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  1. Ipagpilitan talaga ang hitad! Kakatawa.
    Kung di mananalo, bilhin na lang ang pageant! Hahahha.
    Kung ano Ano na lang.

  2. From the Pearl of the Orient Seas to the Pearl of Africa, Herleen Nicole Budol – Philippines!

  3. I am sure the Cambodian organizers of Miss Planet International which was created in 2019 just want some help from Filipinos to promote their beauty pageant. I hope Miss Budol will surpassed the success of Miss Planet Philippines 2019 Krizia Nicole Apao Vargas, where she placed 4th Runner-up and Monique Best from South Africa took the crown of Miss Planet International 2019. I am very confident that Miss Budol will bring the crown. She is beautiful, a good communicator in English and extremely talented.

  4. Mister Blogger, baka maari’ng makahiling, muli, ng link sa pageant, po. 🙂

    (Thanks so much for granting our previous request for the link to Portoviejo nace de ti!)

  5. All the best this beauty at Miss Planet. Dare I say in the near future we will have a pageant named Miss Solar System. The theme would be space travel.

    Sarcasm aside, Nicole is a real beauty!

  6. The theme of Miss Planet International is Sustainable Development Goal #18– an advocacy on animal health, welfare and rights. It’s a bit paradoxical, if not uncanny that the venue, Uganda, is vigorously pro animal but officially anti-gay. Uganda is a country where homosexual activity is illegal and where homophobia is today an explosive political and social issue.

    At least Nicole, being a comedianne, can easily humor her way to the crown.

    • I know a lot of Ugandans who are gay friendly and gay as well.
      Some straight Ugandans (handsome ones) can even have **x with men when drunk lol

      • @JustPassingBy, but nowadays, gays have to behave well in public. Homosexual activity is illegal in Uganda and carries a life imprisonment penalty for offenders. Homosexuality is a crime in 38 out of 54 sub-Saharan countries but the toughest anti-gay laws are in place in Uganda. It criminalizes promotion of LGBT rights. Many Ugandans see homosexuality as a result of Western influence and against their culture and religion. In fact to be called homophobic is a compliment and a signifier of upstanding moral citizenship.

      • I know Scorg but remember where the strictest rules on homosexuality exist, there thrive the best practices i.e. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Republic of the Sudan and all of the North African countries like Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia (one of my favorite countries), Algeria.

  7. I wish her the best of luck. With her brilliant showmanship, I believe she will do well in the competetion

  8. Go, Nicole! Perhaps, most Filipinos are not aware of such pageant. Since you are our country’s rep, I think the pageant will have Filipino fans in their loop soon.

    I find Nicole sexy because of that hour-glass figure. Grabe din pala ang pinagdaanan n’yang diet para ma-achieve n’ya ang ganyang waist line.

    Sana lang, gawin din ni Celeste ang ganyang process para medyo lumiit ang bewang n’ya. May photos kasi s’ya na mukha s’yang bloated, gaya ng Vogue photos n’ya recently. Wala man lang abs. Sa MU, hindi lang mukha ang panlaban, pati katawan din. Huwag na tayo masyadong sumasakay sa body positivity na ‘yan. Look at what happened to Rabiya, panay aura at photoshoot, hindi nabantayan ang kinakain at gym routine. Ayun, nagmukhang punggok noong swimsuit round sa Miss Universe, kaya ligwak ganern siya.

    Because of her physique, hindi mukhang matangkad si Celeste. Sabi ko nga dati pa, wala sa height ‘yan, it’s the total look. Kung lean and long ang kandidata dahil sa timbang n’ya, then much better. Best example: Kathleen Payton. She’s only 5’5″ pero mukhang 5’8″ ang ate n’yo. Ditto with Lara Quigaman.

    Eh, bakit sa Catriona walang abs? Oh well, she is exceptional. If we want Celeste to be a sure winner, dapat sa lahat ng category walang sablay ang kanyang preparasyon. Kaya as of now, I don’t consider Celeste as sure winner.

    Sa glam team ni Celeste, sana i-assess n’yo ng maigi ang mga photos at videos n’ya na lumalabas online. Her body is not considerably to-die-for. In fact, nalalakihan pa ako sa braso n’ya. Wake up, mga badet! Huwag nating sayangin si Celeste.

    That’s all.

  9. Andami ng copycat ang Miss Earth.
    Dapat kunin ng MPE ang franchise ng Eco International, Miss Environment at itong Miss Planet para lahat ng elemental queens makapag compete internationally. Meron pa yatang dalawa na similar ang platform?

    • I know , so many Miss Eco , Miss Environment,… now Planet ,… Best wishes to Harlene
      I hope she also joins Mutya in a couple of years and rep at Asia Pacific Int;l … she’ll win!

    • It would be a branding coup for Miss Earth if they can partner with Paris Agreement on Climate CHange (or the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change). Otherwise, other environment-themed pageants can easily dislodge it.

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