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  1. He’s very handsome. Teenager lang pala ito? He’s very accomplished na. Eh ako noong teenager, ano ba ginagawa ko sa buhay ko???

  2. Di Po sya mananalo Kasi Po masyadong mahaba Po Yung kanyang Short at napakaiksi Ng kanyang pantalon😱😊
    Yun lungs😀

    • ???…!

      Meaning, board shorts ang Swim at flood pants (bitin) naman ang Formals. Right, po?

      What can we do? Ganyan na uso ngayon.

      Naalala ko tuloy ‘yun’g isa’ng ex-PBA player na professional league na rin sa kasalukuyan ang anak. Sabi ni Daddy, “nu’ng panahon namin, mas zyksij kasi maikli shorts namin. Kaya kami pinapanood…”. Something like that. Respect to the men! They make our hearts swell with pride.

  3. Andre should take the Cue from Wyn Marquez, Jeslyn Santos and Camelle Mercado, outstanding Asian lookers who conquered the all-Latina contenders in their own turf. It seems Asian looks rock in a sea of Latinos and Caucasians.

  4. Mr. Andre Cue was appointed as Mister Teen International Philippines 2022/2023 and he is also appointed as our representative at the Caballero Universal 2022. I am just wondering if he will win the title of Caballero Universal 2022, is Mr. Cue qualified to compete at the Mister Teen International 2023 in Laos?

  5. Pogi I like his nose. It doesn’t look too western giving hints to his ethnicity. Napaka aliwalas ng mukha.

  6. He is a teenager… hence he still has 3-6 years to grow a few more inches to reach that ideal height. Problem is that his minimal diet with lots of coffee could potentialy stunt his growth. Sayang!

    • And what’s the problem with that? Lol…..Pilipinos are not known for their height!

      • Average height of Filipino men is 5 feet 3 inches; Venezuelan men is 5 feet 8 inches. Andre is 5 feet 9 inches.

  7. Caballo ganador! That raw quality – natural beauty sans ‘paandar’ – will be irresistible.

    November pa naman, ‘no? Design a trajectory after the formula of Teresita Ssen. Paz!

    • (Cont.)

      Just feeding off on more recent comments. A fruitful & peaceful week to all!

      1. Is this the same organization behind Caballero Venezuela, the current Venezuelan franchisee for Mister international?

      2. I wonder if it’s as bad as some folks think, Venezuela as a venue I mean. Yeah, there continue to be social-economic challenges, but if MGI 2019 is anything to go by, it’s just fine as the locals/people on the ground are fully-equipped & the delegates are well taken care of & that seems to have been the case… Let’s see! 🙂

      3. Nutrition. So, the boy has had a meager diet growing up? Baka naman genetics lang. Mindanao (Andre is Misamisnon, right?) occasionally sends TALL kings to Nationals & their profile isn’t necessarily one of privilege.Kahit medyo on the short side, basta well-proportioned, puwede rin; Mico Teng is a good example (Davao City). And NOT all Venezuelan reps to MrI were tall! Check out Francesco Piscitelli, who was 2nd RU when Manila hosted in 2019 (& himself ended up 5th to William Badell last year?).

    • (Cont.1)

      HEIGHT. There seems to be just an ideal for male beauty, but as in all things physical there is always.

      I think 6’0 flat (that’s, maybe, ~179 cm) would be the ceiling. Taller, the anatomy ‘compensates’ to maintain equilibrium – shoulders can droop, hips can widen, torso can broaden/round out to a barrel shape , etc. – so ‘losing the lovely contour of the land’. All I’m saying is we should pull back a bit on the fixation. Yes, if this were W or S wherein the King looks good taller than the Queen it would be justified. But, it isn’t. .

      (Now, look at that! The compensation reads like an alpha ‘silver back’ gorilla. LOLZ.)

      5’9″ to 5’11” seems reasonable. Marami na’ng makaka-comply niyan. Especially in this day & age, presumably on improved global nutrition know-how in general, which I recall was one of the very first comments I made here in Norman’s Blog (kasi at the time we were fussing about female height & there was that article wherein the average height of Miss Universe winners was found to have increased directly with the years)!

      Good luck to Knight Andre! Enjoy the quest.

  8. Cabellero Universal was created in 2021. I am sure they invited Philippines because they need a big help to promote the pageant. I have a feeling that Philippines will have a big chance to bring home the crown. Good luck Philippines.

  9. Caballero means Spanish gentleman or horseman. Andre Cue’s profile fits more the former than the latter. I hope Caballeru Universal is not looking for a Totoy Mola but a cavalier. Good luck anyway to our Asian gentleman!

  10. Caballero means Spanish gentleman or a horseman. Andre Cue’s profile fits more the former template than the latter. I hope Caballero Universal is not looking for a Totoy Mola but a cavalier. Good luck anyway!

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