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  1. Opinion survey … which year had the most exciting announcement of semifinalists at the Miss Universe Pageant ? For me, 1987 is definitely one among the best. Remember , “Look out , here comes Miss Turks & Caicos !” …. or “We have Miss Italy , we have Miss Puerto RIco , … and we have Miss Philippines ! ” ( Geraldine Edith Asis )
    And the semifinalists that year is one of the best quality semifinalist groups … Can you think of any other year ? I can’t think of any that can compare with the excitement level

    • I love MU1992 just because the Top 10 ladies were mostly statuesque throughbreds and I was rooting for at least 5 of them – Namibia, Venezuela, India, Belgium and Colombia. As far as Dick Clark is concerned, he doesn’t hold a candle to Bob Barker, though.

      • yes very beautiful , and Iceland 92 should have made it instead of Sweden … 1977 is also a very beautiful set of semifinalists ,,, !

        As for exciting , I think 1994 was also an exciting announcement of the semifinalists , as well as a quality group of candidates ! but 1987 was more exciting

      • Norman, when I read your reply, I was reminded immediately by Jasmine Umali who loos like Carolina Izsak, 1992 Miss Venezuela. When I searched Jasmine Usmali in the internet, to my surprise, she reverted herself to Islam religion. Do you know the reason why?

      • I have mixed feelings with Jasmine’s reconversion to Islam. I am happy because she seems to have found peace and contentment with her new religion. At the same time, I feel a pang of sadness thinking that I may not be able to see her compete again in beauty pageant.

      • Mister Blogger, good day po!

        ‘Ala ‘ata’ng gaano’ng ganaps lately… Baka ma-i-share niyo na po ‘yun’g mga recent regional/provincial pageantry judging & mentoring gigs niyo? Anyway, buo na ‘ata Team Filipinas 2022 at baka may mga bago kayo’ng discover na potential faces for 2023~5/6?

      • @ serge RE-conversion??! She was initially Moslem, left the faith, & returned?…

        @ Norman Sir, bago’ng post na po sana. Kawawa naman si Andre… Baka na-co-conscious na sa attention. Assure him of our support. This will be the beginning. But I think the readers are hankering for something new again. For your consideration. Tyvm.

      • @Grand Port. BALIK ISLAM stems from the notion that Islam is the first religion of man, hence the word “reconversion”

    • Ma’m/Sir, LALABAN, po, si SWELIA (Supra-Netherlands 2021, Sgt. Pajares’ batch)!!!

      ‘Eto, ilalaban ko ‘to. Kahit tuluyan ko pa’ng ilaglag sina Batchelor at Madeira. 🙂

      Matinik ‘to sa SupraChat. At may tindig at style onstage. Kung kay Lalela lang, swak din.

      Yahhuuu… (I feel like a wolf adoring the moon).

    • I like 1992 MU semifinalists. All were stunning. All talked in English which made the casual interview more exciting

  2. Haaay! Buti naman at hindi umentra sa video si Cholataire Tayag. 😂😂

    That’s all.

  3. The essence of being Miss Universe Philippines is to be a beacon of hope to the less fortunate. Good job!

  4. Wow feeding program for 1 day?!… Groundbreaking!?! 🙄 Save the Children, UNICEF, WHO, etc.. Lahat yan mga business… Only less than 10% of the budget gathered actually goes to helping the unfortunate… majority of which goes to their high officials. When picking charities.. Its better to support small ones that creates real change for them… Hindi yang pa feeding program for 1 day… Wala bang small charity for Urban gardening ng mga orphanage and slum areas or sustainable livelihood programs?!

  5. Did I read correctly??! 🙂

    Miss Universe Philippines, INCORPORATED. SEC Registration is love! Congrats, all.

      • Mas madali na’ng makakuha ng top-notch sponsors, ‘pag ganyan. On top of government backing/services. It means the organization is in it for the long-haul. Good direction!

        May procedures, na, in place for everything. Also, a physical office. Du’n na lahat. Sorry that I sound so trivial…

        I guess it will be much like Carousel Productions or ALV Promotions (or is it also ‘Productions?) in that it is formed primarily for the staging of the pageant & similar/related live/stage events. No disrespect or agenda. Just thinking out loud.

        (incorporation means STOCKHOLDERS. Puhon, their identity will be shared with us here.)

  6. Kakasawa puro foreigner papadala natin sa Big 4 pageants. Sana naman next year magtiwala naman sila sa mga indigenous/Morena Filipinas.

    • The last time I aired a similar sentiment, my post was pelted by an avalanche of thumbs down. I was even accused of “reverse racism”, if there is such a word. The counter argument was that they may be halfies, or dual citizens, or in diaspora in First World countries, but they are “Filipinas at heart”. Well, we’re still a culture whose beauty standard is Western stereotype.

      • Ako rin. Puro thumbs down when I air my sentiments regarding this issue. Selective kasi readers dito. Totoo naman na we should support homegrown girls and not those who will join the international pageant and then go home to their home country after that.

      • @Aries, @PupuMadrid, in my case it was not just thumbs down. I got insulting posts from some people who pathetically still cling to the archaic beauty ideology that Western stereotypes is the only standard. This is 21st century already– and the world has already accepted that physical beauty is culturally defined and therefore relative. Moreover, the social media-savvy Millennials and GenZ’ers are revolutionizing the beauty industry with their concept that beauty is about freedom of expression, diversity, and individuality. Most commenters here are obviously oblivious of the fact that traditional ideologies and cultural norms around beauty are now being seriously challenged by the new generation.

      • @Aries and @PupuMadrid, just an afterthought, the BeYOUtiful revolution of sorts by the Millennials and GenZers slowly gathers momentum with the Ayn Bernos and Nicole Budol phenomena in Philippine pageantry. How many commenters here bashed the two contenders for being “ugly”, “baduy”, what-have-you…. But they topped survey after survey and number of “likes” in social media platforms. Yes, beauty indeed sells and the two are prime examples who corporate sponsors can no longer ignore! And didm’t you notice– indigenous Asian looks perform better than mestiza halfies in Europe-based pageant MS and MG? Sooner we will witness a paradigm shift on the way the world sees beauty and the traditional Boomer view will just be a relic of the past. No one can block the development path of civilizations.

  7. Rabiya, Beatrice, Celeste and Pauline are honest-to-goodness influencers in the struggle for economic equity. That’s what truly makes them beautiful human beings. Even after their reigns are over, Rabiya and Beatrice are still in it, for the long haul. May the force be with them all. Great post, by the way.

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