kanyang tummy, pero ang mga beki sa isang FB page have noticed na parang buntis daw si Celeste sa damit n’yang ‘yan as shown on a video. September na bukas, at maya-maya lang Miss U na, kaya Celeste has to make double time working on her tummy. Otherwise, kakabahan talaga ako sa kanya sa swimsuit round. Baka ma-Rabiya s’ya, dzaaaaai!

    That’s all.

  2. I think the pull back hair style on her is not as good as the voluminous curly style

  3. Yes, she’s pretty. Ako lang ba, she looks dry. Baka mali lng ako ng tingin. Sana ma address pa. She’s not glowing neither.

    • I noticed, too. She’s definitely a goddess but I feel like she’s missing that “it – X factor.”

  4. I don’t see Filipina at all. Kasawa mga foreigners na uuwi ng Pinas to join a pageant then pag nanalo na, babalik na sa ibang bansa (ehem Chanel Olive Thomas, Joanna Eden, Karen Gallman, Rachel Peters)

    • It’s not her fault her italian genes are more prominent than her Pinay features so don’t blame these girls for how they look.

      This is why Filipinos marrying other races produce fine new human specimens from physical trait standpoint.

      • Rachel is here 🙄🙄🙄🙄. She was raised in THAILAND mga shunga. Expat tatay nya at Briton din. She studied in Australia and attended elementary sa Makati ( CSA) KAKALOKA 🥴 Research 2 din mga shunga.

    • @PupuMadrid

      Well, aside from the fact that she looks very much like her Filipina mother, Celeste was actually born here in the Philippines. Being Filipina is a nationality and not race. Based on Jus Sanguinis and Jus Soli, she is more Filipina than Pia and Catriona.

    • Agree. Sisigaw ng Philippines sa international pageant stage pero after that, kating-kating uuwi sa bansang pinanggalingan nila.

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